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It's artistic.

No disrespect to It, I enjoy it for It's weirdness. Class album.
That Peste Noire song where Famine made chicken noises and sampled burps over a thrash riff.
Show No Mercy is best Slayer.
Well bah gawd King, it looks like you just started one.
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what? no. But they do play it well live and its fun (at least on the Rising in the East dvd!)

Turbo Lover is the best Judas Priest song.
New stuff sounds ****ing class, looking forward to giving this a full listen!
Black metal is for homos anyway.
Forgot about the best demo this year. 2013 by High Spirits, simultaneously winning best demo and best gig this year for me.
Mates band just released their first demo, doomy death metal in the vein of early Asphyx and Autopsy.

Live Burial - Demo 2013
Hammerheart is great, Twilight of the Gods is the best Bathory album since the debut, Nordland 1 isn't far off it and Nordland 2 isn't an album to look down on either. Blood on Ice is pretty good but probably the weakest of Bathory's best albums.

Ignore Destroyer of Worlds, Octagon and Requiem, not worth anybody's time.
BMTH - Sempiternal is probably my favourite album this year, great stuff.
Some more Newcastle Death Metal, Live Burial just uploaded their demo to bandcamp, check it out if you're into doomy death metal like early Asphyx.

Live Burial - Demo 2013
Some early 90s sounding tech. death here, sounds ****ing class. Artwork from the bloke who did the Demilich album cover too.
Warbastard album finally came out after ****ing years of waiting for them to bother recording/rerecording the thing. It's class.

Song is up here to listen to since it's not on Youtube
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I'm on a quest for some of that delicious symphonic black metal, what's popped up in the last 3-4 years that I shouldn't have missed?

Caladan Brood, like Summoning but based around the Malazan series of books instead.
Yeah i heard the full thing, shit's baller yo.
Gutted it sounds nothing like Swansong.
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burzum,mayhem,bathory,dimmu borgir,gorgoroth i think thats band is great

They aren't black metal.
Firstly, check out Eliminator alongside the other bands mentioned.

And also check out the gigs being put on by Bro(UK) in Newcastle, big NWOBHM festival next March, Cauldron/Toledo Steel in December, Angel Witch/Enforcer next month. If you're an extreme metal fan theres Destroyer 666 in December too along with a few good ones announced for next year including Ghoul.

Bro(UK) Facebook.
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what is the name of that band where the vocals are basically just whispers but are also loud in the mix?

i found this while randomly browsing youtube yesterday. the album rocks

Void Meditation Cult.

Void Meditation Cult - Rites Of The Ruminant Dead
Dude, wan't to add a spoiler tag to that? I haven't seen the new episode yet.

Anybody arguing that this isn't black metal are complete and utter idiots. Seriously, i barely come to this forum anymore, but this place ****ing died.
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Hvis and Filosofem never became content with waddling in endless, droning tremolo/arpeggiated riffs. Instead, both merely used riffs as a means to an end, the end being an ever-expanding work that doesn't end where and how it starts.

That's exactly what Tomhet is.
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I could go for themes of feminism in Metal lyrically, but as a general rule I don't really like female vocalists when it comes to Metal.

Listen to some good metal bands with female vocalists then, i'd recommend Black Knight, Christian Mistress and Sacrilege.

And some black metal to make this relevant.
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Like, in the butt?

Ask your mam, LOLOLOLOL.

But yes, i like Cradle of Filth, Dusk and Her Embrace is a fantastic album. If it wasn't for the image, popularity and a portion of the fanbase, i believe they'd be much more well received in the underground metal scene as a band, especially for the early albums.
Total old-school Cradle of Filth sounding, love it.
Vital Remains are so out of place on that lineup.
Aye was just looking at that festival, class lineup. New album out soon i'm guessing with all this activity from them.
Not black metal at all mate.
Destroyer 666 confirmed for a Newcastle date in December, think they're looking at doing a UK tour because they were asking about for places to play in Liverpool too. GEDDINNNN.
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Nordlands and Twilight of the Gods

Chuck the self titled in there and you've got a party, with the best soundtrack on Earth.
My dick is hard now, ****.
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Both of those projects are terrible. Derivative, boring, etc.

Taste is subjective. Also, so's your face.
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Anyone heard of Woods of Desolation? Are they more "black metal" for people who don't like black metal?

Good band, check out Torn Beyond Reason. Also if you like, check out the members other bands Austere and Grey Waters.
Ah-sest i believe.
At the Gates and Nifelheim are easily the two most intense bands i've seen live. Volture were really energetic and managed to get a packed bar going crazy, same for Discharge too.

Edit: forgot about a local sludge band called Tide of Iron. Heaviest band i've ever seen, had the entire building rumbling, even the pavement outside too. Really good tunes too.
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I can only personally speak for the debut up until Twilight of the Gods. I haven't really heard a full album after Twilight, and I am not sure if I care to.

The two Nordlands are definitley worth a spin, incredible stuff.
Caught these guys live last night with Wodensthrone and Old Corpse Road, absoloutley blew me away. The singer looks like a madman.