Alas I fear the video has indeed diverted from the survey To even it up, here's a video of a dog chasing a cat, with some light hearted music in the background.
Guyyyyyssss, could you please do my survey for a marketing course? Its about social media and networking, something im sure we all know about.

Here's the link to the survey

And here's a video of a cat having a lightsaber fight with a dog

You're only allowed to click that one if you do the survey though...
2012 was one of the best years for me. I just tried to be as honest with everyone as I can. I also ensured I was extremely good to my friends in the hope that they would be the same back. This wasn't always the case but it's where you discover your true friends.

Highlights of the year would be:
- Getting a job and allowing myself to be extremely irresponsible with money.
- One of my best friends moving back from America
- Opening my mind to even more types of music
- Discovering John Frusciante's solo stuff and being hooked instantly
- The Parallax 2
- Moving in with a new flatmate
- Working as hard as I could at uni, didnt get good grades but at least I tried.
- Having lots of sexytime
- Being on the internet less, (I'd recommend this to anyone that feels depressed or anything, I didnt feel depressed, but when you spend all day on the internet for a few days you start to feel like shit. Go for a jog or something)
- Took up boxing

Can't even think of anything bad that happened during the year, only learning experiences.
The bits in orange come from the plant, so with milk, it would be bits from the udder and whatever other mumbo jumbo cows have in there. Skin and stuff i don't know, it would be pretty off putting though.

In short, yea why not
Apparently, according to some conspiracy theorists, ancient cultures used to make a type of vegetarian meatloaf, calling it wheatloaf. The recipe has since been lost sadly.
Does anybody here have any idea of the end products of a diet consisting of entirely sweetcorn?

If you were to eat only sweetcorn for 2 weeks, so you only had sweetcorn in you, would your poop just be sweetcorn?

For the sake of staying alive, we'll say you're allowed all your vitamins via pills or an IV drip, but other than that, only sweetcorn....
Me and my ex got a little too touchy feeling in each others panty wahntys whilst at the cinema seeing Madagascar

Do you have any idea the average age of a person that goes to see Madagascar?

So much regret upon reflection,

didn't care at the time though, i was getting my pen0r touched
No vs threads, this is just downright racism
A collection of John Frusciante solo's

Not necessarily my favourite live performance, but when you have as much emotion coming out of the guitar as he does, he could play anything and it would sound incredible
Congratulations on your 13th Birthday Junior! I look back on the memories of when i got my first Metal Hammer fondly.
I'd give it to Fassa, the threads she(?) made and commented on always got a reaction from people, back when there was a lot more humor in the pit, as opposed to every BBC article being posted. I miss Fassa

Just want to dance along with Franck
I asked who was phone, came up with an error, we'll never know at this rate.
Quote by MonsterMetalMus
Hey Pit, does anyone else suffer from any form of Insomnia? I've been having a hard time getting to sleep for about a year now.

Your join date was just over a year ago, not a coincidence, welcome to the internet.

Why/ how could you afford to drink energy drinks 4 times a day? Did it not get to a point where you realised that you were starting to take the piss with your intake of them?

Also, it's incredible how many people in the pit have a heart condition/ some sort of mental condition.
I should be 115 stone by age 41 or 42.

Definitely wishful thinking here....
obfuscation by btbam, the rythym guitar part at 38-39s, sounds so good
oooft james hetfield
im in scotland, but i'll keep an eye out
this week my diet has consisted mainly of chips and irn bru

so 10
it was on formspring,

it may not actually be her, the whole anonymous question thing is what its based upon

for all you know

it could be your father
i dont wanna be that guy, but, have you tried resetting it manually?
Yo dawg i hurd you lyk hip hop punchlines, so i put a hip hop punchline in yo punchline
Dont drink too much, nobody likes a state.

actually so catchy, i've had it on for like 20 mins
the venom inside - chimaira

you said you'd look at anything,

white walls by between the buried and me

should keep you occupied for about 20 years
any BTBAM song, nothing will come close to the perfection that already is
when the sun sets, i turn into an ogre
User of the Year ZeGuitarist

n00b of the Year davrosss

Most Attractive Male user Wheatmore

Most Attractive Female User Carmel (the voice <3)

Funniest User Chuckles McGinty

User with worst sense of humor Davrosss

Spammer of the Year Davrosss

Friendliest User ZeGuitarist

Most Annoying User DAVROSSS

User you'd most like to meet ZeGuitarist

Cba with more :P
I know its been said heaps, but colors by BTBAM

I actually have an addiction to this album, i've listened too it over 100 times this summer, i wake up with parts of it in my head so listen too it, then just keep listening too it

I think its ruined most music in similar genres because i just find it boring and not as technical or well written as Colors

Damn you BTBAM
if i was you i'd stay up all night till the next day, sleep at like 10.30, set alarm for like 8,

repeat that for like a week and you'll be fine
Em or G

most definitely
Quote by Stugg334

To start us off, does anyone else fancy Berdych over Nadal in the men's final. Everyone I know is convinced Nadal will take it but I have a hunch.


there you go
I'm definitely in