sadly i dont know

though i know what you mean, layout is pretty plain

like the song though, thats pretty awesome, blog says you did it yourself?

good on you!

would have liked that cookie aswell

oh well

hope you find out how too!
I listened and thought he was quite good myself

if those are his solo's those are some awesome sweeping, and he kept dead in time

I like the whammy effect he used on the th's and ph's

they sound spacey
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You can't have more than one account, sorry.


I dont have another account n00b

its so i can have a different one, but this one deleted

i dont currently have another one

i want a new one, with this one deleted
title pretty self explanatory

my usernames stupid

and so#s half my settings

so i want to start over

+ i only use one email address now

and want to use UG for that

anyone who can help me?

I want to make my bands (Hell Forgot Her myspace look alot more professional, so i was wondering how you change the contact table for example

i just wanted to know codes and resolutions basically

like what resolution is the contact box (i.e 600x400)
and what is the code i use to use a block image as the sole contact box

what resolution is the background
and what is the code to change it

how do i make a banner at the top of the page and keep it there

and are there any templates to make your own contact box just so i know where the text goes excactly, fanks
i know people who have will only use it without the valve and it sounds clean
^done that, plus i know people who play tjhem without the valve, just as a solid state amp, and it sounds clean
it doesnt change wether or not i plug my guitar in, the buzzing maintains even when im playing.

Quote by jdmusicuk
Name: Hell Met Her
Genre: Rock/Alternatice
Colours: Red and Black seem appropriate, but anything creative and good will do
^ what are they in dummed down terms?
Name: Hell Met Her
Genre: Rock/Alternatice
Colours: Red and Black seem appropriate, but anything creative and good will do
Nothings plugged in to the amp at all, all volumes are down, and it buzzes
^ this is without a jack
Quote by thsrayas
Is it only when you turn it on or does the buzzing go away?

The buzzing maintains
My Amplifier (Marshall VS65) buzzes ridiculously loud when i turn it on, as if the volume is on 7.

It isn't feedback, and all of the nobs are turned right down onto zero. When it's turned on it makes a dusty cracking noise. It makes the excact same noise, excact same volume wether its on overdrive or clean.

Can anyone help me out?

Its got a pre-amp valve but doesn't have that 'dead valve' tone. And also, I know people who've used the same amp as a SS and it sounds fine without the valve. So can anyone help my Buzzing problem?

PS: There are No rips in the speaker
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Since God isn't married, he sure has got to fap like the entire day!

Conclusion: No sin... I guess..

noxiosTheReturn speeks truths

Digitech Whammy much?
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It kinda sounds like Vegetarian Progressive Grindcore to me.

lol, spooky, I'm vegetarian

Quote by bendystraw

clearly didn't listen to it/

Isn't that referred to as acoustic music?

How is it emo, its too happy for emo surely.

still unsure

it's obviously acoustic

but is it rock or is it too soft and therefore pop?

help please?
what labels should i specifically look for regarding my sound
can anyone tell me some indie labels in the uk?
I'm a solo artist and have produced 6 demo's that I think are pretty good and want to get them out there into the music business but dont know what labels to target and what they actually look for.

Can anyone on UG help me out please?
links to companies or contact of any form would be massively appreciated


my URL for my different sound is here
Nice big link to 2 girls 1 cup?
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Irregular periods aren't unheard of. If she's been having them for 2 years then she should have probably gotten into a regular thing now.

I suppose there's the chance it could be, but I imagine there's a more likely reason.

This is her first irregular period, its like, really early. where i thought pregnancy was a late period?
well its gone really light now, are irregular periods common?

could this mean she's pregnant
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Hm... I recommend seeing a doctor then :/

Why what could be happening?
Quote by RevaM1ssP1ss
How long has she had her periods?

It doesn't necessarily, although if you have other reason to believe she could be then you may as well check.

2 years
Play whatever you want and make it your own?
go round that area and try and sell tickets

go to skate parks and what not
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Depends on the regularity of the periods, like how long they've been happening, and whether they've been regular before. If they've never been regular then it's not too unusual, but if they're usually fairly consistent and then this persist then see a doctor I guess.

This is the first time its happened

does this mean she's pregnant?
ah okay

so Ive got cubase

what cool programmes are there that are free that can be used with cubase?
I really know nothing about microphones, what do you mean when you say narrower pickup range (50Hz-16kHz vs 40-15)
^ Thanks Buddy!

Anyone else got any crit?
^ Steven Seagull talks alot of sense! Listen to what he just said!

If you want to play melodically take the minor pent of which you already know

and throw in some random notes that you wouldn't normally play in the minor pent and find ones you like. You'll actually find you are playing notes that are in the Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor or maybe even modes like Phygarian etc...

Fun times

Just remember your phrasing (Root Note sustained every 4 bars)

piece of piss
So what is the difference in regards to sound quality between the Audix i5 and the Shure SM?
Atreyu's - You Give Love A Bad Name

oh yeah this was for good covers...
When I'm in the shower quite a bit of hair comes out, is this normal?
What does it mean if you have your period less than 2 weeks after your last? but the pre-period mucus thing happens for 3 days before you actually start to bleed?