Taking a shot in the dark here. We've been trying to find a new drummer for the last month (no luck yet).

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I've been playing bass guitar for nine years, and a friend of mine (who was intentionally trying to offend me) says, "You really are an amazing bassist... so when are you gonna move up to guitar?" I laughed hysterically and replied, "Touché."
I can see why most people would hate this, but I actually listened to every track. I'm a weird ****, however, and I'm not sure if my opinion matters. I was playing bass-lines over some of it... I love that kind of stuff.
If you're not sure, this is a good place to start :

I bought a fretless six-string from them, and it plays wonderfully (you just don't have a popular name on the headstock).
I quit for two years, realized I was still dying, and started again... it's been fun. Seriously, though, it only takes about two weeks to be over the nicotine addiction. The mental addiction is the hardest to break... that's why nicotine gum and patches fail so often. It's best to just stop... it takes three days to get out of your system (the nicotine)... it gets easier after that.
You're right... he should be eating steak and singing about his Ford truck when he's on stage.
I've really never been too concerned with gear, honestly... I do prefer certain brands, but at times when I've been less fortunate financially, I've comfortably settled for less... f-ckin' Rondo Music was a lifesaver a few years back.
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I wouldn't say everyone like that
You will always meet someone who can blow loads on the best gear
Then act to a nob about everyone else who can't afford it

I agree completely, but it's not something I see a lot with the more experienced players. It's usually over-privileged kids who's parents bought them a guitar two Christmases ago, and now they're (in their own minds) the greatest f-ckin' thing to happen to music. They're the ones who talk about 'real music', sh-t on bassists who use picks, watch YouTube videos about shredding, and worship Avenged Sevenfold. They'll grow out of it, though... it's very common for kids to lose their heads up their asses.
You know... I always thought Jordan Rudess had a very monotonous voice... but, as most fans know, he has perfect pitch.
I honestly don't remember; this was several years ago. Not very far... I had it on my iPod, and I would listen to it at work. I think I only tried for two or three days. Maybe I should buy it (rather than downloading it illegally); that might give me some incentive to really listen to it.
I didn't get through the entire course... ironically, it was because I found his voice to be really boring, and I couldn't focus. He had some interesting things to say, though... I really should give it a second chance.
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So just cause the baby hasn't had much of a life yet that means you can kill it?

So I guess we could kill a a day old baby too right? Cause he hasn't had any life experiences?

Wouldn't bother me if you did... go for it. However, it IS illegal to kill a day-old baby. It is not illegal to destroy the fetus (depending on the age of that, as well)... so, sorry, you can't kill the doctor because you disagree with what he does.
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IMO, the abortion doctor is just as much a murderer as the aforementioned killer

Yeah... that doctor killed a fetus... a fetus with a degree, a loving family, thoughts, emotions, a name in the phone book, etc. Makes sense, right? Even if you would consider it a murder, it's a legal and justifiable homicide... so killing the doctor would be the same as someone killing a war veteran.
I was actually thinking about something very similar a few hours ago (would I chose my ability to create music or my girlfriend of seven years)... I decided I've been playing music longer... so I'd stick with that one.
My former boss's name is Jon Kuntz.
"I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours."
-Stephen Roberts
"When the moon sets in the west, the cows don't run."


I have no idea what it means... made it up when I was in high school (and doing a lot of drugs).
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+1000 to you, good sir!

My List:

The Darkness
Mastodon (seriously, when I first heard of them, I expected some death metal, not this)
Puddle of Mudd had kind of a metal name..

Anndd that's all I can think of at the moment.

Now that's metal.
I agree with The Beatles, but a close second would be Porcupine Tree (though not all of it is simple).
A guy at work told me this. I replied with, "I don't know who that is." He named a few things she acted in... the only thing that rang a bell was King of the Hill. If I ever watched Clueless or 8 Mile, I'd have to follow it up with a good ol' suicide.

Edit : Just looked her up on Wikipedia. How hilarious is it that one of her movies was called "The Dead Girl"?
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I dreamed two nights in a row that I was taking weed.

Pretty freaky.

Taking weed.

I tend to have dreams about doing really hard drugs... but probably for different reasons than you. I did drugs (heavily) a few years ago, and I guess it's just a subconscious mental addiction still lingering. I don't know, though. Maybe you want to smoke some pot.

Once I had a dream about a fretless six-string bass, so the next day I bought one.
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Pussies, yet he has the whiniest thread posted on the Pit in a long long time.
There must be quite a void not having anyone to idolise anymore instead of making improvements upon yourself.

Anymore? I can almost promise you this is someone who jumped on the bandwagon after Dimebag died. Probably some kid who was born the year Cowboys from Hell was released.
Rest in peace, Dime!

Just kidding... I don't care if his rest is peaceful or not.

Totally overrated. Then again, when has anyone ever said, "That guy seems to be rated appropriately"?

Pointless to talk about.
Closed-minded. His mind is not open. It is closed. He is closed-minded. Makes sense to me.
I have a Douglas six-string fretless bass. I haven't had a problem with it yet. For $200, I was amazed with the quality.
You should just play with as many different musicians as possible. That's much more rewarding than having a teacher.
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Anvil, the Story of Anvil

+1... amazing documentary.
At 7:30am, I'm usually getting out of the shower and getting ready for work. After that, it's 'coffee, cigarette, repeat' until I leave at 8:30.
Everyone should just get presents on Thanksgiving and relax for the rest of the year. Christmas is such a pain in the genitals... we need to spread our holidays out a little more...
Nothing. I'm 23.

Maybe a "Merry Christmas" from a few annoying relatives, though...
Been together seven years/living together three years... goddamn, I'm old compared to everyone here...
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Black people are pretty cool.

Only if they play bass.

Nevermind... let's not get racial... that has never ended well.
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lolz u pwned me im not gonna lie

All in good fun, my friend.

Seriously, though... stop being so angry with each other. As someone who plays both instruments equally, I know that neither is "better." They're very different instruments and neither takes more talent. Awesome bassists are better than shit guitarists and vice versa.

I do prefer to hang out with bassists, though... they're generally cool people.
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Guitar you wail on the strings and get all the girls you want, Bass you "slappin da bass man" and lick peoples basses at rush concerts then love men or have a bus fall on top of you...

Look at this guy's profile picture, and ask yourself "Does he really believe what he just said about getting girls?"
Bassists are cooler to hang out with... 'cause they're not such ****ing egomaniacs.
I only drive to work and a friend's house. I've been doing it for about five years, and I hate it. Other drivers piss me off too much.
That's awesome... I played bass with the jazz band in high school... they weren't very good.
New Orleans, Louisiana... lots of stupid ****ing people down here (like anywhere), but it's decent.
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well people can play harmonica and guitar at the same time so i cant see it being excesively hard if both can be played at the same time

Very talented/skillful people play both at the same time. Blues harp is pretty much like learning any other instrument. Playing both at the same time is (for me) harder than singing while playing. But who knows? You might pick it up faster than I did.