That is a pretty standard power chord in mostly any drop-tuning.
Southern Comfort! Mix or chase with Sprite or coke. It's also sweet enough to drink straight.
Despite getting flamed here after saying this, check out some of the solos from Tremonti in Alter Bridge once you get into some harder stuff.
Call the cops. They HATE sexual assault suspects. Hopefully they'll get jail time, where maybe they'll be the ones in her position next time. As for the girl, she'll most likely not want to involve anyone and try to "forget" it... That usually doesn't ever work out well for her. So do the right thing.
Rizzowashburn- So the "right" to be a dick on the internet means you have to do it? Please consider your "right" to jump off a bridge, for a moment. Simple questions do not need to be met with hostility regardless of how many times it has been answered. If, however, you are patrolling the internet for Ska and Reggae threads, please find a new hobby.
Quote by RizzoWashburn

1. Ska developed earlier than and separate from punk
2. Ska was around long before reggae
3. Outside of more recent 3rd wave bands, ska and punk did not mix musically

This thread is stupid. Somebody close it please.

Then why don't you give us some examples of 1st and 2nd wave to compare so you can attempt to avoid sounding like a complete douchebag. This seemed like a valid question as some of us may not be all that familiar with the subtleties of ska vs. punk & reggae.
Ibanez RG & SZ's for electric, Ovations Celebrity series for Acoustic. Traben Basses
Hookah pipe and lots of shisha. People love it at parties.

Mini bar is always a good bet. All you really need are shelves with nice glasses(for the girls you want to stay for a while)/solo cups (for everyone else)/one massive beer mug (for you, doesn't matter if you like beer or not)

If not those, a semi large lcd tv is the best bet. Dvd players are cheap now, and people always like movie nights.

If nothing else, get a smaller new practice amp! The ability to play at decently low levels will save your ass!
Get whichever you prefer to play, whichever one feels better and sounds better, not which looks better. If you want more versatility in your sound, go with the extra pickup.
Oh it definitely will change, but to have something at least semi-original to start with from scratch has a better effect when listening back then using somebody else's for inspiration. But that's just me
It's harder as you go on with other music going in the background, cuz you start imitating their melodies... It helps if you have one of your own rough melodies recorded or something.. That's what I try to do. Even if it's humming over a webcam mic it still helps develop your own sounds
Covers are always a good bet during audience judged botb's. If you want to recruit people quickly, just lay out the facts, ya got a show coming up, you want them to perform if they're interested. Most people that age might shy away when ya put a quick timeline on em like that though.. If ya can't get them to do it though, acoustic is always one way to go. That's what I did at the last botb I played in & it was pretty well received even though it was fixed from the beginning. (the popular kid blew but still won anyways)
MSI, Creed, Nickelback, and Sugar, Violent Pornography, or Vicinity of Obscenity by SOAD... Take your pick
As long as you don't think about being the cause of your own death a lot, it's kinda natural. The struggle with our own mortality is one of the most common ideas written about.

When thinking about where we go when we die, think about it from a scientific point of view first, consider that all energy is never lost or destroyed but transferred. And considering that mass and energy are the same thing, according to Relativity, do we ever really die? Or is our "life-force" or whatever simply transferred into another form of energy.. Sure it's a stretch, but it certainly makes religious ideas easier to think about and grapple with.

If I found I I was going to die, I'd probly take whatever money I could get, then with family and a few friends go some place I've always enjoyed. Probly sit on the beach, or in Denver just watching the sunsets.

As for you, JayT44, people would probly be surprised upon death or notice of how many people really do care, just never make it obvious until they have to.
Prog rock, in particular Tool's newer covers. Alex Grey is awesome!
Bellamy, Chris Isaak, & the guy from Sick Puppies are pretty good.
It's a bitch, but not too daunting a task as most suggest. You'll know what I mean once you do it. It gets easier over time, just be weary of changing the gauge, definitely take it to get set up if you do.
Ahhhh the poppy type, disregard what I said before then, I thought you were going more sad & dark softer rock. You can definitely work with it, just try to be more dominant over your voice, know what I mean? If you let voice voice sound more or less happy-ish, you may risk it sounding more like a whine. On the flip, however, you certainly have a separating quality to it!
Try matchin some Pete Loeffer, slower stuff though, maybe like the the song Closure, that will help practice length of particular notes, words, & what not. I dunno, listening to it the second time kind of reminded me of his voice a little bit.
Very country-ish voice, agreed on the enunciation, however, that will make your singing far better. What kind of style do you usually sing other than Sarah Mclachlan?
Line 6 is definitely the way to go for practice in a dorm. If not, Epiphone Valve Junior maybe, only 5 watt head, but sounds great. Not sure about the headphones on that one though, never tried it...
Try a Radial Tonebone, Hot British distortion pedal... See if ya can't get a bit heavier sound out of it.
Buy thicker picks, they take longer to wear down. Like 1.5 mil or somethin
Are you considering film school?
Ernie Ball Strings, 10 gauge. & Definitely Seymour Duncans, great pickups
Your friend can write something based on what you've written as well. Depending on his/her skill level.
Few actions are unjustifiable under any circumstances. Violating a child, for example. I'm not talkin bout spanking or stuff like that, I mean like rape or legitimate abuse (really under any circumstance regardless of age or gender).

However, with regards to killing, etc. Oddly enough I believe some things can be totally justifiable under correct circumstances (rapists getting the death penalty for example I'm perfectly happy with) yet regardless, should absolutely be handled on a case by case basis as I do believe in justice as well..
Do check out Disneyland, gotta do it at least once in your life (California Adventure is optional...), Hollywood is good for sightseeing, & Universal Studios is pretty cool.

If ya want beaches, personally I like Newport, and if ya go there go to BJ's Pizza and get the cookie dessert pizza afterwards. Also, absolutely eat at In-and-Out Burger. It will change your life!
Acoustic version of Wicked Game, not the original by Chris Isaak, but the Stone Sour version.. Easy to start & not hard vocally. Girls seem to like playin this song. Hell that or some Matchbox 20, they usually go for that as well
Audacity. Pretty powerful for bein free.
It is Khyber Pass by Ministry. It's not included on the soundtrack. I will not Bow was a promotional single for Surrogates.
Everybody loves to hate em here, but I own the Spider 3-75 Watt, & it works fine for me, whatever style I'm playin... The 4 just has a lot more presets & effects, look on the guitar center page or on Line 6's website to see what they've added. Play it, check em all out, from somebody that owns one, I love it, & it's lotta fun to play...
Or just go buy a new copy?
I do second Kozlic's opinion on the Marshall MG... They are horrible!
If ya want a good all around amp, go with a Line 6 Spider 3 or 4. I have a 75 Watt and it's perfect for simple stuff like that. Also sounds really good mic'd up. You won't wanna use your pedals on it cuz it has like 400 presets on it, but you may wanna invest in a switcher pedal made for this amp to change between tones on the go...

I'll be amazed if you can't find a decent sound you like on it. I'm kinda partial to the Twang red setting, and the Bumblefoot 1 preset for heavier stuff.