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Name: Negative Feedback
genre: Punk
I have one, but I want to see if some one can come up with a better one.
Doesn't matter how, but I'll tell you if I like it or not.

PLEASE UPDATE PUNK - so many good songs have been suggested and many had links...
Name: Negative Feedback
genre: Punk
I have one, but I want to see if some one can come up with a better one.
Doesn't matter how, but I'll tell you if I like it or not.
overwhelming-ness was like awesome-ness and i had spaces, but when i posted it it got rid of them
Sorry for the huge wait...

Backwards We Are Beckoned, Pt. 3
Micheal moves out to find his new life to be with a hot chick – but coincidence strikes again at the BrOkEn bar when Micheal tries to get away from all the stuff going on.

“You’re what?” I asked, bewildered. Dan was moving into my room? But it was more like a closet! Bryan stood there, grinning. Great. Just like a used car salesman.
Dan slowly shifted his weight from one foot to the other. I took a good look at him for the first time.
He had cropped, blonde hair that seemed to flow together and meet at one central point; the center of his forehead. He had a broad, short face that sort of emphasized the haircut and a long neck leading down to a tight-fit shirt plastered with the Hollister logo. He wore jeans fastened with dangling keys and led down to an out-of-place pair of Converse.
I thought about a few words to describe him, and how he would replace me. Fashion disorder came to mind. Pretentiously nice. Prep. I wasn’t a huge fan of the style, it seemed so-niceyface. I don’t know. It was just wasn’t my thing.
I thought about me fashion. Pretty sad, to tell you the truth. I had a few tight jeans from my one visit to PacSun and a studded belt from my favorite store; Hot Topic. My uncle used to take me there all the time. All my T-shirts are plastered with logos from NoFX, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Marley, Mayday Parade, Boomtown Rats and Genesis. Of course, I love all those bands and shirts but it seemed lacking something…like a shirt. I was more a walking endorsement then anything else.
I had a few concert shirts too, Rage Against the Machine, Sixx: A.M., Gin Blossoms and Pink Floyd (which I was wearing right now) but in the end I had no plain shirts other than a blue hoodie which said Snow Patrol on the front. My life was very musical. Even my shoes (Vans) had musical notes on them.
I had never thought about Dan being human, or musical either. He was just some guy. And Alex was musical? My mind was twisting every which way about every stone unturned.
I snapped back to the conversation. “Yep,” Dan said cheerfully. Okay…well, that was fast.
The afternoon was like slowly painting a sunset; the humid weather rolled down me as the mover showed me my new dorm.
“You’ll be living with a girl named Marissa,” He informed me. “Don’t worry; she’s really nice.” I didn’t really care.
When I got to my new area, Marissa was there on the couch. She wore a System of a Down shirt, studded belt and tight purple jeans. In the corner I saw those Converse boots (the kind you get a Journey?) that lace up to your knees.
She was hot, with a slim and slender body. Her slick brown hair ran down to the bottom of her shirt. She smiled at me and we introduced ourselves, but I was much too tired to be up for anything. At least my room was more than a closet this time.
I set out that evening to the Dark Side, where I expected to find the Voice waiting for me. (I had to name it something, right?) But as I played into the night, only crickets chirped along to the harmonies of the Velvet Underground and the Flaming Lips.
I kind of missed the voice. I know I had been to many concerts, and all the bands had that solid sound so all the instrument’s noises were meshed together but playing guitar was lonely, a simple fraction of what I so desperately wanted to hear.
The Voice had given me something, a little glimpse into the realm of music, with more than just one noise.
I sighed. And rested my guitar behind the dumpster. Tonight was not the night for me, I decided and headed off to a local bar.
I didn’t want to sleep at my new place yet. I had barely slept at my old one, and Marissa seemed to have that atmosphere like one of those stuck up girls. (although she didn’t act like it, she just had that look) Being a social blunder in human form, I figured she’d rather have the dorm to her self.
Neon lights flashed like thunder clouds screaming their tune. Only these lights were to the tune of ‘BrOkEn’. Okay. Interesting name for a bar. It wasn’t like me to go to a bar, but I had had a lot of drama lately and I figured a good slap in the face buzz would get that out of my system.
I walked in to blasting music, but it wasn’t the kind of music I was expecting. They were playing Maroon 5 through the shattering speakers. I grinned.
The place was packed, full of drunk people, people making out and dancing freaks. I went to the bar tender and ordered Sam Adams. The bartender went to fetch some.
He looked no older than me, but he had a different look. A scar was on his right cheek, and stubble covered his chin. His eyes look fierce. Quite a contrast to the supposedly pleasant BrOkEn apron. He wore studded wristbands, studded belt and even DCs with studded straps. While I drank, we chatted a bit.
Turned out this was just his (or should I say Jonas) part time job, and he went to the same college I did.
“I wouldn’t be working this dead-end job,” he groaned. “If my brother hadn’t been a deutsche bag and kicked me out,”
“Kicked you out?” I asked. This guy was somebody I could easily communicate with. He was self-absorbed so I didn’t have to talk about stuff.
He looked up at me. “Ever heard of a band called Jukebox Raiders?” I nodded. I had been to their concert once, and they were really good. He looked taken aback.
“Well, I was the bassist. My brother was guitar and his bud Gorey sang. Then a bunch of assholes were on drums.”
“What happened?” I queried. I didn’t remember the bassist at all.
“I wanted to play punk and some alternative, they wanted to play dance and pop. I don’t have anything against dance and pop, but their radio-friendly **** had sucky basslines. When I improved on a concert, they told me to pack my **** and leave. So I socked him good and left.”
I was rather amused. While I wouldn’t have had the courage to punch him in the face, I could imagine this person in that situation.
Another customer came over. “Oh, sorry,” Jonas muttered and walked to fetch him something. I thought as I playfully sipped my beer.
I swiveled on my stool to take a good look at the crowd. Just then I spotted Marissa in the middle of the crowd, with – no effing way – Dan! They were making out hardcore in public and I felt something tickle my spine. I turned away in disgust and took a good swig of my beer.
Jonas came back after a minute or so. He looked at me. “So what’s your deal?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “What brings you to a lowbrow place like this?”
“Oh, I don’t know,” I replied. “Just wanna get away from all that **** in my life, you know?”
Jonas laughed. “Cheers, brother,” he joked and toasted with an imaginary glass. I was getting pretty hammered. I wasn’t good with alcohol, and I had been using it to get away from the scene oh so close to me and Jonas.
The speakers started playing Paint It Black and I smiled, recognizing the song as one of the first songs I had learned to play. The Stones weren’t much good live anymore but they were a legend full of classics. I’d been to 3 concerts and owned half records on CDs and another third on cassette tapes.
Jonas must’ve felt the musician’s aura eminating from me because he asked, “You like the Stones?”
I turned. “Who doesn’t, man? I dig this ****.” I was talking like Jonas. Just yesterday and earlier today I was a total social failure. Jonas had awakened something in me – like when you talk to a fellow musician about music. It’s like a universal language.
We talked a bit more when I noticed a shadow behind me.
“He’s moving in with you?” Asked a familiar voice. Daniel Sermon aka Barney, was right behind me and talking about me. So that meant…
“Yesh, tat’sh right!” A familiar voice only slurred. It was Marissa, drunk.
I turned and smiled. “Hey, man! I see you’ve met my friend, Marissa?” Dan smiled.
“Yep.” I grinned half-heartedly back. Jonas looked indifferent to the whole conversation. I wish I could be like him at these moments.
Marissa was obviously drunk, staggering every where and slurring even the tiniest of words. She tripped over herself and started fall on the ground, but I caught her just before she met the floor.
“Oh, shank you…” She mumbled, and fell asleep.
I sighed, handing her back to Dan.
“What a handful,” Dan shook his head. “Sorry to bother you, man.”
“It’s cool, let me introduce you to Jonas. Dan, Jonas. Jonas, Dan.” Jonas smiled apathetically and Dan grinned as he reached for Marissa.
Suddenly her eyes popped open and she jumped on me, pressing her lips to mine and kissing for the longest I could remember. Then she was unconscious again on the floor.
All of our mouths were agape as we tried to comprehend the overwhelmingness of what had just happened.
2.The Clash
3.Boomtown Rats
3.Dead Kennedys
4.Black Flag
5.Nirvana (Not really punk, but the whole attitude)
6.Sex Pistols
7.Rise Against
8.The Ramones
We Called It America - NoFX
Audience of One - Rise Against
Life is Beautiful - Sixx: A.M.
Cut Me, Mick - Yellowcard
Welcome to the Black Parade - MCR
Face Down - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Crooked Teeth - Death Cab for Cutie
The Pretender - Foo Fighters
Broken - Lifehouse
Allow, like, TEN sub-genres. ...And have links to other bands ON THE SITE for 'if you like this you'd like' than have off-site bands for a 'sounds like' section.
I Wanna Be Sedated - Ramones
Two on Glue - NoFX
Bad Religion
Rise Against
Black Flag
Highwaytohell is right.
So much good advie, bad bands and all but I'm gonna focus on the last post since it's asking me a question (sorry, I'll respond to the others when I get to them)

We are a very serious band, and we're writing our own material. Mr.LeadGuitar has given me that advice before, which is AWESOME advice but we also like to stick to punk.

Sum41 and blink182, people? While our singer is a pop punk fan, sure we could maybe do one or two but were punk like NoFX, Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Boomtown Rats, Rise Against are punk. Also; OPEN TO BUZZCOCKS, OPEN TO KINKS. I forgot to mention Boomtown Rats; they're fking awesome. They're good too.
Okay, we've got a good band, our drummer quit but we got a good thing going. We got talent, gear and some music down. But our practise is coming up and the only song we've agreed is I Wanna Be Sedated. I had to practically force Rock the Casbah down his throat and we might to Blitzkrieg Bop. I am a fking punk punk. I love NoFX, Offspring, Misfits, A.F.I., Rise Against, RATM, Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, Damned, Sex Pistols, Rancid, Sublime and all that. Our singer is pretty general, but DOESN'T LIKE ROCK THE CASBAH. He'll probably be open to AFI, Rise Against, Misfits and Offspring stuff but still-THE CLASH? Our bassist is fking punk, from Misfits to Ramones to Clash.

Anyway, I need some song suggestions that our singer would agree with.
For weddings do hardcore songs about breakups. For bar shows due songs about alcoholics. For pub shows just rock.
So don't **** up this ****ing world with your stupid ****ing flag, just drop the bomb you selfish white bastards -Don't You Just Love Ameri-I Mean, the US?
Moving On Ain't the Same as Forgetting - Imminent Domain
Amazingly hardcore.
Intermediate: Seperation of Church and Skate by NOFX
Alternative Metal:
Linkin Park


lol that's the only band that I know in that genre
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Do Adam's Song by Blink 182 and Fix You by The Offspring. Softer punk that you're able to put a harder flair on. And it wont scare the old people. What you might also wanna try doing is improving on a beatles song. Their early stuff was some of the forerunning punk, so help! or Day Tripper with your own twist (faster, heavier distortion, etc.) would be perfect, because they know the songs.

Fix You - The Offspring (Medium punk)
Day Tripper - The Beatles (Easy Classic)
Good Times Bad Times - both the Led Zeppelin version (medium classic) and Godsmack version (medium hard modern)
Rocket Queen - Guns N' Roses (Hard 80's rock (whatever that would be. u should make a new category: 80's Rock))

This is amazing advice. You sir, Mr.LeadGuitar, are the god of the Bandleading forum. Also, thank you, Jango22.
How about it's also an advice thread so you can be like;

"Hey, we're a hardcore punk/skate punk/post punk/melodic hardcore band doing a live show at a studio/performance building, most of the audience is gonna be old people, what do you recommend?"

...Although that may be a little too hard.
This guy is a whor-ahem, a dumbass. If he thinks he can play better than Paul Gilbert, go up to his face and tell him this:

"You suck at guitar! You've only been playing for a year, you're a loser! You don't musical theory, you just think it's A B C D E F G H so you sound intelligient and it's close. You stupid asshole loser! From now on, you're demoted to backup guitarist. You can play the background riff on I Wanna Be Sedated, and btw, there isn't one."
Can anyone find Guitar Pro for "We Called It America" by NOFX?
How about some Black Flag for punk?
The Old Thread Posters that Can't Read
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I just find bisexuals and gays completely disgusting, and there people there dating to. My point was, Drummer supports gays, and is gay(I have evidence).
Bisexuals, Lesbians, and Gays, are agianst my religion.

You know what I hate? Hypocrites, people who hate a group for no reason other than a religion. Shut up. And even if you hated that group for a VALID reason, that'd be stereotyping. So go shut your face.
FIRST GIG was when I was incredibly young, FOREVER go. It was like 10 years ago or maybe more! Anyway, it was me and my cousins and my brother and we're all really young chilling at my uncle's studio. A bunch of people show up, and for fun my uncle sets up a gig. So we recored like 4 chords or notes or I don't even remember on guitar that are really cool in sequence and have my girl cousin sing this song about penguins. I got acoustic guitar. An old person and family members were there but I still remember 'cause it was really fun. We just synced with the song 'cause none of us knew how to play but every now and then I'd throw in a note to see what the guitar sounded like. It must've sounded awful, but it was fun as hell.
Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing/Walk of Life/Money for Nothing/One World
Alice Cooper - School's Out
The Who - Baba O'Reilly/Won't Get Fooled Again
Sounds like a better set then most.
Good setlist, except for Underoath. ...And the other metal song. But overall, a good setlist. Gives You Hell is a good starter, I think you should close with School's Out. Blitzkrieg Bop could be a starter, in the middle or a closer. It's a good gig song. But it's better to end with School's Out. My 2 cents.
@MooshMooshMarc: NAY
I would use Epro as an opener...
Also, don't do the Weezer songs in a row...use Brain Stew to seperate 'em or something like that...
I know it's not written as well as Pt. 1, but alot more happens. It's getting kind of predictable. Ah well, I'll see how it goes over.

“Dan!” I yelled after him. His normally calm, styled hair that fell just short of his eyelashes was blown back, revealing tiny ears. He was wearing a stained T-shirt and torn up shorts. It looked like he had just jumped out of bed.
His now evident ears either didn’t pick up my voice, or didn’t care. Whatever he was here for, he was here for it good. The door flung open as soon as he reached it. I managed to scoot in before it shut.
“Who was that?” Alex asked behind me. I turned to answer, but was interrupted by the people at the main office.
“Excuse me, what are you two here for?” Of course. Two adolescent punks show up at a hospital. What could we want but to cause trouble?
I guess this pissed of Alex, too, because he gave her the evil eye of her life.
“We’re hear to visit Bryan Sermon.” Hearing this, my head shot up. Was that his name? It had been so long, I just called him Bryan and considered him an annoyance.
Is that all he was to me? If he died, would he be remembered as Bryan-the-annoying-pothead? What would I be remembered as…if I didn’t cry for Bryan? That silent loser with the guitar? That callous dick?
And if Bryan died…would there be anything I missed?
Alex snapped me back to reality.
“What the hell are you doing? Hurry up!” Bryan was being held in emergency care. His neck was broken, and he had double vision. He was awake, however.
We ran in to find him in heated conversation with Dan. I blinked. Was this a joke? No…and they hadn’t even noticed our arrival.
Bryan looked terrible, his normally festive red hair was pulled back, and his freckles were mixed in blood spots. His eyes had rings around them, and his neck was in a cast. He had a hospital apron on, and that was all you could see. The rest of the hospital bed was cover in useless white paper sheets; most of them died red. He had weird circular tubes covering him as well. Alex rushed forward.
“Bryan!” He interrupted. Bryan turned to him.
“Hey,” He tried to smile cheerfully. “Have you met my cousin, Dan?”
What? I thought. Dan’s his cousin?
“I believe not…for him.” Dan nodded, turning to me. “Hey, Michael.”
“Hey,” I muttered under my breath. All air in the room had gone stale. Both Bryan and Alex were giving me betrayed stares. Bryan’s quickly faded.
“Have you too met? How neat!” That wasn’t very Bryan. It sounded like what Dan said to me earlier today. Bryan would’ve said something like; “You guys friends?” I felt embarrassment hitting me hard. To Alex, Dan was the mysterious enemy who had transformed Bryan. To Bryan, Dan was his to introduce, but his friend in the end. Me? I was on the outside. I wasn’t allowed in.
“See you later,” Dan smiled, then left. Then something else hit me. He wanted to talk to Bryan alone and I had intruded. I was the public enemy.
I turned to Bryan and kept him company a bit while Alex yelled at him.
The weather from before had vanished and tiny vessels of water pounded relentlessly against buildings. I kept my hands in my pockets so I could reach cover of the Dark Side.
The walls seemed less real, like all my life had been a dream. I slipped in between them, and leaned against the wall. The lean slide to a sitting position. The rain fell just short at my feet. I picked up the guitar and almost jokingly played the simple melody of ‘Singing in the Rain’.
I started a bass part into an Arctic Monkeys song when I heard it. It was a voice, the exact melody of that song. I stopped, but then it stopped too. Wondering if I had imagined it, I slowly melted away into ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’. I started humming, then realized the reason why it sounded even better then usual was because the voice was singing it.
I ignored it and slipped away, now playing the guitar part at a different beat. The voice shifted its tempo perfectly. This was annoying. I looked up, but saw nothing.
Well, Arctic Monkey’s songs aren’t that hard to sing. Let’s see you keep this up. I started into a Gin Blossoms hit. The Gin Blossoms had a better vocalist then Billy Joel and Radiohead combined, and that was almost impossible.
But the voice managed that angelic tone, nailing the song as if the voice had heard it a billion times before. Okay, I thought. But can he chant? I started into ‘Miss Murder’ by AFI. This caught the voice off guard. After alternative, hard rock and power pop mixes I was going into an emo punk song?
It faltered through the early-chorus but picked right back up in the first verse, and finished through doing everything fine, even improvising on the screams.
Neat, I thought. But what human being could sing like this? Maybe it was a part of my imagination. No one had such wide range. I played ‘Rock the Casbah’ and went straight into ‘Shadows and Regrets’ to test it, but it passed fair and square. Who owned such an amazing voice?
As the night progressed, the rain grew worse and our little private concert continued.
The next morning, storm clouds had been swept away to reveal a horribly sunny day. It was in the 90s, and I had gotten no sleep. I headed back to the dorms, looking around for a person or a thing that was making the vocals last night. I only found Dan, on his way to town. He smiled at me. I managed a small grin.
The sun slowly chipped away at my temperature until I was sweaty by the time I reached the dorms. I looked at my bags by the door. Alex wasn’t there. He was probably visiting Bryan.
I decided to borrow his laptop for a bit, and went in his room. It was rare that he wasn’t here, so normally he would just give it to me but now I had to go into his room. I felt almost like an invader.
I noticed a drumkit in the corner. Huh, I thought. It was one of those virtual drums that made the perfect sound when you hit it, but still required you to know how to play the drums. Thinking I’d give it a whirl, I picked up the drumsticks and started a shuffle lead-in.
I was terrible. It took a lot more talent than it looked like. I tried to do a double beat, and only barely managed after messing up three times. I laughed, and put it aside. It felt neat to get away from guitar for a little bit.
I heard the door open, and Alex peaked in.
“Hey-what’re you doing?”
“Oh! Sorry, just thought I’d borrow your laptop for a bit.” I stuttered.
“It’s cool,” He nodded. “You play drums?”
“About as good as your average guitarist,” I grinned sarcastically. He chuckled.
“Hey, lemme show you something hardcore,” I stepped away from the kit, and he took his position. He was a totally different person, and only a musician could perceive him that way. It wasn’t his expression, but his emotions, his musical feel. I knew the feeling.
He turned up the speakers and went into a shuffle right away. He pulled what sounded like a synthesized dance song, then managed the beat to several Ramones' songs, including drum solos.
“Wow,” I said. “That’s crazy.”
I heard a voice outside. It was instantly recognizable. That chipper tone belonged to no one but Dan. I opened the door a crack and saw Dan and Bryan chatting amongst themselves.
Dan noticed me and nodded. Bryan saw his eyes and followed.
“Oh,” he said. “I thought you would’ve moved out by now.” Gee. Thanks.
“No, I need to check my email and some other stuff first.” I tried a smile.
“Well, whenever you’re ready,” Dan grinned. “I’ll move into your room.”
We were jamming and started playing Beatles songs for who knows why but we play hardcore punk so playing Beatles I was thrasing each chord and the song had a bunch of Bs and Ds and the next thing you new one of my strings had completely popped off of my guitar. So now my guitar has one really sharp silver string (replacement) and the rest are normal. The first time I popped a string was worse though, because I was playing Iron Man or something and all of a sudden the string was making this RATM sound and it had just broken. The metal had unwrapped. Not too rare, but kind of weird to break a string while playing Beatles.
About punk's origin arguments, I believe it was very political but I shall go by a pioneer punk singer; BOB GELDOF OF THE BOOMTOWN RATS said that punk was a counter to the machine-generated dance music. The people wanted real music, and punk was played super fast to dance to. Much different then the synthesized dance music.
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There's no one who likes punk around my town. It's all Metallica, Lamb Of God, Pantera and so on.. No one even likes Nirvana.... I hate it. So in my band i have to compromise. One day i'll be in a real band. I'll show these f*ckers.

Quote by Mr.LeadGuitar
Gonna Add more
Classic Rock:
The Way It Is - Tesla (Medium)

All Nightmare Long - Metallica (Expert)
Radar Love - White Lion (Medium)
Freya - The Sword (Hard)
Click Click Boom - Saliva (Hard)
The Monster Is Loose - Meatloaf (Hard)
The Trooper, Two Minutes To Midnight, and No More Lies - Iron Maiden (Hard, Hard, and Hard)
Chaney Can't Quite Riff Like Helmet's Page Hamilton - Evergreen Terrace (Hard)
Land Of Confusion - Disturbed (Medium)(Needs two guitars)
Stillborn - Black Label Society (Hard)

Boondocks - Little Big Town (Medium)

Analogue (All I Want) - A-ha (Easy w/ keys)
There's No Home For You Here - White Stripes (Easy)
We Are All On Drugs - Weezer (Easy)
If You Could Only See - Tonic (Medium)(Original, not the acoustic version)
Anna Molly - Incubus (Hard-Expert)
The Way - Fastball (needs keys)(Medium)

Still Waiting - Sum 41 (Medium)
How Soon Is Now? - The Smiths (Medium w/ Heavy Tremelo)

Modern/Hard Rock/Grunge:
Anthem For The Underdog - 12 Stones (Medium)
Cast It Out - 10 Years (Easy)
Woman - Wolfmother (Medium)
Do It For The Kids and Sucker Train Blues - Velvet Revolver (Medium and Hard)
So Happy -Theory Of A Dead Man (Medium)
Plush - Stone Temple Pilots (Medium)
Fly From The Inside - Shinedown (Hard)
Insanity Rains - Sattelite Party (Hard)
Higher - Creed (Medium-Hard)

I've Seen All Good People - Yes (Medium w/ optional mandolin)
Basically everything by tool, but to keep it small: Lateralus and The Pot - Tool (Expert for both)
Love Is Like Oxygen - Sweet (medium-hard w/ keys)
Starlight - Muse (Medium)(w/ optional keys)
Hymn 43 - Jethro Tull (Hard)
Get Miles - Gomez (Easy)(use DS bass instead of synth if u must)
Twilight Zone - Golden Earring (Medium)

Hey...Land of Confusion is a Genesis cover...I think you should put the Genesis version before you put the Disturbed version...that's just disgracing Genesis, putting Disturbed before them...