Bumping because the album dropped. My first impressions were very positive, the riffing is on the weird end of trad heavy metal so I expect it'll grow on me even more.
Old thread, but it looks like a standard passive/switchable effects loop, i.e. it doesn't have any actual control over the pedal in the loop. You can run multiple pedals in the loop, but it wouldn't be able to change settings/store presets for those pedals, or switch them on/off (you'd have to do that yourself).

Any effects in the loop should go to FOH, but effects placed outside of the loop and after the BDDI will not. Not sure where the loop is placed in relation to the BDDI's circuit, but generally the loop comes post-everything, so any effects that you would normally place after the BDDI should go in the loop.
If you're going for a more modern/pristine sound, the Darkglass Microtubes 900 would definitely get the job done. If you want a more old-school DM sound, I'd follow Badluckpalms' advice.
Kinda hard to get a good look at his face, but CG's current bassist is Thomas Drayton and he uses a lot of Aguilar pedals that are listed here. I assume that's him in the video, but I could be wrong.
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^ hey man, I posted Dark Millennium in OP hahaha.

I must be blind or stupid then

I discovered Apollo Ra not long ago, and this album immediately became one of my all-time favorite USPM releases. It's technically a demo, but it's as long as a typical full-length and sounds pretty damn good. I'm wondering if they had intended for it to be an album, but couldn't find a label to release it.

Musically, I've heard it a described as a more aggressive version of Crimson Glory's s/t album. It's an apt comparison; it has some elements I'd ascribe more to Savatage, but the vocalist is damn near a dead ringer for Midnight. I might like this more than either of Crimson Glory's first two - definitely more than the s/t, though Transcendence puts up a better fight in my book.
Having heard the whole album, it fucking rips. It's certainly not their best album, but D666 by-the-numbers is still better than a large swath of other bands, and calling this album "D666 by-the-numbers" is doing it a disservice.

It's just really fucking good thrashy black metal.
Looks like a picked a good time to drop in, with all of these other old fucks hanging around.

Anyway, on to the death metal.

Excommunion - Superion

Might not be old enough to truly be considered "old school" as it came out in 2002 (though some of you have posted more recently released stuff than that), but Dark Descent is releasing a new album from these dudes, so you better familiarize yourselves with the old shit now if you dig dark, evil, Incantation-inspired riffs.

Liers In Wait - Spiritually Uncontrolled Art

Some of y'all were looking for stuff like TRITSIO, and while those in question are probably already aware of this EP's existence, it's one of the few things I've heard out of Sweden that has some of that insanity (Alf Svensson was in the band at one point, though he didn't play on this). SUA has more thrash and less melody than TRITSIO, but if you're looking for crazy riffs you won't be disappointed.

Crucifixion - Desert of Shattered Hopes

Ever wish your NYDM sledgehammer riffs had a small dose of melody and a gloomier atmosphere. Give these Texas dudes a listen. Incantation- and Suffocation-inspired riffs are abound, but there's a surprising amount of melody in places as well.

Dark Millennium - Ashore the Celestial Burden

Sorta surprised these guys haven't been posted already, but they come up so often in overlooked OSDM discussions that I'm surprised they're still overlooked. I'm not sure who I can compare these guys to, or even if I should try to compare them to anybody, but I don't know a whole lot of people who have been disappointed by this album.
Christian Alvestam was the best thing about this band and the only melodeath I really listen to still is Insomnium, Disillusion, and Dark Tranquillity. So I don't think I'll be checking out this album.
Damn, no east coast dates.

If you have the chance to see these guys, don't miss it. They ****ing rip.
Quote by KailM
I usually don't comment until I've had 3-4 listens to a new album, but I felt compelled to do so after one listen of Pale Communion.

They took everything that was good on Heritage and got rid of it. There are next to zero riffs, the more "moody" stuff is just recycled from Heritage, and yeah....

IMO, Pale Communion fixes everything that was wrong with Heritage. The songs are more focused and the album feels far more coherent and unified as a whole. Heritage had some good tunes but was a jumbled mess.

It's not Opeth of old, nor is it reinventing the wheel, but it's a solid prog album with good songs. I like it. I suggest giving it that 3rd or 4th listen before you blast it to pieces.

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I will eagerly wait for the new At the Gates album to restore my faith in Swedish metal...

Why wait for At the Gates when you can just listen to the new albums from Portrait and Falconer? At War With Reality is probably going to be significantly worse than both. (EDIT: The new Crystal Eyes is pretty tasty too.)
Quote by ls2014
they have a kind of "scary" sound to them

There's really nothing scary about anything in Avenged Sevenfold's catalog. If you want something scary that doesn't go into extreme metal territory, Mercyful Fate would probably be the poster child.

To actually answer your question: no, there's no subgenre based on how "scary" a band is. There are plenty of idiots who get scared of anything heavier than Nickelback, so basing a genre around it would be completely impossible.
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So does anyone want to discuss the new Slipknot song?

No one here likes any of Slipknot's music, so no.
Y'all mofos need to chill out, drink a couple brewskis, and throw on a Sabbath record.
A source whose taste I respect says Calculating Infinity is the way to go.

But yeah, hardcore forum.
I really, really hope that they had a competent lawyer look over that contract before signing it. Otherwise, these kids are screwed.
We have a recommendations thread where you're supposed to post these questions. This thread will probably get locked.

We also don't really like djent, so not many of us will be able to help you.
I dunno who the hell told you it was a good idea to spam your metalcore band in the UG metal forum, but this thread is bad and you should feel bad.

Take this BS to the Promote Your Band forum.
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Pariah - Blaze of Obscurity, maybe? Russ Tippins and Steve Ramsey are absolutely ace.

If those two are involved I'm sold. Anyone able to help track this down?
Any recs for something thrashy, technical, and melodic? Think Realm, Artillery, Helstar, Toxik, and the first Heathen album. Not looking for weird stuff in the Voivod/Watchtower vein.
So I wound up missing out on the 7" when all of my last paycheck went into my student loans.

Hoping for a repress.
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Best albums so far this year?

In no particular order:

Cormorant - Earth Diver
Vestal Claret - The Cult of Vestal Claret
Portrait - Crossroads
Skull Fist - Chasing the Dream
Lie in Ruins - Towards Divine Death
Thantifaxath - Sacred White Noise
Noble Beast - Noble Beast
Darker Half - Never Surrender

Non-metal honors go to IQ - The Road of Bones and Sabbath Assembly - Quaternity.
Gotta double check my finances before I order it. Chances are I'll snag it either tomorrow or Friday morning when I get paid.

Hopefully it stays in stock that long.
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I don't know any songs like Disposable Heroes at its time. It stripped the thrash riff down to nothing more than a one-note syncopated chug, yet with that it added shifty pacing that I can't compare to anything else at its time.

One note chugging was definitely around in thrash before that - the fact that Disposable Heroes does it more is not an innovation. Not totally sure what "shifty pacing" means so I won't comment on it, but I doubt Metallica were the first to do it.

Quote by HamburgerBoy
Damage Inc was similarly choppy yet at its speed comes of as closer to the kind of riffing you'd find in a 90s post-thrash band like The Haunted (or at least the thrash that led to it, such as Believer).

You'll have to elaborate more on this. Damage Inc. sounds no more like The Haunted to me than any other 80's thrash band.

Quote by HamburgerBoy
The Thing That Should Not Be is ridiculously dark and heavy, and again I don't know any song of its time that did quite the same thing. And although the solo is brief, that brief flash of dissonance is the kind of thing death metal wouldn't pick up on for years (see: Harmony Corruption).

This I can agree with in a thrash metal context, though A) I'd argue that Hell Awaits is darker and heavier, and B) doom metal and crust punk were all over the slow-heavy-dissonant thing well before Metallica.
It might be worth pointing out that there are two different posters really advocating for MoP here. Dunno if people noticed that the OP is not the same person who called Manilla Road "inconsequential."

Quote by Metalguy5784
The point I was trying to make is Sabaton's Heroes is so good that I put up there with the generally accepted "best of the best" when it comes to Metal albums. Albums that will stand the test of time. Albums like Rust, Seasons in the abyss, MoP, Powerslave. I put Heroes on that same level.

To put it in sports terms. Say I think MoP was Michael Jordan in his prime, sure there have been many great players since him. Hes a once in a generation player. I was simply saying that Heroes is such a good, cohesive and powerful album, it could be a generational classic that could take years or even decades for another metal album to come out like it.

Heroes is one of those trasures that only come out every 10-20 years and will go down as a masterpeice. Thats my opinion of the album. I really havent got such a rush of a feeling from a metal album quite like Heroes. Especially while driving.

IMO there are better power metal albums that have come out in the past few years. Bury the Light by Pharaoh, The Burden of God by Nightmare, Another Night by High Spirits, Noble Beast's debut etc.
Quote by HamburgerBoy
A number of them were fairly unimportant and certainly not nearly as broad in scope as Master of Puppets. Darkness Descends? Excellent album but at best it was just one step in extremity ahead of Slayer. Endless Pain? Dated even for 1985, Petrozza's vocals being the only notable element. RIP? Cool album but again not particularly significant, even in the niche realm of tech-thrash. Schizophrenia? At least pick their earliest death metal material, not their first step towards American thrash. Manilla Road? Basically inconsequential and with some incredibly poor songwriting.

Of course, Puppets didn't kickstart an entire extreme metal movement like Slayer and Hellhammer/Celtic Frost did, so under certain contexts I can definitely admit that it is overrated, but when you look at posters above and some of the albums on that "Best Of Thrash" list, it's just silly underdog-fellating.

You're really using popularity as a criteria for judging these releases? You're basically arguing that Master of Puppets is the be-all-end-all of the genre because it's famous and hordes of crap bands like FFDP and Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold sing its praises, while highly creative and original albums like Awaken the Guardian or Crimson Glory's self-titled (both of which were released around the same time) are on a lower level simply because they didn't get the exposure or because there are less people capable of emulating them. Otherwise you wouldn't be arguing that Manilla Road are "inconsequential" in the face of the wide swath of bands that cite them as an influence and the respect that their recent releases get (something that has eluded Metallica for going on 30 years).

I love Master of Puppets, but you are wildly overstating how "creative" it actually is. Thrash - and heavy metal in general - was already well beyond that point when it came out, and negating the work of bands that actually pushed boundaries because they didn't reach as many people is juvenile. The only thing on Master of Puppets that I would consider truly unique is Orion - the rest is well-written, sure, but in what ways did Battery or Leper Messiah really change the game for thrash metal or the genre as a whole?
AFAIK this isn't actually one band. Rhinocervs is the record label, and each release is a different band recording something anonymously.

Most of it is usually awesome though.
Quote by The Wildchild
looking for new albums that aren't gay

Portrait - Crossroads
Vestal Claret - The Cult of Vestal Claret
Skull Fist - Chasing the Dream
High Spirits - You Are Here
Quote by DamienEx1021
High quality opera/goth metal. Don't know much about either one and would like to expand my pallet a little.

If anyone also has recommendations for symphonic death metal that would be good. so far all I have is:

Need some download links/purchase links/ for the following bands since I can't find their material anywhere (mind you I haven't looked very hard either):

Some good Hi-fi death metal, modern or otherwise. I have a lot in my library already, most of the ones listed at the start of this rec thread, but lets see if there is anything else out there. Things like:

That does it for now. I look forward to the brutality that is headed in my direction.

Goth metal: Type O Negative is pretty much all you need. Arguably you could include stuff like My Dying Bride or early Tiamat/Paradise Lost, but I usually just group that into death/doom. The operatic stuff is generally really cheesy and I've never found anything in the genre that was worthwhile.

Symphonic DM: The Red in the Sky is Ours by At the Gates has a violin in some parts. That's about as close as I can think of besides Fleshgod Apocalypse, who IMO aren't very good.

Purchase links: I know Deathevokation's The Chalice of Ages is getting a reissue soon, but I don't remember who's doing it.

Hi-fi DM:
- Chthe'ilist - Amechth'ntaas'm'rriachth
- Asphyx's two newest albums (but don't ignore the old ones!)
- Most Bolt Thrower
- Crypticus - They Called Me Mad
- Funebrarum - The Sleep of Morbid Dreams
- House of Atreus - Into the Brazen Bull
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Weapon are also from Canada but have a fairly mediocre output after Drakonian Paradigm.

From the Devil's Tomb is anything but mediocre.

Embers and Revelations, though... bleh.
If anyone wants to get their hands on the full EP, shoot me a PM.
The correct answer is a Verellen Skyhammer.
I'm not sure where I'd place it in comparison to Aura after only one listen, but it's a fantastic song and it's got everything I love about this band.

If this EP isn't in my top 10 for the year, I'll be stunned.
The correct answer is everyone from Manowar.
That Def Leppard joke has been around for years. Kinda surprised it actually turned into a huge thing.
There's definitely been a concerted effort to get more high-quality posts around here. The decline of the forums in general has shrunk the userbase, but the people left are dedicated and knowledgeable, so the little activity we get is good stuff.

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I've never had Mead. No stores around here sell it. Of course, I'm in Wisconsin, which basically has a lovefest with beer. You say, "Do you have any Mead?", and the employees give you weird looks.

I Googled "buy mead in Wisconsin" and it took me to a Wisconsin-based mead winery with a list of stores that carry their products. You can also order it online.

Also, a buddy of mine made his own without much difficulty. It's a long process (they advise aging it for several months) and you have to sanitize everything really well, but the supplies are available at any homebrew store (which should be plentiful in a beer-loving state).
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Give me my god damn 7''

There hasn't even been an update on it. WTF.
Q: What has nine arms and sucks?
A: Def Leppard
I kept hearing about this band, and I neglected to check them out until a few days ago when they randomly followed my band on Twitter.

I really should have checked them out sooner, because they're incredible.