Sonisphere Festival! I am so excited!!!

Can't wait for Maiden.
I've been playing for a year and a half now, and feel i have outgrown my Epiphone LP. I have a budget of £550 and play blues, metal, rock, funk, pop. Hendrix is my idle, so i guess a Strat would be a dream come true for me. I need a versatile guitar to be able to cover the genres i play, so i was thinking H-S-S setup.

My options at the moment are these two:

Fender Highway One Strat HSS £550

Fender Standard Strat HSS £350

I was hoping you could tell me if the Highway One is worth the extra cash (i was hoping to be able to afford a ticket to Sonisphere festival!), and if there are any other options, as i would be happy to go for another guitar that isn't a Strat if it's my best option.

"Enter Shikari - Sorry You're Not A Winner" for no. 1 next week to rub it in!
There was a law just passed in Australia in order to prevent drunken behaviour at cricket matches. Fans are now limited to 24 pints each. TWENTY FOUR!

This pretty much sums up my love for cricket. Nothing can beat getting progressively drunk watching an Ashes test, having some banter with the Aussie fans. In fact, thats all i did this summer, it was epic.
Hey guys, i've been offered some Mephedrone (M-Cat) for the weekend. I've never taken any drugs before and wondered how safe this is. The internet doesn't have a lot of info about it and i just wanted to know if i'm gonna be safe taking this stuff. It's £10 for 1 gram and there's 4 of us doing it so we'd have a dose of 250mg each.
Cheers guys. I might be back in here tomorrow with more dilemmas/questions by the sound of things
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If it's an 'I don't deserve you' that you're hearing from her, then she's done something to make her feel so guilty that she has to break up with you.

Should i mention this to her?
Quote by colohue
She's given herself a reason to be guilty

In what sense?
I've been in a relationship with a girl i REALLY like for just over 6 months now. We see each other everyday and i feel like i've known her for ages. We were friends before we started dating. I haven't seen her over the past week because it's half term (We board at a college so live far away ish) and earlier she started sending me odd texts.

She started off by saying "we need a talk" so i asked what it was about. She said its about us and its not good news. We were texting for the next 45 mins or so, and she basically said she was going to break up with me, but she really doesn't want to. She said everything is getting to her and its not fair on me for her to stay with me.

She's been having a lot of trouble recently: missing home, work + exams getting to her, family problems etc. I know for a fact that she likes me and thinks we're perfect together, her best friend told me 5 mins ago, and "my girl" told her 10 mins before that. She also said that she's finding this so hard, she's been crying for days, etc. Bear in mind her best friend can't pull off a lie at all and is a really nice person, who i've become good friends with as well.

Now, i can't believe that she would break up with me if she thought we were perfect and such. So i sort of assume she's trying to let me down easily. As it says in the FAQs "actions speak louder than words". If she didn't want to break up she wouldn't, right? But i find this so hard to believe, i really don't think she'd lie to me to make me feel better. I text her earlier saying i'm a strong person and i can handle it if she doesn't feel the way she used to anymore. She then said she isn't trying to make me feel better. She said i deserve the truth, because she cares about me...

I'm rather confused to be honest. I need advice on what to say/how to act tomorrow. Should i accept it and move on? Should i hug her, kiss her, touch her hand/arm? I don't wanna make it harder for her, but i really can't let this go easily. Argggh i'm so confused.

Sorry about the long message, sorry if it didn't make much sense. My brain is sort of in shock at the moment and i'm not ashamed to admit i've been crying. Maybe i should head over to the hug thread as well.
Alright guys, cheers for the clarification. We were just looking for any slither of hope really.

And i don't think there was any need to call me a moron, it was just a simple question.
I board at a college in the UK. We are not allowed alcohol in our rooms or anywhere in the boarding house, as we are all (mostly) under 18. My friend has a mini fridge in his room. The mini fridge has a window. One of our houseparents saw through the window, and could see a bottle of vodka, which she confiscated. So now my mate thinks he's getting expelled as he has already been suspended twice. I'm now in a pretty bad mood.

But i was wondering... what is the law when it comes to this kind of thing? She had to physically open his mini fridge to get to the vodka, does that make it illegal, even though she could see it through the window? I know she isn't legally allowed to go through our stuff, but this is different.

And yes, i know my mate is an idiot.
Thanks Heminator. How about 3 or so beers first to get some confidence, or is that not a good idea?
Hello RT

So, i've been at college (in the UK) a couple of weeks now. First friday night here, everyone went out and got drunk, i got chatting to this girl for ages and we really hit it off. Second friday, everyones getting drunk again, and me and this girl are pretty drunk. We end up making out for a while.

Anyway, i really like this girl, she's cool, funny, plays guitar, attractive, what more do you want right? She's a year above me though, and whenever i've seen her since she's avoided me. I even walked past her in the hall and she avoided all eye contact, even when i said "hey". I think she's pretty embarrassed coz im younger than her, and she's kinda shy anyway. So the other day i pulled her to one side and said "Let's just forget about Friday, and start over, this is really awkward". Since then she's started talking to me again.

Now, i don't wanna just be friends with this girl. And i know this Friday we'll be going out again, and she'll be there. I'm planning to talk to her and tell her how i feel, but i don't really know the best way to go about it. Should i wait til i'm a bit more confident from the alcohol? Or talk to her before friday? Or get completely smashed? And what should i say? Thanks for any help guys.

And sorry for the essay
*stickies thread*

Good luck with everything TS. I am willing to help any way i can from the UK. This has the potential to be the biggest thing ever to come from the Pit.
Dude, unless it actually is pr0n, which im guessing wouldn't go down well, people are gonna get bored if its an almost 9 minute long powerpoint. Keep it short and sweet. If youlike Metallica, For Whom The Bell Tolls is 5 mintues i think. That's plenty long enough.
Throw it in a skip and say it was robbers that conviently only stole one thing.
I don't know what the hell this D Major stuff is about, but that definitely an A Major Scale.
Did you guys go crazy/mental/hyper when you got your results like the people on the news every year? Because my family now think i have no emotions whatsoever, because my reaction was "ah cool, whats for breakfast?"

But its ok i guess, im not angry at them. Or sad, happy, jealous or anything really.

/poor attempt at humour.

I still want to know if you guys went mental or not though.
Got my GCSE results, time to fish for compliments... not really.

English Lang. - A
English Lit. - B
Maths - A*
Science Core - A*
Science Additional - A
German - A*
History - A*
Geography - A
Music - A
RE - A*

Very happy with everything, was half hoping for an A* in music seen as i only dropped a couple of marks on the coursework and needed 90/120 on the listening exam. But best of all this gets me £350 from parents and a chinese takeaway tonight!
Anybody know what time GCSE results are? I've moved country since taking them so i'm getting them emailed to me, and i was wondering if its worth me setting an alarm or not.

I has trophy.
I got you a day's hanging out and jamming with Les Paul

Fun while it lasted... then it got boring

And i won 3 out of 3.
Hahaha me + starfighter OWN
I don't have a high price range It's £200
Hey GG&A,

I haven't got a Vypyr but am almost certain i will get one. I just want to know a few things.

1. Is it possible to record to my computer with a Vypyr 30, without mic-ing the amp?
Edit: And how do i do it?

2. Can the Vypyr get passable blues, funk and cleaner sounds? I know it delivers on metal and hard rock (Unfortunately, I can't test this thing before buying)

3. I hear about lots of people having problems with the Vypyr: tuner freezing, extreme volume changes between settings, buzzing etc. Are any of the problems really bad? Or are they just minor/fixable things?

Thanks for any help, hopefully i will have one soon!
Yo Vypyr Thread!

I haven't got a Vypyr but am almost certain i will get one. I just want to know a few things.

1. Is it possible to record to my computer with a Vypyr 30, without mic-ing the amp?
2. Can the Vypyr get passable blues, funk and cleaner sounds? I know it delivers on metal and hard rock ( I can't test this thing )
3. I hear about lots of people having problems with the Vypyr: tuner freezing, extreme volume changes between settings, buzzing etc. Are any of the problems really bad? Or are they just minor/fixable things?

Thanks for any help, hopefully i will have one soon!
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like the guy on top of me

TS is gay.

I have read the FAQ and everything, but i can't seem to comprehend half of it. Can someone just answer me some simple questions: Is it possible for me to record with just a guitar, a Zoom G2.1u and some software like Cubase? If yes, how do i do it? If no, what else would i need?

The one thing i did understand from the FAQ was that it will sound pretty crappy with the soundcard that came with my computer. I don't mind for now. If it sounds really bad, i can get a new one in the future, for now i just want to get my head around recording.

Cheers UG!
Guy: Do you like raisins?
Girl: Yes/No
Guy: Well, how about a date?

Do any of these really work?
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Fap more...

Won't help. I play guitar right handed, fap left handed. Tis weird...

And thanks for the help everyone. I'll get there in the eventually. I hope.
Yeah, that's pretty much what it feels like. Does this mean i should just keep playing if i can, and i'll be able to play it in due course?
I'm still fairly new to guitar (10 months) but i decided i wanted a challenge so started learning the trooper. I learnt the intro riff fine, and the main riff, all up to speed. But now I'm on the galloping in the verse, and i've hit a wall.

I've been practising with a metronome, starting really really slow, making sure everything is perfect, and then going 1 BPM faster. But when i get to around 135 BPM (the song is 163 full speed), my wrist starts hurting , and i start to play really sloppily so i have to stop. Then i go back to play at the same speed again 10 mins later, and i have to start from a lower BPM, otherwise its sloppy. Then when i get up to around this speed again i get the same pains, have to stop etc. etc. This has been going on for around 4 days now, and is frustrating me a lot, as i want to be able to play this, and feel like its within my abilities.

So, i was wondering, is this something wrong with my wrist? Or is it just developing more stamina (which is what it feels like to me)? Should i man up and try to play through it? Help please?
Ok guys, you win. You have distracted me from revision long enough.

EDIT: I'd better belt off!
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Hey, I'm not a party pooper, so stop Pontiac me!

Well keep 'em coming, daewoodn't do any harm.
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Well, I'm a bit tired that's why, I think i need a brake.

Why? The window for puns is still open
These puns have gone flat. We need to accelerate the pace!
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You didn't see the trailblazer bit?

He's probably exhausted, give him a break
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Least you have the drive to do something about it.

Yeah, but i can't indicate what I'm gonna do next. I'm just THAT eccentric.
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I hope someone can afford to buy them out.

I would, but I'm wheelie poor