Peavey Envoy 110 (Transtube Technology) for Sale
40 Watts, Plenty Loud Enough to play over drums.
Just used to practice and rehearse with and is in perfect condition.
Only had for a few years and sounds great! You can play from blues to rock to metal sounds with the flick of a switch.
I originally bought this for $400, and it's still in perfect condition.
I'm selling this for $250.
Check out all the youtube vids and reviews and they all say it's great.
Pick up from Wollongong area (about an hour from Sydney)
PM me if your interested. This is also posted on Sydney Gumtree, so check that out for a picture.
it sounds to me like it's a grounding problem. Have you connected the ground wire?
"JOHNNY B. GOODE" is on the top of the list for me!!!
Defintely jethro tull - thick as a brick , the whole albums one song!!!
Spongebob theme and la cucaracha!!!
Yeah, piper at the gates of dawn is one of my favourite album!!! It's defintely psychedelic!!!
Ibanez rg's are great, when you get new pickups!!!
They are really smooth and easy to play!!!
Led Zeppelin = Real Rock
Jonas Brothers = Fake rock
a lot of people hate the mg's, but my little sister has one that i use sometimes to practice on and it sounds great for a beginners amp!!!!
Vinyl sounds way better , but i mostly use cd's!!!
Early in the morning - B.B. King

What's that on your face?
Brown rice and kerosene - Redgum

Where do unicorns live?
Someone looked at my case and asked .......... Is that a saxophone?
We believe - Red hot chili peppers

What's the meaning of life?
put honey everywhere and fill up waterpistols with full strength green or red cordial!!!

Another great one is bring in your guitar, an amo and extension lead and play ur guitar at full volume during class.
Jimi played an Em pentatonic!!!!
One time i was doin a gig and the drummer cut out before the end and the whole band just fell apart!!!
What about an Ibanez GSR205!! It's a 5 string bass and it's got heaps of good reviews, it's only about $250!!!
-What Guitar Company: Fender
What Amp Company: Marshall
-What Pickup Company: Duncan Ball
-What Effects, Pedal Company: Electro harmonix
-What String You Use: Ernie ball
-Favorite Guitar: Ibanez RG series
-Favorite Guitarist: Jimi Hendrix
-Which lead guitarist you play like: Jimi Hendrix
-Favorite band: Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin
-Band You hate: Any Emo bands
Man ,get an electric guitar, htey are awesome!!! The guitar sounds on keyboards sound terrible. Also, basses are awesome!!!
I have the dunlop crybaby 535q, it's awesome!!! Defintely good for hendrix, but it has different settings and knobs to make it sound like any wah, great versatility!!!
Pink floyd-the wall or jimi hendrix-live at woodstock
most people here hate mg's, but i have a 50 watt one and it's great, especially with some fx pedals on their.!!!
The best way is to learn both parts so well you don't have to think about it and do a lot of solos and improv
lol, smells like teen spirit!!
A really easy one is, can't stop-RHCP that is a great song!!!
hey jb203 just buy a converter plug from an electronic store and plug into rear microphone plug, fairly decent quality!!!
plugging amp into computer and recording with audacity or something is a lot better!!!
Smells like teen spirit!!! LOL
Ernie ball all the way!!!! They sound a lot more hardcore!!!
Floyd roses are awesome, i would just get them, i;m sure you'll whammy more than retune!!!
Frusciante uses Seymour Duncan Antiquity singles (Antiquity II) also called surfer!!!!
I like strats better, just cos they're more popular and more sounds!!!
Ya, that sounds awesome, ibanez is the best, especially the necks!!!
I've got an ibanez and they're awesome, even the cheaper ones!!! Really easy to play and great quality!!!!
Anything Stevie ray vaughan would be awesome, and it's easy to sing along as well, or maybe a chuck berry song, they're awesome!!! !!!
Hey man Frodo's not gay, (well perhaps in the movie) Frodo is awesome!!! But harry potter is a turd!!!!!