Try increasing your pick attack, and put your thumb (of right hand, of course) a bit closer to strings and try to thumb-mute the strings above the one you play and the palm to damp the ones below...
I think those harmonics areon 3rd and 5th fret. Maybe I could advise you more about what should you do to cleanse the harmonics, if I had some recording of you playing them...

Several ideas cross my mind - don't have too much distortion and treble (tough it makes them more approachable, it can make noise), increase your pick attack, use body pickup and simply get more feeling with your left hand fingers. Also try to remove them immediately once you pick the harmonic. I hope this helps a bit.
Hi guys! smile.gif

Check out:
You can add your info, so maybe one day I might end up playing in your city. It would be a pleasure!

Keep on rockin'!!!
Hey, thanks everyone!

Yes, I programmed other instruments, and some songs are backtracks from studio, where I record my album. But I look forward to start gigging with the band I recently formed.
Hey people! :=)

Here are some videos from my recent gigs:

5. 12. - Tarkus, Bjelovar

The Life -
Worlds Between Us -
Black Gold -

9. 12. - Pracka, Zagreb

Circles (Joe Satriani) -

18. 12. - Klub 100, Velika Gorica

The Life -
The Extremist (Joe Satriani) -
Birth of a God (from Final Fantasy ) -
Hi everyone!
Here are some videos of me playing my songs at guitar contest:

The Life

Worlds Between Us

Black Gold


You can also visit my website for other infos!
No, it's all in fingers. Try to first play the note you want to get to, and then bend the note you go from.
To keep the bent vibrato steady, practice that separately. Also make sure you damp the unused strings with your palm and left hand finger flesh.
Just listened to 'Road Games' today.. He's incredible..
I agree using metronome, but here and there try to push your limits and force yourself. Combine both methods!
I hope it sounds as it looks! least he could have rapped the song.. this really sucked

I got a spasm laughing
This whole world is a big illusion.. Nice atmosphere..

You sound very nice!
Thanks a lot, Blake!
Nice, mellow songs you've got there!

Inform me when you've got something from the studio!
'Our Feeling' is the song I wrote and recorded early this year. It will be featured on compilation of Croatian guitarists. It can be heard on my profile.

All comments welcome!
Vox amps are pretty good for blues playing in room environment... Try checking them out.
Another thing that can be useful is to have actual drums sampled. Besides requiring accuracy, it might bring you more ideas on how to behave with real rhythm instrument.
Whammy pedal is the best solution if you want to play more than 1 note at high pitch, however doing whammy bar pull ups makes effective screams
E minor is a relative to G major, but the song is in G major.
Joe Satriani - The Forgotten (part 2)

That solos have amazing bends...
What part of the song do you actually need?

I thing the main idea goes around G major; you can use the chords below.

G maj7 D/F# Em7add9 Bm7 G/C Emadd9

Try playing this progression:
Gmaj7 - D/F# - Em7add9 - D/F# - Gmaj7 - Bm7 - G/C - Emadd9

You have to look at the bassline and see what chord to play according to that. Essentially, everything is in key of G major, so experiment with options in that key.

I hope this helps a bit.
It is much better now..
And for applications for demo bands, this might work.
If you break a string at home, replace it as soon as possible (I replace whole set when one string breaks, since that is a good sign that strings did they time), unless you have intention to practice to play without a string (which can be helpful here and there).

If you break a string live, unless you have a reserve guitar, have other band members entertain the crowd in some way until you replace it.
Change strings at least one day before the gig, and stretch them well, so they don't get out of tune every 2 minutes.
Mindstorm by Joe Satriani
All comments welcome. You can also contact the creator of the logo through me, if you wish!
Hey guys, you can check out my official website . It contains all there is to know about my music events.

There will be songs and videos uploaded soon.

And if you want to receive free guitar lessons from me occasionally, subscribe to guitar type of newsletter at my homepage. Thank you!
Chuck was my most influential guitar player. He first got me a bit more into scales and riffing. His ability to make so memorable riffs and so honest and touching lyrics was really incredible.
Voice of the soul is my favorite from SOTP...
I could help you more if I knew exact detail, but verses are often more dynamic or more stilled than the chorus. Chorus drives the song and verse prepares the ground, if you know what I mean.

If you want, you can message me, so I could help you more when I'll know the details.
You might be interested in instrumental slow emotional songs.. Satriani is full of them. Try listening to Rubina, Cryin', Until We Say Goodbye, I Believe... Give it a shot, you really might like it!
If you want to have videos for auditions and similar things, you should dress as if you were going on a stage. Sound for guitar only is fine.
You could maybe make a video that's more diverse and shows all that you can do, maybe include more riffs and actual solos.

If you want to improvise you could download blues jamtracks, there are free ones all over the internet!
I didn't know any of theory for my 4 years of playing guitar. And only then, when I realized that my lack of knowing theory was slowing me down, I went into it like hell.

I suggest you play the things you like mostly, and focus on building your ability to actually play something. Build up your technique.
And while you do that, learn music theory to the level where it helps you. Check out, they have good approach for beginners. And take instructions from someone who knows what he's doing, and knows how to make theory interesting to you.
Quote by Flying Couch
Look on the bright side, you've got a chance to completely rebuild your rig into something the old one could've never been.

+ 1

I have a different vision of my ideal equipment anyway
With this experience... Once everything is fixed, I'll sell it all, and for the beginning, buy a good UPS or some other protections, and then we'll see!
If someone told me, I wouldn't believe it. Check this out.
I have Maxon ROD, Boss MT2, Jimi Hendrix Wah, Sans Amp triAC... and they all died. I don't know if it's bad electricity, or something else, but they're all on repair. I have to get UPS.

I have Boss DD3 and it stopped working properly. When it repeats the sound it's all bunch of noise!

But that's not all. A lightning stroked near my house and my Marshall AVT150H lost all the channels, my DAP power amp turns the volume down by itself. And at the end, my Laney box has dead speaker.

Strathead.. yea.. they're great.
..maybe it's the guy who owns the guitar, he's real master of making setups for guitars...
And I am really surprised. A steady crunchy sound, huge playability, nice in-tune tremolo. One of the best guitar I tried for blues/rock/hard rock..

Anyone else has experiences with Charvel?