The biggest issue I had with this was what Paul said: Just grab what you need in terms of what strings you're barring. This case: Barre the 5th fret from the D string down to the high E and you'll be fine there.

Another thing I noticed(and had to go back and check my own technique to make sure) was your thumb being so high up the neck. Anyone can feel free to correct me, but I find barring MUCH easier when my thumb is centered on the neck. I did notice, however, that I tend to bring my thumb back up for open G and C major chords. Never actually paid much attention to that haha...

Oh, last thing: Looking at the arch on your middle finger makes me worry that you might have a lot of tension in your fretting hand(not 100% certain on it though). Just a friendly reminder to make sure that your hands are as relaxed as possible. I understand that can be difficult if you're just starting out, especially if you don't have built up callouses on your fingertips. Besides just numbing the pain of the string friction, I feel like callouses are underestimated in just how important they are to not having to put undue tension on the frets.

Also, check out this "how to" link on the intro to the song. I won't lie, I haven't played the song in forever so I had to go do a look-up on youtube for this, and I really feel like this will help you:

[url="(Invalid video video code)]
Wow, this is a very coincidental day to log on. I haven't been back in ages!

Oh, and **** that guy still.

EDIT: And let me just say, I reminisce every now and again about making a thread that helped speed along his exile from this great site. I can't help but smile when I think about it.
I can't say I've experienced EXACTLY that issue, but I have a bit of an idea here. Fret like you normally would with your pinky, and then put your ring finger on the string right behind it(if/when you can). This should give you a tiny bit more "oomph" in the pinky and stabilize things a bit. Over time, just work on getting your ring finger out of the equation and you should be good to go.

EDITED: Somehow forgot to put a "y" in pinky. The phrase "a bit more 'oomph' in the pink" does not sound right at all.
I don't believe you.


EDIT: S***...
Thank you for the response. This has been going on for years, but never quite as disgusting as this last article.
I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, but I figured I'd at least give it a shot.

Is there anything that can be done about Tom Hess articles? I've never been a fan of his "Here's a snippet of a lesson, pay me for more" advertising articles, but the recent "Taking guitar lessons? Here's what your guitar teacher won't tell you..." article has struck a real nerve with me and a fair number of others, it seems. Link to the article in question:

Click here.

I wouldn't concern myself with this kinda stuff if it wasn't for the fact that the people he's cutting up on in his article could possibly members of this site.

I'm not saying to completely bar him from contributing, but I feel like he's gone too far with the advertising this time and that he needs to be reined in. Any thoughts?
Not sure if it helps, but I think the whole song is in C minor...

As soon as I saw "Native American Flute" in the title I knew it had to do with that song haha...
Quote by palm mute
They say Jesus loves everyone, what the Bible really meant was Jesus is equipped to love everyone.

Quote by _KurtCobain_77

The guy is 40 and has a chance to bang a cute 18 year old. He's living every middle-aged teen porn viewer's dream.

Dang, I was gonna go looking for one of those "2/10: Would Not Bang" pics, but this works just as well. Well done, you summed up the entire story and thread with one picture and two sentences!
I remember watching huge blocks of The Monkees on Nick At Nite when I was a kid and loving it. Sad day, folks. Sad day...

EDIT: My sister has to be really bummed. She had a pretty big collection of Monkees albums if I recall correctly.
Wow... Just... Wow.

I'm pretty sure pit monkeys have never encouraged a taped suicide, and we definitely don't post furry porn and CP here.

Even the /an/(animals) board is a bit messed up. People raging about fish tanks, and threads wondering what kind of horse Epona is devolving into post after post of horse dick.

No, no. I wouldn't even call the pit "/b/ lite".
Seriously, guys. Enough.

I'm tired of watching all of you stirrup trouble.
Quote by JDizzle787
what I do find interesting is that while this spawns the idea that "men shouldn't have sex" if they aren't ready/responsible enough for a child.

So what about the woman? Can it be looked upon her to not have such intercourse? Conception falls on BOTH shoulders, neither just the man nor woman. Isn't that part of the definition of consent?

From what I can tell, this is the question that keeps coming up in this thread that's never really answered.

This is a seriously tough call. No matter what you do, somebody's getting their rights stomped on, and that's gonna cause a fierce and sometimes illogical debate on both sides.

Either way, the more I see about these kinda things, the more a trip to the sperm bank and a vasectomy appeals to me.
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I personally wouldn't want anyone associated with any type of "-ism" to teach my children. That, and the fact that her arguments lack logic of any sorts.

What about teachers who have had embolisms?

Quote by CoreysMonster
EDIT: Also, I'm a great teacher and great with kids. Dozens of mothers satisfied.

I'll bet.

Serious edit edited: I so don't wanna get in the middle of this...
Guys, come on, give this guy a break. This is a serious discussion and a VERY serious problem. A girl publicly wanking in school for a dude is not healthy.
Love it, vocals are awesome, guitar tones are KILLER. It's like Metallica or Zakk Wylde learned how to use their EQ's(coming from a HUGE ZW fan)... If I was still on facebook, I'd like your page a million times over.
Guess the electric companies'll have to brace for a shitstorm.
Quote by Gmp
Back to the future II anybody?

"It's your kids, Marty! Something has to be done about your kids! Your daughter marries a black man!"

Back on topic, I have to agree that Tron: Legacy broke the cycle of crap movies that follow the original protagonist's children. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the movie was.
It's calling me back to my home...
I was under the impression it was these LulzSec guys... Not sure if they're part of Anon, but then, I don't really follow this kinda stuff unless something big like this happens :P...
Not a cockblock but a great story nonetheless:

My girlfriend and I had closed the door to my bedroom at about 9:30 last night and started getting a bit intimate... 9:45 rolls around and I hear my roommate turn on "Jesus Christ Superstar"... At a volume far past what he needed to actually hear it.

Not necessarily a cockblock, and it didn't work but... I will NEVER have sex to the soundtrack of that movie ever again.
Shogun 2: Total War is worth checking out if you're into that.
My first thought when you said "battling waves with one arm" was "How is she not just swimming in circles??"

And then I chuckled.

So don't feel too bad, we'll have good company in hell.
Started for two reasons:

1. Wimminz
2. I wanted to be exactly like Daron Malakian. I was already a weird stoner, it just made sense.

Neither of these worked exactly that way. I realized I didn't care about the women, I just wanted to play, and my musical taste broadened dramatically so I didn't need to be Daron anymore.
Quote by voleurz
wtf that wasnt metal

I dunno, for the kinda sound I expect from Orange, this is exactly what I thought I'd hear. Ya throw a drive on that thing if you want, and you're good to go. But then, our definitions of metal might differ :P... I can see this doing the Sword real good and probably High On Fire, too.
Demo tiiiiiiiiiiiiime...

Good enough for me, I've been looking for something exactly like this.
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I have no idea... Maybe Sarah Palin lol.

I swear, if she even makes the primary... Ugh. I'm out. Love the U.S., but I'd rather live next to the Fukushima Plant than in a country stupid enough to back that woman. I'll live out my days bouncing around on my irradiated balls while smoking a j.
Dat strum...

Haha, voted. Not bad by any means. Good luck to her, and good luck to you Jacob(if ya catch my meaning... Eh? Eh? *elbow nudge*).
I bought it a month ago!!!!!

Reported for bitterness...

Not really...
Quote by the spiker
The cutscenes from Warcraft 3 were pretty awesome. Why don't they make a movie based on those?

You'll be happy to know that they ARE making a movie based around Arthas in WC3... Only problem is, the film will probably be finished some time after WC stops being relevant.

Not a lot of info here, just a confirmation.
Quote by adimberline
Sir you are a legend! Thank you very much for the link.

Now to grow a beard....

Anytime, guy. Anytime.

GL with the beard, I think if you listen to Godspeed Hellbound every waking second for a day straight, the radiation of sheer awesome will hyper-accelerate facial hair growth.
Here's a lesson on it from the man himself.

Such a fun technique... Just make sure you have lots and lots of wah!
Quote by G.Krizzel

Gets me every time. I went to high school with this chick... She was huge... I'm talking "taking up two-thirds of the hallway when she walks by" huge.
Quote by metaldud536
I'm going to be honest with you; you don't sound very interesting. I'm sure there are lots of things to do where you are that have no age limits. If night clubs is all you have on your mind, that would be really boring for me.

I'm a boring person too. I wouldn't be able to figure out something cool to do so easily if I had a girlfriend but you're in a better position than I am.

... Are you suggesting that the world doesn't revolve around alcohol?
Quote by guitaruboy
she's and exchange student so she won't be here after this semester ends

You didn't specify, but that's okay... Anyways, I'd be more worried about the fact that she's gone next semester than not being able to get into a bar with her...
You're thinking way too much about this...

A year goes by fast, dude. If it's gonna be a big deal for either of you, I can't see this lasting long at all.

But yeah, these are exactly the kinda questions for the relationship thread. :P

EDIT: One of the posts above reminded me: There are quite a few places that let you in at 18, but will stamp you or put a band around your wrist if you're over 21(hence, able to buy drinks). It'll be fine.
Most. One-sided. Poll. Ever.
I love this view...

I believe this is from the top of one of the inclines....
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It does. It was nice having you.

Failed, I have... Into exile, I must go.