Looking to sell my Dano CC-1, it's in excellent condition and there is velcro on the back over the battery cover which can be removed.

$30 shipped, PP gift preferred but not required. Thanks!

Selling my DD-7. It's in great working condition and there is velcro on the back. $120 shipped.
Looking to sell or trade my FX-17. It's a little beat up and missing the rubber part on the top of the pedal but works perfectly fine. Looking for $45 shipped or trade for something, try me.
Just looking for some advice about maybe trying to initiate a FWB kind of thing. A friend of mine from school I think is pretty into me but she's not really someone I'd want to date. We talk a lot and hang out occasionally. The other night I was at her place watching a movie and I think she wanted me to make a move but I just don't want to get myself into anything complicated. Should I try to bring it up casually or just go for it and try to figure everything out afterwards?
I'm a pretty good sight reader for a guitar player but I do have to do it every day.
Really is an awesome looking bong.

So I just took some ambien and will be smoking shortly, should be an interesting night.
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I know - my point is that it's used as slang as well. And not just by "people who don't know what they're talking about".

Speaking of which, did anyone else LOL when they discovered there's an actual place called the Hindu Kush? I've never wanted to smoke a mountain range before.

Hindu Kush is actually my favorite strain I have ever smoked, hopefully I will be fortunate enough to get my hands on some again.
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For lack of a better image, I will just have to post this:

I totally forgot about that.
"I'm sick of hearing about this! Guess I'll start a discussion on it."
Anybody else not give a shit about Harry Potter?
I do hope that the ambien walrus will protect me on our adventure.
Gonna try Ambien sometime later this week (15mg probably), anything I should be wary of?
Everyone in the US, use this link to contact your representative about HR 2306 to end marijuana prohibition. The letter is already written for you!
What reason did they give for declining your application for the card?
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You're wrong, sorry, but try to read the rest of that sentance and include whatever experience you think you have on the subject. You don't think you're addicted when you get used that one cigrette and your body expects it every day? That's denial. I dare you to go back, read the rest of what I wrote and then try not to have that desire while you quit that one cigrette a day. I promise you, you will have an urge and that is addiciton.

Last year I smoked a cigarette every day when I got home from school. Since getting home for summer last month I haven't smoked any and have no desire to unless I'm drunk. I'm not addicted.
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Most people don't realize they are even addicted to cigrettes, but even if you smoke one a day, you are still addicted.

Not true.
I don't understand why anyone would want to attend something called Power Chord Academy.
Anybody else have trouble sleeping when they don't smoke? After a week or two of smoking every night I can't sleep without it for a few days. It's really pretty terrible, I've been rolling around in bed for about five hours now.
Just give it to a friend to hold on to or hide it in a place where your grandma wouldn't look. I'll echo the sentiments of everyone else here and say that taking it to school is a very stupid idea.
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The girls at my school are mostly stuck-up and fake. I hate hangin out with girls bc they cause too much drama.

This is what every girl says about every girl.
Maybe you shouldn't be in college.
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That's the great thing about jazz. It doesn't even have to sound musical, but it somehow still is.

I would just like to reiterate that this makes no sense.
Cuban coffee and cigarettes is a wonderful combination.
I'd be interested in reading it just to see how you explain what it felt like, when I tried it I couldn't really explain to anyone what it was like. Other than that I didn't really enjoy it haha. How powerful was the stuff you smoked?

Also I'm rolling tonight for the first time and going to a Sleigh Bells concert, 100mg of molly - any words of advice? I have friends that have done it and I've done all the erowid reading and all that.
That guy seems kinda stupid.
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My girlfriend went to South Carolina for spring break and there was a restaurant called Dick's Last Resort, which they call it that because the servers intentionally act like dicks to the customers to be humorous.

I've been to Dick's before. They make you huge paper hats to wear and write insulting/offensive things on them, it can be pretty entertaining.
95 Toyota Avalon with about 250K on it.
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I think you need to recalibrate where you think adverts stop and reality begins.

Quoted for emphasis.
It's good but I recently discovered the half tea/half mango one which is a godsend.
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Wow, I just lost so many times from you guys...

Lost hard, I used to love that game.
What's a good substance to take with acid? I've done it twice before, one tab the first time and two the second. I can only get a hold of one tab at the moment (which I didn't think was enough before); there's a chance I could get more or maybe try to find some shrooms but I'm not sure about combining the two. And I will surely be smoking during the trip regardless.
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I re-re-read it, and I guess it could work both ways. :p
If you're talking about instrument players as a class, then I guess "their" is more proper.
But if you're talking about the individual players, then I think "they're" would be more proper.

No, that would just be incorrect...
Taking a t-/get shit done-break this week and doing 2 tabs of acid on Friday. Being in the DT makes me want to smoke.
That's why he said please add this kid on Facebook.

But in any case, nah.
I actually taught my cat to fetch when he was a kitten, I would just ball up some plastic and throw it down the hallway and without fail he'd bring it back to me. I don't really remember if I trained him to do it or if it just kind of happened though.