Thank you very much for the awnsers! It's really helpfull!
Hi guys!
I have a little question here: Does someone here has any experiece with a B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST? Mostly how it plays, I heard/read that it has almost the same neck, and plays the same as a Les Paul, is that true? A thank you for anyone who can awnser my question or has any thoughts on this!
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Linda, Imma make you a star .

It's getting better and better!
He wins the EPIC FAIL trophy!
Yes, and deja Vu, where have I seen this before?
Okay thanks for the anwsers guys! It's been really helpfull. I'm happy there are still open-minded people around here!
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I've met a good few people with that kind of outlook and right now I also envy you, I'm no good at being happy on my own but I'm also socially retarded

However I can almost guarantee that there will be someone who changes your mind about it.

disclaimer: this is not a real guarantee or anything resembling one.

Hahaha thanks guys,

love the disclaimer joke
Hi guys!

First time asking here.
I don't really have any real problems with girls,
but only this one, I don't seem to fall in love with them,
(For the record, I'm not gay, i'm still sexually acctracted to girls),
sure I make out, and/or have sex with them, but I got the point,
that I don't want to get with a relationship with them(hell I love relationships, with ups and downs), they don't seem interesting(beauty is just common to me, sure I love it but it just a normal thing for me) enough. It this just me or what?
Hi guys!

I was just listening some Big band music(some Frank Sinatra),
well to get straight to the point, I would like to listen more of this music.
What is a good place to start? Thanks for the answers (and/or lulz of course)
No not really nostalgic, my life is getting better and better, so I always look forward, but I understand what you mean, I had a period that I was nostalgic about things
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Hey guys, this is my sister's situation and she'd really appreciate your help, thank you.

So one month ago exactly a 'friend' and I decided to call it quits.

He's 18, I'm 19.

We had been having a lot of stupid, petty fights and many other issues (mainly his insecurities, most notable his annoyance that when we're on uni holidays we reside in separate states; about a 2 hours flight away from each other, and how he was getting paranoid that he didn't know what I was up to.)

For the past 3 weeks or so. I was getting quite exhausted from these arguments so I kind of started pushing him to break things off... in the end I told him I wanted whatever he wanted and that if we did part I would have to cut off contact with him for a while whilst I got over everything, etc.

The day after, I went overseas on holiday for 2 weeks. Perfect timing, I thought, I would have 2 weeks off in the tropics to 'recover' and get over him.. and when I got back home I would be all refreshed and I'd have it out of my system. WRONG.

When I got home I was bombarded with e-mails, phone calls, requests to be added back to Faceboook and the like.... just.... it was so unexpected. I thought he wasn't serious so when he texted me the night I got home (God knows how he knew I was at home that night..)

I wrote things back saying like "WRONG NUMBER"... "ITS A TRAP"... "Don't you have a new girlfriend now?"... basically a bunch of things that were kind of unfriendly. I was still slightly bitter and didn't know what to think.

However we kept texting and he kept apologising for the way he'd been acting... saying things like it was a mistake and he can't live without me. I was like "Ok, but we shall be friends for now, I'm not completely over this and I need time to think about what I want, and what should happen." He seemed ok with it, and agreed it was an appropriate attitude to take for now.

Fast forward 1.5-2 weeks.... we haven't spoken in 3-4 days. The last time we communicated was 3 nights ago when he called me at 2.30am to tell me he his tummy was hurting from drinking to much and how his life wasn't going the way he wanted it to. We usually talked everyday.

I know he's been having some personal issues and when I sent him texts saying that I'd be there for him if he needed someone to talk to, I'd always be available. He didn't reply to these, which is fine with me, I'd become a hell of a lot less attached to him whilst I was away.. but now there's a silence which is rather defeaning.

What's going on? Any ideas would be appreciated. Questions welcome.

Some wisdom from Uncle Ray: he's just trying to win you back, so move on, there are plenty of other fish in the sea, this guy is totally not worth it.
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Heres my problem

I have a gf who ive been with, we have had sex a few times before. With that said she wasn't a virgin and had been with 2 guys prior to being with me. Even though I have did way more with her than those 2 guys combined, I cannot shake this feeling of her being impure to me because she had been with other guys. Its almost as if I couldnt love her the same, since she wasnt a virgin. Is there any way for me to convince my mind and shake this feeling? I really love her but my mind still has that thought lingering in it.

Well I got a nice little story for you from Uncle Ray,I had different girlfriends, number 1: who was a virgin, number 2: had a few guys, the sex was better with number 2 and had a better relationship with number 2, because she had some guys, and has experience with relationships and sex. But I felt the same with number 2, there is nothing you can't do about it, yeah well one thing, accept it! But you can love her the same! She is how she is because of the sex she had before you!

Ps. On a side note, I prefer a Ho above a virgin, a ho knows what to do!
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Cheers bud.
What should I do now then?
Just get to know her more... or meet up or something?

Yeah maybe, just take it slow, but not too late you know!
Some more wisdom: Patience is the refined sense of confidence
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Hey guys...
New thread, so I thought i'd post some more relationship troubles. YAY!
So anyways, I think some girl on my bus is interested in me.
She usually ditches her conversation with her mate to sit next to me and my crew , and when she does... she always touches me in one way or another. (Like playing that Hot Potato game, to just jokingly pushing me hoping that i'd like wrestle with her...) And she always seems to be in a good mood when she speaks to me... Seems to me that she's into me. Thing is, I think me and this girl could have something good... whereas with other relationships i've had, I just get with them for like... fun . (I am not a slut)
So, what would you do next? I'm tired of my 3 week relationships

Dude just learn her more, look if she is really cool and all that shizzle with you. Than you can take actions. That's all I can say, just trust your gut. Rejection is better than regret. These are my real last words :p
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If you feel it's the right thing to do, the it IS the right thing to do. It's going to be difficult, but it's part of the relationship process.

1+ couldn't agree more with him
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Mine's quite a serious question.

I've been with my girlfriend for exactly one year and 10 days. Great! Or is it?
I'm 17 and she's 18.

No. It's a long distance relationship. She used to live in London so I saw her every other week when I visited my dad. She moved further south and is now about 7 hours away by public transport. I work as a waiter and my new boss is really bad for giving me time off- I don't mind, really. It's a job, not a holiday.

Furthermore, I need to save as much money as I can for the sole purpose that I'm planning on joining the navy (see sig) and I don't want to be caught short when it comes to travel costs and buying kit. Should I get accepted. I spend about £100-£120 when I visit my girlriend. Not good when money is getting tight. She has less cash than I do.

As well as all of that, she wants a really serious relationship. I want to take it as it comes. If we end up together in 40 years, fine. If we don't, fine. I haven't seen her since christmas.

I do love her and I know she loves me. We came very close to breaking up because of all of that.

I want to break it off, but I don't want to lose her. What do you think?

Well if you break up, you can expect that you could lose her. Long distance relationships are always difficult. I think you should break up, but I can't speak for your feelings. But if you're thinking about it, why shouldn't you just break up?
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Okay Relationship Thread, I need your help once more

so ill try to keep this as short as possible. Basically, 2 years ago, I went out with a girl. She was amazing, we had a ton in common, were good with each other, just an all-around good, happy couple. After around 4 or 5 months though, she decided that she was too busy in her life for a relationship and wanted to call it quits. I was, of course, devastated. But being the guy I am, I hid my feelings and pretended they didn't exist. After about a month, she said she wanted to get back together with me. I was like "yeah, lets give it another shot." Then at the last minute, she backed down, claiming she wasn't ready for another relationship. So I was like "fine, we can just be friends like we used to." She accepted this and was okay. Then, AGAIN, about a month later, she wanted to go out with me again, this time she was sure that she was ready. But at the time, I was getting tired of her "games" (at least, thats what I thought of them at the time) and said "no, we should just be friends, i dont want to keep dealing with this." She was disappointed at first, but eventually got accustomed to the idea. We remained good friends and kept in contact.

About 4 months after all of this, she went out with a friend of mine. Not really a friend, but somebody I know. Me and the dude are cool with each other and I had no qualms with them going out. They went out for a year. I was surprised to say the least...I didn't expect her to get into a successful relationship with him. But it worked out I guess, and yeah, they were together for a year. He broke up with her after 8 months, but they got back together the next day and stayed together for another 4 months. So yeah, a year total (basically). Then about a month and a half ago, she broke up with him, claiming that she was "losing interest." The guy was devastated but seemed to get over it, and now the two of them are still great friends. Then, about a week later, the girl got into another relationship with a guy, but it was an epic fail and it only lasted for about a week.

Throughout ALL of this, I have stayed in contact with this girl. I see her in person sometimes, txt her a lot, etc. Now here's where things get a bit hairy....I feel attracted to this girl again. REALLY attracted. I miss her a lot, and I feel that we should give our relationship another try because the first time around we were young, made naive mistakes, and were altogether pretty stupid about things. But NOW I am POSITIVE things will go better. The people we have become in the past 2 years are even better than the people we were 2 years ago, and since we are still good friends, we obviously have no problems talking and such.

Now here's where I need your advice, relationship thread. First of all, do you guys think it's worth trying to get her back? After all of this, her going through 2 boyfriends, one of which being very serious, do you think i even have a chance at this? And if I do, is it worth the risk? I have a great friendship with her, and I know that if things don't tun out as planned (i.e. she just wants to stay friends) than our friendship will be awkward, and maybe we'll get used to it, but there's always the possibility it will end our friendship altogether, and that would flat-out suck. So RT, is it worth it? Should I make my move? If so, how? If not, why?

Thanks in advance

Didn't you friendzoned each other? It is worth the risk I think, if you think you can atract her again, otherwise, it would be a big no, and get over your feelings, I can't tell how much chance you have because i can't see both of you together, or better said, how she reacts to you.
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Me and my ex-girlfriend (we broke up around 1.5 year ago) have been ignoring each other since the day we broke up, until like 2 months ago. She's started to text and call me like nothing actually happened in the past, and after a week out of nowhere she invited me on a walk.. So my first thought was "that's a trap! but I'll be fine as long as I'll have my guard up" and so I decided to go. It was pretty cool, she seems to be a different person since when we broke up.
Then we went on another walk, and then 2 dates in some semi-romantic restaurants.
And somehow I fell in love with her.. Again.
And my main question is: is there a chance that she's also interested in being together again? If not the fact that I've heard that a lot of girls want to become FRIENDS with their ex-boyfriends I would already tell her what I feel.
By the way: we're going on a date tomorrow.

Cheers for reading.

Maybe she is in need of a new boyfriend and she thought maybe i can text/call him, maybe it works.

Well it worked. Just have you guard up, have fun, what can you lose? But don't jump in to a relationship, just wait untill you know more and, some advices: judge her actions, not her words. And patience is the refined sense of confidence.
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Ex reeaaallly wants to get back together, and I've tried every possible way to say "no" nicely. She continued to press, so I gave her the most blunt response I could muster, ("I think it ended the way it did for a reason. I'm sorry, but I'm not interested.")

That was 4 days ago, now she's adamently ignoring me. My question is, is there any chance I could be a friend to this chick, or do you think she's just waaaaaaaayy too involved?

No give it some rest, if a chick said im not interested, you also would have kept your distance, right?also consider this: shes trying to get over you, you would have done the same thing right? So let time do his work, and maybe talk to her again in a few weeks, so both of you have a clear head about the things that happened between the both of you.
to: jumi1174

She just said it, there enough fish in the sea, walk away, you're just being a pussy, she likes that other guy because he is way more manly. Period. If you want to learn to be more manly read the beginning of this forum, there's some great advice, if you want more help than that(more personal more in-depth advice), pm me

to: 1337guitarplayr

You don't have to act intererested, My pappa always says: Rejection is better than regret, just talk to her, a good start to begin a conversation is, how she met her friends (that you both know, so you will have something the same to talk about)
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So I should actually go on the date and then tell her, or just over IM?

Well that's up to you, but the best thing you can do is: you can tell her afterwards, IM is just not a cool and polite way to end things, so tell her in her face(i know, that's rude too, but hey, ending things is always not pretty thing to do), but the real question is: do you really want to go the date? Base your action on that
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Okayy RT, to make a long and invlved story a bit shorter, I'm a wreck rght now. I don't really get why. As the rt regulars know, I've had a string of unsuccessful attempts to convey my feelings towards someone I care about. They're either seeing my friends, completely oblivious, or turned out to be total jerks. Or all three...
In a way it's good these relationships never came t be, because I discovered who these guys were before I got involved in anything. It still hurts though.
I guess that my real issue right now is that Im lonely, as lame as that sounds. I don't feelsorry for myself or want tocomplain about it, I just don't know to fix things. I won't lie, I am an overly romantic kind of girl, so I don't want to just start seeing someone to 'fill the void'. I'm not the kind of person that wants a relationship for the sake of having a relationship, it has to mean something. So I know that I have to wait for the right guy to come along andthen catch him before it's too late, but who knows when that could happen??

My question is, while I wait for said right guy, what can I do to fix how I'm feeling? Cause eating leftover Christmas chocolate and watching one tree hill reruns till 2 am is deffs NOT working.

Thxx fellas and the girls who post here too of course<3

This is something you can't fix, you can't expect to a man to do that, it is YOUR problem, that you will have to accept, not fix, don't make your problem, his problem, guys totally hate that. Just wait for the right guy, and stop eating those chocolates and seeing that movie, Go outside and get some men!!
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There's this girl at college, and when we're hanging out, she looks like she couldn't be doing anything more boring. She's just completely not interested in what I have to say, and sometimes doesn't even bother to reply.

However, whenever I see her in the corridor, she bails up to me and says hi, if she sees me sitting down she'll join me and talk to me, and she comes outside to smoke with me quite a lot. She's also called me a couple of times.

What the hell is going on?

Dude, you're just being used for a quick talk, just to talk with someone, just to be "popular", ditch the bitch, you have better things to do
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Really hard to say with so little info on you both and your situation.

Elaborate plz?

^+1 Too True,
but sometimes is just better to walk away while you still can
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Well there's your problem (the bold text)!

I know it is the easiest thing in the world for me to say
and it is the hardest thing in the world for you to do

Even just, "Hello." is enough at first (if you are that deathly afraid of girls)
it gets easier and easier with practice

so yeah
get nasty
and just talk to her
(don't worry about saying anything stupid or accidentally looking at her chest or something
it is less embarrassing than attempting to talk to her and running away in fear

(now I need to follow my advice...)

Just to sum it up in some cool words:
Rejection is better then Regret

Just fricking talk ok? Don't worry to much, girls aren't god-like you know? Just talk like you normally would, in your way.
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ive got something i need to discuss:
ive been seeing this girl for a few months (since halloween) and shes great weve been together practically everyday and we love spending time, and being together, she will call me at night before she goes to bed and will always finish with "goodnight bear (she calls me that) i love you see you tomrrow" and ill respond like-wise. but recently another guy has been trying to get involved. hes my friend kinda-sorta-not really; and she went to his house on friday(?) night to hang out as friends, and he kissed her (for the record im not a jealous person, i dont mind her having guy friends) but that kinda pissed me off im not gunna lie, so she tells me and i didnt flip out or anything i stayed calm and all.
but my main problem is (the reson im telling this story) is that she told him there couldnt be anything between them, but she isnt doing anything to change it, shes still hanging with him and hes still hitting on her...idk how to react to this...

Judge by actions, not by words,
You are the Great Catch
advice:just say you're cool with it, and take your damn distance,
she is with him, don't give the pleasure of having you
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Hey guys, i'm just looking for a bit of advice on whether this girl im into is keen on me as well, ill try and post a vague description of things. Just hoping for some objectionable evaluation of things if you guys can get through the wall of text.
Met around August, didnt really talk that much until September/October. Around then I was going after another girl, but the one im after now kept on doing things like pointless comments on facebook, telling me she couldnt stop thinking about me when she was trying to study for exams, etc.
Long talks on msn, normally until 1 or 2 in the morning, sometimes 3 or 4. Didnt get a chance to meet up with her from mid-October to mid-November, then she went on an end of year trip, the day she got back I left on mine, so any conversation I had with her was limited to maybe 3 or 4 times over 3 weeks. She told me that home was 10x worse without me.
Skip forward a bit, still fairly long chats, got a bit in-depth on a personal level about some serious personal issues, both ways. Little bit of flirty chat, most times I sign on and im greeted with CRUISE CONTROL CAPS. Know that she thinks that every relationship shes gotten into she was the one that messed it up.
Anyway, had the opportunity to hang out with her and other friends a few times recently. First one was a party, for one of the guys she'd recently fucked up a relationship with. Had a bit of a chat, she'd had a bit to drink, but not enough to really notice apart from a bit of clumsiness. She ended up almost crying about how she's messed up all her previous relationships, had to just talk her through it.
Second one was just a get together for everyone leaving school, went to the beach later with about 10 other people. Had a towel to towel chat for a while, went for a few swims. She sees some guy she was with a year or so before, tells me she wishes they were still together. We had a bit of flirting, playful throwing sand and bottles at each other, again nothing special.
Last one was last night. There were two parties, i was at one and she was at another, got about 20 texts from her over a few hours asking whether I was going to that party, when I was going to be there.
Get to the party, she pretty much ignored me most of the time, tried to talk to her but she continually moved around.
Everyone went into town, I had to walk a friend home, another girl (much more attractive) wanted to hug inside my jacket, noticed the one im interested in watching. Texted her telling her to have a good time, a few hours later she started texting again and exchanged a few more.
She'd had a bit to drink, but not enough to affect her other than being a bit crazy.
Her best friends boyfriend, at the first party, told me I should make a move, but the opportunity didnt really come up. Her other best friend told me the day before the last party to not fall for her, that it would make things awkward, although he hangs out with her alot so I assume he's talking from his perspective.

From some people ive talked to, ive had one say she's keen, one say shes just being friendly, one say shes a little keen but she's just fucking with me for attention, and another say shes just using me for attention.
Just looking for more opinions on it, not hopeful anyway so be brutally honest. Again, sorry for the wall of text.

EDIT: Just a bit about her personality, she's fairly introverted most of the time. She says she's over past things, just regrets them, not sure how much of this to believe.

Some advice:
Patience is the refined sense of confidence, and remember
You are the Great Catch!
Judge by action, not by words

translation: make no move, and let her win you, and always judge her actions
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Seriously though, what's the problem?

HAHA couldn't be a better anwser!!
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alright guys, quickly i need 5 good questions to ask someone im getting to know better and have an interest in

Questions? Just talk, just tease, have fun, just talk and stay confident in what you do, and honesty is a important key.
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So UG, I'm in **** here really. It's been just about 3 weeks since my gf broke up with me, and while she wants to be friends and stuff (not an option for me right now) and dosn't feel the same way as she used to about me, I still feel the same way about her as when I first asked her out and I can't stop feeling like this. It's playing **** with me, it really is. I've been really depressed over the last few days and today it's kinda worse (it would of been our second month of going out) and I feel really, really low, how can I stop this?

Just stay on talking terms, and stay on the look out for other girls, try to find the reason why she left you, but please have some pride, and get over it, how harsh it may sound, but this not the end of the world.
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There is so much wrong with this. Fear that you might hurt a guy's feelings by not having sex with him is a horrible, horrible reason to have sex. Disregard this horrible advice.

+1 Yes, that's true, but it isn't what I meant, I see it in a way, that's for too complex, this girl is only 16, and doesn't want to kiss, just say you don't want too, if he doesn't stop, just ditch him.
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I think it's best not to look at having a 'boyfriend' as like getting an ipod... Just look at him as a guy who you're cool with and want to start spending more time with. Just do normal things together, hang out, chitchat, etc.
If you're nervous then don't get into situations like being alone together with a bottle of vodka and a double bed.
Just look on him as a friend, go like that for a while.
Trust me, guys know that sex isn't the biggest part of the relationship, and I know everyone says it, but if that's all he wants, just tell him where he can shove it.

+1 but if he doesn't take it slow, it means one thing, SEX, he is only in for the quick win, if he really likes you, he has some patience for you, BUT, he has feelings too, if you wait too long, maybe he's gonna think, he's not sexually actractive, which is a big turn-off for him.
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Ok thanks, so is it best not to say anything? of course i don't want her to stop being friends with people for the sake of her boyfriend but under the same breath i don't think i'd be comfortable knowing that she spends her time with a bunch of utter dicks

That is her problem that you will have to accept, the only thing that you can say to her, that she is dealing with utter dicks, that she will get in to problems with this. If she stays with her friends, that's her choice, you can't really do nothing about it, except telling that it's discomforting you, and then telling why you think it they are utter dicks.
^ Just relax, if it really brings her in to problems, you can say something about it, because you care, and you cannot choose her friends, you can do one thing, accept that she has these friends, but make her aware of the problems, you can't do really more than that.
^^ Some guys only go for the sex(like a friend of mine) or you have some guys that isn't afraid to have a relationship(like me), I just enjoy the part with laughing and making fun of girls :P, in a good way.
Here is some feedback for you,
It's sounds real cool but,
Get more secure with your lead guitar playing and singing,
sometimes the lead guitar en vocals sounds a bit akward,
mabye you can do something with this,
keep up the good work!
Sound of band is cool, but I liked it more, if the vox sound, sounded more like sum 41, Offspring,Green Day-ish, more tradinational, but nevertheless, the vox suited really good, it isn's false.