A small grammar oversight.. you know what's meant.
The song is called 'Our Feeling'. It can be heard on my artist page!

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How you hold the pick may also have some effect on this. Try to focus on the right hand and see if you're clean with picking. Inside picking helps here a lot, too.
I like sharped fourth a lot. It lets you have many options to resolve it, if you want to.
Hey guys! Check out this video:

I just thought it would be ok to put this video up, since coldplay's vida la vida burns my ears 30 times a day at my workplace. Radio never stops to emit that song, but I never heard any Satriani's song on that radio. So lame...
Muhammed is the first one who got me into arpeggios and stuff...
Necrophagist pushed me much further in musical life. Especially after I saw them live.
You could try this sometimes:

Instead of 5th you play 3rd


it sounds good to me..
If you're into blues, I suggest you to start working on chords with 7ths, blues and shuffle rhythms, and pentatonic scale...

And try to get some chord progressions in your fingers..

Check out this site:

it might help you..
I think it's something like this:

Cm D#7add 9 D#add9

Try to play this with the song, I think you'll see where each chord goes..
It's all demos, yet. But I'm in the process of recording the album for real!
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One is Jim Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah and it doesn't have true bypass. Other is Behringer Hell Babe Wah and it has a bypass, but the result is same.
When I turn wah on, I have only highest and lowest frequencies - those in the middle get lost.
I tried both distortion-wah-amp and wah-distortion-amp..
I wouldn't suggest you to do that if you aren't doing this for the sake of experience. You would have way too much problems properly fixing and tuning the floyd...
Hey people!
I just bought Maxon ROD881 Distortion, and it has great sound.
But when I turn on wah pedal, sound looses lots of tone. I had no similar problems with other distortions before. I tried other wah pedal and even plugged wah-pedal and distortion in effect loop. Nothing changed.
Did you have some similar problems or whatsoever?
You can also play that chord this way:


You barre 2nd fret with your first finger, stomp (x) the G string with second finger and play C# on A string with third finger.