I had the same issue. It seems funny for the first couple of days but you'll get used to it. Chords and bends will pose a problem for a first couple of days only. i would suggest you get a lighter gauge like 9ers to get used to the tension first and then go towards the heavier gauge should you feel so. The 27" scale is more versatile, you can tune down very comfortably and have perfect intonation on it. Go for it! Have fun!
Good job man! I enjoyed the cover. I would say work on the texture of your cleans (it sounds too thin and subdued) and you'll be a great frontman! Your screams are great!
I would say that you should pick out one lick / riff that you like and practice it for a while till you get it down. And then, try to make about 3 or 4 variations of the lick yourself and practice those. This is a very useful tip that I got from Sam Bell (guitar player of Mask of Judas) as it helps you "remember" the lick and also results in making the lick your own instead of copying some other person's style. After you have got hold of the lick properly and are able to use it in your soloing, move on to another lick and do more of the same. Good luck!
This might be one of the most common questions ever

I recently joined a band which has great musicians and great potential. As we are writing original songs, we are also focusing on playing some covers (with our own twist) so we can have enough for an hour's setlist and start playing local gigs. So, we are in the process of arranging the covers. Now, the problem.

I am not on the same page as the band on some of the arrangements. So much so, when I said that I don't like a particular arrangement, they just ignored me and discussed amongst themselves about how awesome it is sounding. Although, I do write a lot of stuff, my ideas are frequently parked. Also, while, I am more focused on having a productive jam, the band members just want to have fun and waste several minutes aimlessly noodling. But they are pretty serious about the band too.

I have been told in the past that my tone is pretty rude, so I am avoiding saying anything to not come off as an asshole. How would you guys tackle it? Should I just take a hit for the sake of harmony of the band and let majority win? How do you get people to focus and have a good jam?
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Intermediate I would say, there are no particularly fiddly parts that I can think of. Good choice btw

Great! Looking forward to submitting it!
I would like to do Facepalm Mute by Periphery on guitar. Which category of difficulty would that fall in?
If you have a smartphone, I would suggest the app Evernote. You can organize your stuff offline on it and then it syncs up all the stuff to your laptop and vice versa so you can keep track of things very easily.
Hi guys - I have own a Pod X3 Live. I was hoping that someone could help me specifically in context with the EQ that it has. I have tried reading up on the net/watching videos on YouTube but haven't come up with a very specific tutorial on the same. Although, I use hit and trial currently to get a good tone, I could use some specific help on it. Just the basics, on how it works, in what cases I should apply it and what each frequency band filter/gain filter can produce etc. Thanks for your help!
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I would ask on the Line 6 dot com forums if you don't get an answer here

It is a very active forum and I'm sure there are plently of X3 Live users there. Otherwise, maybe also try in our 'ONLY DSP' thread. I can help you find that if need be.

That would be great thanks. I don't lurk much at UG so don't know my way around.
Hi Guys - I was re-directed to this forum from Gear Building. Hope this is the right place. I am currently using a Pod X3 Live for all my tones. One of the features in that is the Parametric EQ. I just wanted to know if someone had any tips on how it is used and if they can link me up to any tutorial of the same. I have seen tutorials of how an EQ works but having trouble relating it to this unit. Right now, I do it by a lot of hit and trial but I would really like to understand it precisely. Any tips would be helpful. Thanks!
Hi Guys - I am currently using a Pod X3 Live for all my tones. One of the features in that is the Parametric EQ. I just wanted to know if someone had any tips on how it is used and if they can link me up to any tutorial of the same. I have seen tutorials of how an EQ works but having trouble relating it to this unit. Right now, I do it by a lot of hit and trial but I would really like to understand it precisely. Any tips would be helpful. Thanks!

PS: Was not sure if this is the right forum. Please re-direct me if this not apt here.
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Picking harder or lighter gives a different tone, you should be able to pick as hard as you need to at a given moment.

This is the answer that'll help you. Lot of guitar players pick hard for aggression, whilst some pick lighter to get a very smooth sound. It really depends on the kind of music that you are playing.
Another song of ours:

Willing to C2C. Honest opinions always appreciated!
Hi Guys,

I play guitars in progressive rock band from India, Rise of Uncertainty. We have recently released our new single, Astraea.

Please check it out and all the comments and criticisms are welcome!


I am thinking about the DiMarzio Liquifire and Crunchlab for my Ibanez 370DX (purchased 4 years ago). I was thinking about doing the installation myself. Since, this is my first time even thinking of installing pups, I wanted some guidance.

Are the pups designed in a standard way so that they can be just plonked into the cavity or is there some sawing involved? Also, where can I learn about DIY wiring? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
You must hit the string with the tip of the pick and not the entire pick. That might be the reason that your pick is stuck on the upward motion.

Plus there are two different things to alt picking the low string. If you are riffing, hold it at an angle (ever so slight) so that the pick slides over the string. If you are getting a scraping sensation, you are holding it at an incorrect angle. I'm sure there is a Dave Mustaine video on this somewhere.

Also, when you are shredding a solo run on the low E string, make sure that the tip of the pick is touching the string, and not the entire one.

I hope this helps.
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used jp7?

Thanks for the suggestion. But I am very skeptical about buying second hand things before testing it out myself.

And anyway, I have pretty much made up my mind regarding the Ibanez. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!
I guess I am going for Ibanez RGD2127Z. Those things look and play like a dream
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Personally I find Jackson far superior to Ibanez, I live in Australia so I'm not sure about your prices, but you will definitely be able to find something really good in that price range. They all come stock with tremolos as well, and better pickups than ibanez stock as well.

Any particular recommendations?
Thanks. I was actually thinking about the RGD series myself. Anyone have any experience using it? Are the stock pups in them good?
Thanks. Would like to buy a new one though. Any more suggestions?
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RG1527 + new pickups (DiMarzio Crunch Lab/Liquifire probably your best bet).

I have no idea how much that would cost in the US, but it's a start. xD

I read that they have discontinued this model? Anyway, do you have any suggestions where the guitars come with good pups. I am buying crunch lab/liquifire for my 6 so I am really stretched out on budget
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Agiles aren't bad guitars for the money. I just think TS would be happier with something higher quality and a bit nicer. If he/she is willing to spend more money then they may as well and get a better guitar.

It's all good guys. I welcome any and every suggestion . Although I would like to go a little high end, since I don't plan on buying another guitar for the next 2 years so kinda putting all my money on this one. Keep the suggestions flowing!
Ok guys, Just to clarify, my friend is coming down from US in a couple of weeks, so he is bringing it along with him so no shipping charges
Hi Guys,

I've playing for 5 years now. I've managed to save up some cash and now want to buy a seven string guitar. I would really like the advice of some people here on what to buy. I'm from Delhi, India and the music shops here don't stock good 7 string guitar. I did go to the shop and try out a couple but didn't like them, so thinking of shipping one from US. So, as you can figure out, I really need to be sure of my choice before I get to buying some. I've been surfing randomly but can't seem to lock down on my choice.

tl;dr: Live in Delhi. Shops don't have good 7 strings, so want to get it from the US. Any advice? Specs below:

    I would appreciate your help on this as this will be my first 7 string and I want to make a purchase that would last me for 2-3 years.

    Thanks a lot guys
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    Iron Maiden - The Trooper

    My entry. Not exactly perfect but school starts tomorrow, so not so much free time for perfection

    I think it's a very solid entry! And I LOVE that tone! Wow!

    I wish I knew about this a little earlier. 15th is too near to record anything for submission
    Check out Rock discipline by John Petrucci to understand the exercises required to play correctly and for strengthening your wrists. You need to do the physical exercises correctly to get maximum output.
    Do you hold your guitar really low? If you do, this happens sometimes with people with small fingers.

    When you have small fingers and you hold your guitar really low you really have to curl your wrist to reach the top strings. That causes a lot pain. Maybe that's the reason you're not able to do it?
    a) You can try lowering your pickup
    b) If they are in the right position, then try to observe how you hold the pick. The tip of your pick should hit the strings. The rest of the pick is just for getting a good grip. A very little part of your pick should protrude from your index (or middle) finger and your thumb.
    You need a great technique for tapping. Dont' have high gain on it otherwise tapping sounds super messy. Moderate gain, slight bit of delay. Get an equalizer pedal and cut out the lower frequencies. Compressor pedal is a must for tapping, as you get a better note clarity and yes use the neck pickup. That gives a very fluid tone.
    See, if you are a beginner trying to learn chords and all. I wold suggest that you play along to the song rather than a metronome. That feels more "natural". As you get a basic idea of the changes within a song and all, you can switch to a metronome.

    However if you are adamant on it, it depends on how you count between a metronome. You may be playing at 25bpm but if you count 16 notes in between, that equivalent to counting 4 notes at 100bpm which is fast. So be consciousness on how you count. Learn to use a metronome effectively.
    Oh lord.

    Headcrusher? Really? Have you tried playing that? How can you put that under "moderate" song category?

    At the topic,

    She-Wolf is very easy and should give you an introductory course in Megadeth. Trust is another easy song. You just have to have a little bit of patience in the arpeggio part. It comes with practice. Another song you can do is A Tout Le monde. Very easy solo. just some basic sweep picking and good rhythm too. Get started with these and then look for more suggestions.
    It's not wise to practice 3 songs simultaneously. From a personal experience, I can say that you will lose interest in the songs pretty quickly as you are playing 10 different things without UNDERSTANDING why they are being played. Focus on one song. Play it in entirety, understand the song structure and how it flows. That'll be better than your present practice routine. Also, where is your 5 minute warm up? That is NECESSARY!

    Also, when you are learning a lick, learn to apply it. For ex- you are practicing sweep picking. Say you've learnt a major shape today. So put the chords on tape, say, Cmajor, Gmajor and Fmajor and try to play the sweeps over them. Try some variations with the sweeps. Probably tap a 7th note or something. Learn to play with your licks and try to make them your own otherwise you're just another copycat.

    I believe Disciple by Slayer is in C#
    Tune to D standard and then tune the E string one note further. You MAY require heavier strings but that is not really necessary. A gauge 10 set of strings should do the trick. That way you can switch to E standard pretty comfortably.
    Ummm too much tuning can really affect your strings as well. Constant stretching.