Of course not! Me and my housemates have been making these all day, and we've been having plenty of fun with it...

Any more?
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Hell yeah. It's more of a rock ensemble than a jazz band though. But hell, I get to play metal for 70 minutes of my school routine. I'm not complaining.

6.8/10 I like it but I usually play harder stuff so you know, can't really give it a decent rating.

My friend sent me this a few days ago, loved it then and love it now
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after a long day of work and feeling alone, at four in the morning, with a mix of vodka and coke, after smoking a blunt to myself, is not the place to be listening to this. or maybe its the perfect time. i love it. 9/10

Great song, great cover, 9/10. Now I want to watch Peep Show...
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8/10 i woulda given it 10/10 but i hated his voice. but still that was ****in sick

Not the kind of thing I'd listen to normally but it was a nice piece and you have to respect his playing, 7/10.
One of my favourite solos right here, listen to that if nothing else
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6.5/10. Not something I would listen to a lot on my own, but I like it nonetheless.

I don't know if that was meant to be funny or not but it was, 8/10 for comedy value, not a very good song but a good laugh
Ever wanted to hear Disney songs covered by Japanese rock and metal bands? Well, you're in luck!
He pulled out before he came?

Well, she's not pregnant, but they both now have AIDS. I think.
I had sex.

How else can you do it!?
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For me it's actually 11/9 today, so I'm fine to make jokes for another 2 months.

To satisfy those who have been beaten by terrorists, and are now terrorised by the event to the point they can't use a joke to it's best purpose (to turn a horrific event into something light-hearted so we can live our lives), on 9th of November I wont make a single joke about September 11th.

I like this guy. I've always thought we were just letting the terrorists win by not joking about it. And we're letting the Americans win by using their retarded dating system

Also, being offended by jokes is pretty retarded in itself in my opinion, they're just words. No-one's been injured or killed by the words, and if someone's joking there's obviously no malicious intent behind it.

I might be the only person here (besides TheKraken, probably) who's never been offended by any joke I've ever heard.
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That's awesome. I love Jimmy Carr.

Me too

In fact, here's some more 9/11 themed stuff from him:
My favourite so far is from Jimmy Carr's Twitter: "Sept 11th Date of terrible air disaster. When Eastern Airlines Flt 212 crashed in 1974. Killing 69. No one will forget that in a hurry."

Not sure why but I kinda like it
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very nice and mellow track 8/10

i give you...

people who dislike metal and dubstep are gonna hate this

watching it in hd with good headphones is recommended.

I hate dubstep and have gone off metal recently but surprisingly I quite liked that, kind of like how 2 ugly parents sometimes produce good looking children
Actually good 80's pop, anyone?
the GazettE - Silly God Disco

I missed so many calls dancing to that bassline when this was my ringtone
Tsumi to Kisei by Dir en Grey

Can't think of any Diru song I genuinely dislike besides this. I don't mind them remaking old songs but at least try and put some musicality into it! And they played it live when I saw them, that's pretty much the only time I've ever just stood stony faced with my arms folded during a performance by one of my favourite bands.
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Actually haven't heard this. I used to be a bloody massive Radiohead fan so that's quite a big thing (especially since I prefer their non-album tracks). 9/10.

edit: Pretty cool but as usual with them the vocals put me off, 7.5/10.

That was kinda beautiful
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Serious? Just about as bad is it can get really. I'm really sorry, but that was just terrible.

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Nothing special imo, but not bad by any means. 6/10

Beautiful You've just reminded me to watch them again, I smell a marathon!

I'm listening to this for the 5th time in a row, hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I do
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pretty good. liked the drums and bass but thought the singer was lacking 8/10

Awesome band, awesome song

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very good. recommend an album from them?

The album this song is from, Let England Shake, or Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea would be my recommendations, although she doesn't really have any bad albums, they're all just very different.

Here's a song from Stories:
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wow. very interesting. found it to be very chill and mellow until about0:51 then the voices started to creep me out. thanks for distracting me from my niacin burnup though. 4/10

An easy 8/10 there
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that was good too, liked the guitar. sounded real sharp against the drums if that makes sense. 10/10

You have no idea how much I despise that song but her beautiful voice and looks made up for it, I'll give her 8/10.
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7/10 that was some god classic rock i actually feel bad for putting this after that but

That actually wasn't all that bad, after hearing that diabolical song "Sex Life" on Scuzz I'd written this band off but that redeemed them somewhat, 7/10
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pretty good until the guy started singing 7/10

Great music, I could imagine that playing in Silent Hill or something The vocals were pretty dire though, 6.5/10
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Dead Letter Circus, Abingdon Boys School, the GazettE, D'espairs Ray, eve to adam

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Well, nobody I know has ever heard of Dream Theater, The Black Mages, or Gackt before, so I guess they could classify as my own personal interest. At least in my little circle of friends, that is.

Why am I not already best friends with these guys!?

On topic, a lot of relatively obscure Japanese bands like Sophia, D Shade, Field Of View, Janne Da Arc, La'cryma Christi, Sadie, Screw, Oz, I doubt I'll ever meet anyone who likes these bands without me introducing them to them
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4. I can appreciate the effort and skill involved in those solos, but they just fail to hold my interest for very long. Sorry.

Probably a little too long and simple to work as a stand alone piece but for a science fiction movie soundtrack/background music it works pretty well, 6/10.
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Daniel Negreanu and Ed Norton:

Actually, I'm pretty sure Daniel acknowledged this in a "Who'd play you in a movie?" thing they did on The Big Game...

On that topic:



Poor guy
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Awesome, I'm pretty sure a friend at Uni suggested them to me at some point, wish I'd listened to him now
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Question. What the hell is dubstep?

If you can imagine the kind of sound your dad might make after a particularly nasty curry mixed with the sound of an overloaded refrigerator you'll be... yeah, fairly close to understanding it.

I really really hope this isn't remembered as "the age of dubstep," it's the one genre of music I can't stand and don't understand why people like it. After a year of being subjected to it by flatmates and at excessive volumes in clubs and hearing a bunch of pop artists I like starting to be influenced by it I'm just fed up, bring back hair metal, boybands, grunge, anything!
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Nice relaxed tune, but I bet they have other stuff I would like more. I like this style, so I will check them out. 6.5/10

This guy's playing blows my mind:

Edit: dammit!!

The playing was pretty good, not the greatest piece in the world but you can't fault his skills, 7/10
I know there are some Versailles fans here, here's a song from Kamijo's old band. His voice is...fairly different, to say the least

I'm on the right. Everyone tells me I don't smile enough in photos so here you go, hope you're happy!
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It's Art of Life lite.

I'd hardly put STH in the same league as Art of Life but I appreciate any reference to X Japan so

I don't see the big deal with Stairway, same with November Rain and a lot of other 'classic' or 'epic' songs
Besides Tremonti and Akerfeldt, who've already been mentioned, the only other PRS player I love is:

Paul Allender from Cradle of Filth!
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After seeing the Circus, I felt like I might as well have burnt my £400 after seeing Progress at Wembley, I thought the only good bit was when the 4 of them did the songs at the start and then that was it, Robbie ruined the whole thing to me. too much ego and not enough singing, the guy is past it and has no place in the "new" Take That, in my humble opinion. I mean Robbie didnt even write his good songs

£400!? I only paid £100 and I was annoyed, I'd have personally hunted Robbie down if I'd paid that much for us singing the words for him

My feeling probably aren't quite as strong as yours but he's definitely past it, the fact that he didn't play any songs from his last few albums live kinda gave that away. I like a lot of his solo stuff but I still maintain that Mark's solo stuff > Robbie's.

I've got decent hopes for his new album, mostly because Gary's working with him, he might beat some sense into him
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Bugger that. Robbie leaving again is the best thing possible. He was awful on the Progress tour, which compared to the Circus was awful. The last 2 albums just sound shite. Robbie is rubbish. I cant wait for the 4 of the, to release another album.

I wouldn't say the Progress tour was awful but it definitely wasn't up to scratch compared to the last 2 tours, I left feeling severely underwhelmed, so much so that I was compelled to write this:

Progressed was good though IMO, mostly because Robbie sings on pretty much none of it, can't wait for him to leave again.
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Cheesy intro (I can get the same orchestral/synth sound out of my crappy keyboard) awful use of autotune, and I can't understand the lyrics, which is the most important part of an RnB song.

It was OK, it did kinda drone on and it was definitely too long, I'll say 5/10 I guess.

Acid Black Cherry - Tsumi to Batsu
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Robbie leaving Take That. Hit me hard.

I'd say that was the best thing that could have happened to them at that point
Him rejoining last year was pretty disappointing to me.

Besides that:

Taiji leaving X Japan
Gackt leaving Malice Mizer
Travis leaving Trivium (especially after seeing them live with Nick, it just wasn't the same!)
Pretty much everyone who ever had talent leaving Cradle of Filth
Neal Schon and Joey Gioeli leaving Hardline (they're still great but still... )
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This is Sendai Kamotsu.

They're a side band from Japanese band, Nightmare, consisting of the exact same members. To fully appreciate Sendai Kamotsu, you have to get to know the style of Nightmare first.

Exactly this. I'm a huge Nightmare fan and even I can't get into Sendai Kamotsu, far too bizarre. Glad to see another Nightmare fan here, though

Speaking of Nightmare, most people would think Hitsugi is pretty weird, I guess:
I'd been thinking of making a poker thread, actually. I've made a fair bit of money on Full Tilt and PokerStars, I'd say I'm not a bad player

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I'd be down for a UG tournament if someone wants to put the time in to set it up. Like a room in Poker Stars or something?

I'd be up for this, definitely
It was kinda generic and the vocals didn't really fit the song. I normally quite like your posts but that was definitely my least favourite of the songs you've posted, sorry
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Seek help. That drink is possibly the worst thing I've ever tasted.

Guinness is great.

That is all.
Preferences, bro. I don't like Guinness but my best mate loves it, and he can't understand how I can drink Jack Daniels. We just deal with it and move on