My 60-year old father has been in a band on and off since he was in high school. Now(much like Pete Townsend, for those who follow the front page news) He has a constant white noise/ringing noise in his ears. He says he can't think about it, or he'll go crazy.

Get something to cut the noise down a bit.
Any of the above mentioned songs are "rock". IF the bend plays the style of the Chilis, id call them more funk-rock or alt.

Holy Diver - Dio.
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Hi there.

First Half to Hotel California solo, then Houses of The Holy by Led Zeppelin usually.
So the Career Center attached to my high school offers a variety of courses, and the two I am most interested in are Web Design & Game Programming or Networking and Internet Technology. I'll list the pros and cons of both:

Web Design & Game Programming:
I have some experience with game modeling and design.
More friends will most likely take this.
It was my first choice, and I am good friends with the instructor.
Year 2 of program includes AP Computer Science
Teacher is strict.
Hard to get a job as game designer.
To major in Game Design i would have to leave my home state(Vermont).

Networking & Internet Tech:
Worked as/have job as network technician.
Teacher is another good friend.
Laid-back class.
Offers 12 science credits at Lyndon University(not my college of choice, but hey)
Many certifications available, including Cisco Systems A+ Certification(Cisco-funded program)

Less friends
Was not my first choice.

Please, can someone offer feedback? We sign up for classes soon and im still undecided.
Tokyo Gore Police.
I play bass guitar in the jazz band at my school...I assumed that since I had played piano and could read that, it'd be no problem learning bass clef. I was wrong. Its been 6 months, and I can't read a note. I hope you have better luck than me, but its work to learn it, its like learning a second language.
From my religious enlightenment.
Skullcandy 'Skullcrushers'. Like $45, comes with battery-operated subwoofers on each side, gets nice and loud and almost bounces off your head from the bass. Only issue is you have to keep the subwoofer with batteries or off or it buzzes.
Banned for not knowing who Birdo is.

Unforgettable - Nat King Cole.
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All AC/DC songs.


Someday Never Comes - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Cool story bro.
Is there something in your life bothering you? Similar to the hug thread, this is a 'help' thread, but instead of hugs, you receive a 'Dude, it's cool' from the community.

-'Dude' is the universally accepted word for both genders, 'Dudette' is unneeded.

-For all your proxy needs, visit, a website designed by my friend.
Every part of "The Final Countdown" except the chorus.
There are too many guitars with/without whammy systems to list them all...but Fender whammy systems can be removed(usually), most Gibsons/Epis don't, PRS has the option, with no price difference. Unless you get like a Bigsby tailpiece or something like that you can take it off.
That rug really tied the room together.

Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes, well, the bar eats you.

Nice marmot.

The Dude Abides.

Can anyone guess my favorite movie?
"Life is short and complicated and nobody knows what to do about it. So don't do anything about it. Just take it easy, man. Stop worrying so much whether you'll make it into the finals. Kick back with some friends and some oat soda and whether you roll strikes or gutters, do your best to be true to yourself and others - that is to say, abide."

Dudeism. Originated by The Big Lebowski[ and has been influenced by many other religions, practices as little as possible and preaches non-preachiness.
cool story bro.

No really, awesome. Good for you.
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If you like Vista so much, why not just use it and be quiet about it?

Cause i was bored.
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I don't think the update from Vista to Windows 7 is free. I remember seeing somewhere about a price. I'll try and dig it up.

Getting an upgrade coupon for $29 with a $29 rebate. I call it free.
'Sup /b-

No. No we dont go down that road again.....

Hello Pit. With my new computer arriving in a matter of days, i decided it was time for a little OS debating, and dont go all "OLOLOL searchbar n00b omfg" cause as far as i saw there wasnt an OS debate thread. My new computer is getting Vista Home Premium on it, and all my idiot friends did the 'cool' thing and went "OMG y u get vista its teh suxorz!"*. To which i provided the following argument:

Billy: Hey dad, whats an operating system supposed to do?

Dad: Well Billy, an operating system is supposed to provide an environment where many different kinds of software can run well.

Billy: But Linux, OSX, and Vista do that well! How do I decide?

Dad: Well Billy, you have to now assess what kind of software you're going to be using. Which OS looks the most appropriate now?

Billy: Well, OSX is good for graphic design, but nearly all of its programs also run on Vista or have comparable software also for Vista. Linux has a lot of great software, but just can't really compete really with the huge libraries of software for Macs and Windows.

But in terms of number of software available, Vista seems to have the most. It also runs new and upcoming games, and also runs classic PC games while XP is left in the dust without DX10.

Dad: There you have it son, Vista, which is an operating system, runs ****ING EVERYTHING!!!!


So thats my reasoning for choosing Vista(that and a free upgrade to 7). What does the Pit think?
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actually just had a thought, why go to all this trouble when you could just dig a hole in the back garden, convince him theres cash in it and then bury him alive, then one day your parents find the mutilated, body of there 9 year old son and you tell them,trying depseretly to keep a straight face that you buried him alive.

Thats a funny day for all.

Man, thats the best suggestion yet.
Banned for too many underlined things in your sig.
Do it ******, post pics, etc.,etc.,etc.

No really, this could turn out some real lulz, so go all out.
Emma Watson. No contest. I mean, the personality of Luna in the movie is great, but Emma still wins.
Everyone should watch The Big Lebowski, so on the offchance you havent seen it watch it. Other than that the other suggestions are all good.
cool story bro.

Friend of mine is a Volkl rep. at the mountain i ski/work at over the winter. Had this hat for a year or so and ive worn it almost every day.
I run the computer network at my old middle school. Im getting paid to sit around and play with computers. Its awesome.
I think instead of a drink you had a Potion of +5 guitar. Its happened to me a few times and thats always the cause.
So far, i have been continuing to play the Half-Life series, pick up Team Fortress 2 again, and beat Portal. Yeah, pretty much re-obtain and re-beat the Orange Box. Played a lot of guitar, started learning bass for Jazz band next year. Today i am going to get into some shenanigans with my friends, and start work the 29th.
I'd love to, but I'm busy. I'll do it later.
Leaving 9th grade as of tomorrow...i live like an hour away from my school and all my friends, so going there is good. Its pretty cool. Good teachers, good classes (like the Web Design & Game Programming course im taking soon XD) and stuff like that.
INB4 404!!!

Or close. W/E.
In Diamond:

Giratina: 72
Kyogre: 76
Mewtwo: 81
Heatran: 74
Rayquaza: 72
Regigigas: 73

Its not bad. Yeah its all legendaries. Took for-f*cking-ever to assemble.
4/10. I dont get it.