Carry a huge wrench if the police have a problem say you are a mechanic.
No just stick with it and you will get there
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but please provide an explanation as to why theyre the worst bassist ever

u didnt
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Intercourse with an axe.

there you go cheered up
umm Lorenzo??? i have a spanish guitar that they made with nylon strings and it sounds nice
since no one has mentioned it I CUM BLOOD!!
ok seriously kamelot
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and at least i dont take up a full page with your stupid quotes and gear **** on your messages

I really don't think that posts like that will help. But ibanez are very good.
I would kill for any one of them.
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I've found that yodeling is quite a turn-on for some people.

I thought that was sick man loved it
There are alot of books that you could buy on places like Amazon.
If you like it then there isn't a problem.
There's one of those or a very similar one in my local guitar shop. Personally i like them:P
Can you fix it??
No Site Is Better Than Ug!!!!
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Duh. What did you think, the guy who made the video is resorting to childish attempts to slander the next president because his choice of president lost? Nazi.

Kensai speaks with wizdom! The guys who made this are idiots in my oppinion.
Have you ever tried any Fernandes guitars?
What sort of music do you want to play?
set it on fire????
I have lots of emo freinds. I think they are fine.
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I couldn't agree more. I hate the fact that it is only any good for metal (I know thats the point, but for about £1000 it seems ridiculous) and it's not that good at that. Plus I don't like the look of it. and I hate the way Dean is making so much from Dime's death.

I agree
Fat kids are harder to abduct!
tonight we dine in helen....and give her aids??
matt batch and a lauren altho i dont kno her very well and they r first years
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Oh really, who? I see your from Haywards Heath, do you know Lucy and Helen?

lucy and helen who???
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S'alright, just keep a checklist of stupidity handy to prevent you ever making a joke about "your mother" or any variation on it.

AIDS on the other hand, is a green light. Everything is funny about AIDS. In fact, I can't think of a single... Too far?

i spose dads are off aswell then???
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Yeah it is in Brighton.

two of my freinds go there
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...Not remotely funny.

omg thats in brighton or near right??

how about, I slept with your mum now she has aids??
pick a fight with chuck norris