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For the guitar i would suggest you the new Fender player series , they sound and look great tbh.

They replaced the fender standard series not so long ago now.

As for an amp i would go for a laney cub10 or cub12r.

That's the guitar i got. Plays nicer than a few year old USA strat imo and just felt right. Though i did go through about 6 music shops and about 15 player series strats to find the one that felt right.

And them cub's look cute, not too expensive either!

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Look into the Ibanez TSA series.

Didn't even know them amps existed, they look gorgeous and i've just done some reading and it seems the cleans are rewlly good too, will see if any shops have any in for me to go and test out.

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5 watts probably are enough for home playing, even for cleans, at least if you play at a similar volume to me. granted, more power does give you a bit more leeway. but a fender champion would do it... a pro junior might give a bit more leeway, as i said.

Yeh my VT50 is currently maxed on the knob at the back and the master is max but the 'volume' is low (about 10 o'clock) as is gain which sits at about 7 o'clock which keeps the amp clean and has loads of headroom to crank it but keeping the gain and vol low means it stays clean at home volumes. I actually used to have a Fender Champion 20, hated it tbh. My Vox sounded cleaner and the fender hated any pedals it seemed. Will have a read up on the pro junior though
I have an Ibanez GRG170DX that is easily 10+ years old and it is a really nice guitar in terms of feel and quality finish. Sure it doesn't sound as good as a top of the line guitar but i paid around £160 for it and it still works, still gets played and still feels good.
They look great, slightly outside the budget however. Will certianly keep looking though.

The drive doesn't bother me, as i say i have pedals (OD, Distortion, Reverb, Wah, Chorus, EQ, Boost and something else i've forgotten) which i can always stick in line or a loop if the amp has one.
I get you, yes we're allowed Fenders, and i thouvht 5W was going to be cheaper than say 50W but the headroom is something i hadn't considered. I won't be playing loud but i also will be playing louder than talking volume...

I've heard of Carvin but can't say i've come across much of their gear in my life, then again i haven't been looking.

Will have a look at Laney, i've heard of them but as with Carvin above, not really paid much notice to them!
So i've been playing on and off for about 15 years, since my early-teens, but in the past few years i've discovered other stuff (mountain biking, sport, relationship, the outdoors...) And still have a few guitars, pedals etc but i'd like someything better.

I have my heart set on a Fender strat and i'm torn between a new MiM standard strat, this Hendrix Monterey Strat, this white Hendrix strat or maybe even a used MiA strat. Budget for guitar is at max £850 but ideally i'd like to keep it sub £700

My current guitars are; Ibanez GRG170dx (my first guitar), Squier Affinity Tele and some chinese 'Gibson' Les Paul thing that actually isn't as bad as you would think tbh. But none of those are what i would call a 'good guitar'

If you want to add some advice as to guitar please do but i'm here re amps.

Currently i have a Vox VT50 because i got it cheap a good few years ago but it's a bit much. Nor is it massively clean even on the cleabest setting, i have a few pedals so can add some dirt if i need to but i mostly like playing blues and classic rock (John Mayer, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, RHCP, Big Country and even as far as AC/DC type stuff)

So i'd like a clean small amp, i'm not gonna be gigging or anything like that, just playing at home, so even 5w would probably be perfectly fine. Any recommendations? My budget is probably laughably small at only a few hundred £'s and could maybe stretch it to £400. Happy to buy used as long as it works.
Would rather a combo but if i can get a head & cab combo within budget then fine.

Any recommendations?

If it matters, I live just outside of Liverpool, UK.

Cheers guys
I was given a HondoII les paul. Was heavy af but had DiMarzio's so that was good. First guitar i bought with my own money was an Ibanez GRG170DX
Saw Ed Sheeran playing something other than his usual Martin LX1E on Top Of The Pops and hoping someone here can identify the brand/model?

So today i treated myself to a couple of new pedals, both were ex-demo and they were; Blackstar HT-Reverb & Blackstar HT-Boost from Dawsons Music in Liverpool.

So i've got them home, set them up (plugged them both into main wall sockets and not extension blocks) and plugged in my guitar etc and off i went trying to get the reverb sound that i wanted, when all of a sudden the thing hissed and just stopped being a reverb pedal and just was some pretty lights... The 'Dwell' LED still changes colour depending on the sharpness of my attack and the 'on' and 'mode' LED's light up with the respective pedal switches being triggered, but there's just no reverb effect going on. I can turn everything off, unplug the PSU and leave it off for 5 minutes or so then when i turn it all back on it works fine again... for another 5 minutes...

could this be a dodgy connection inside? a worn valve? a PSU issue? anything else? 

I have finally got a sexy reverb dialled in and so i would really love to keep this pedal  and not have to get a refund, as it was the last one in the shop & ex-demo so i got it less than half the RRP and so the chances of a replacement are near-enough nil. 


(happy to provide pictures if necessary, but below is a stock-image if it helps)

my suggestion would be to get a paperclip or something like that, unwind it so it's a long piece of wire then push it in the headphone socket, anything that's lodged in there would be pushed to the end then fall out, as has been mentioned a good clean won't go a'miss either. 
yeh Beatles, maybe throw in some Oasis and just for the craic, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and other people like that.
Sets bike hacks is the only one i religiously watch and am excited for when a new vid is up but otherwise i don't really do youtube channels, just random videos of funny stuff, often cats, and music videos when i dont have the song and cba downloading it
are there any guitar shops by you?

if so, go down, sit in there and play a few guitars, ideally a few telecasters of various specs (special editions, MIM, MIA, etc.) and see what you want it to feel like, then identify the differences between it and yours (action, fret style, set-up etc) and then try and replicate it, if you have a squier telecaster and you like the feel of a fender tele then you're by no means going to be able to replicate the quality of the hardware, but you can try your hardest to replicate the set-up & action. it may well be that the neck profile of the one you like is different, it may well be you just need a fret dress as Dave_Mc said. it might just be you need to tweak the truss rod and mess about with the bridge.

you need to find out what you want before you try and aim for it.
Zvex SHO Booster Pedal clone 99p start, no reserve - built by badgerific iirc in 2012ish.

Joyo JF8 Digital Delay Pedal £4.99 start, also no reserve.

Danelectro Fish and Chips 7-band EQ Pedal £30obo BIN

All links above ebay links but if thats not allowed then please do let me know and i'll edit the post, though i have used this format in the past.

I am more than willing to ship abroad but if thats going to happen then use ebay as i'm in their global shipping programme so it's a lot cheaper for me to ship abroad.
the ibby doesn't have a floyd knock-off so ignore 21GunSalute

it has a standard 2 point floating trem

the ibby Gio GRG170DX was actually my first 'new' proper guitar i bought with my own money and all that, and i still own it and play it regularly, it feels so nice and it sounds alright, don't get me wrong, the pickups could do with an upgrade but the feel of the guitar is gorgeous, maybe i struck very lucky with it and it just feels right in my hands but it's a solid instrument and nothing has ever gone wrong, electrics still work perfectly, no action issues ever, no de-tuning issues as the machine heads seem good, though i don't abuse the trem arm i just use it for light vibrato.

no experience with the pacifica but me personally, i can't recommend the ibby gio enough for a beginner guitar.
Oh god yeh i know they overvalue stuff massively and occasionally undervalue stuff too, it depends on the day i guess, sometimes i can get things half price, some days there's just no budging...
seen this at a local pawn shop earlier today for £99 ($140) and thought it looked alright, picked it up and it plays alright too, the action was nice and low and there didn't seem to be any fret buzzing or anything of that nature.

i may or may not be interested in buying it, 60/40 against it at the moment, but i would just like to know a bit more about it if anyone knows anything?

the best i can give you are these facts: it's made by Gould, it's really lightweight, it's a sunburst colour superstrat, H-H config, has stupid aftermarket knobs on, has a 3-way selector switch and has gold hardware.

Pics (in spoilers because they're HUUUGE):

full front:

back of head:

front of head:

closer view of body:

back of body:

any help would be appreciated

cheers guys & girls & everyone in between.
I have osteoarthritis in my foot, it's agony sometimes. Luckily i'm on some pretty heavy duty medication for it (Zapain, Tramadol & Dihydracodeine) and i have painkilling injections every 3-4 months under general anaesthetic which last a couple of months and then i have a couple of months of living on painkillers (as mentioned earlier) and then back in for more injections. Some people have Cortisone injections which are said to help, my consultant uses a combination of Kenalog and Chirocaine. Speak to your GP as while it's not a nice feeling, there's many options to help ease the pain (sadly arthritis can't be 'cured' but can be 'managed')
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That guitar probably sounds great and it looks fantastic. I do not think it is a telecaster in my way of thinking a telecaster has a solid body with a single coil pickup in the bridge and the usual kind of single coil they have at the neck, that is a telecaster. This is a fine guitar with a body shape similar to a telecaster. No disrespect intended.

umm did you not read and see all the pics above, fender DID team up with gretsch and they did make a guitar that looked very much like this...

along with everyone else here though OP, i do have doubts about the legitimacy of the guitar given the pictures Ippon posted and the ones you posted, the orange version and yours have different fret markers, not to say that's a dead giveaway but it's ringing bells.

the pickups also look different and i think the biggest giveaway imo is the potato quality of the pictures. anyone wishing to sell any guitar at any spec level usually takes some decent, steady pictures of the full front, full back, front of body, back of body and both sides of the head, that's really the minimum requirement of pictures people should be taking to sell guitars.

by all means go and try it out and see what you can get it for, but don't be handing money over believing that you're buying a 100% genuine product, only the seller really knows if it's genuine or not and i'm sure they won't tell you if it isn't, but just seeing the pictures posted above, i wouldn't be comfortable saying to anyone "yes, that's a genuine guitar"
might not be the screws that are threaded, it could be the hole that has no thread.

I concur with T00DEEPBLUE, we will need to see it all taken apart for us to really be able to help you.

not sure if it's the angle of the picture or actually the case but the clamp on your lower strings (left side) looks chunkier than the one on the higher strings (right side) - swap them round, given the higher strings are thinner they would need a thicker clamp to push them all the way down.

the problem may well be something deeper than that, but play around with combinations of clamp/screw/position first and see if that works, if it does, great, if not, get back to us. might as well try the cheaper option first then work your way up.
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The ball end comes out through the back of the guitar body.

I'm guessing it is stuck in there? You'll have to poke it out somehow. Perhaps a toothpick through the back. Or, take one of your old guitar strings and push it through the topside of the bridge to push the ball end out.

common sense stuff...
What's the radius? Some look more than others, particularly on a 7.25" fretboard. First suggestion would be to take it to a good tech for a full set-up and ask their opinion, it doesn't sound like it would have left the factory with those issues given it's a USA strat. If the tech/set-up highlights any issues then get in touch with Fender, hopefully the set-up will sort it though.
I got my gf a samick ukulele a couple of years ago for £80 and its great.

As for phones, $125 will get you nothing good unless you consider buying used...
I saw a few shine guitars in a local music shop (Curly's in Liverpool City Centre) a few years back but never played one but they looked half decent. Maybe drop Curly a message and see if they can give you any leads.
have we turned into Reddit now?
Wouldn't buy my fender 60's classic series strat. It sounded great but i bought it on a whim because i had more money than sense. It never really felt right in my hands at all. I count myself lucky that i sold it 18 months later for £20 less than i paid for it.
Are you buying it to play, look at or mod/as a project? If it's the former, i wouldn't. If it's the second then it will need a polish at the very least, maybe even a refinish. If it's the latter then $40 isn't bad for a little project piece i guess.
Tuner: i'd get a korg pitchblack for sure, i used to have one and it was a great bit of kit. Sadly i needed cash more than i needed the pedal at the time and sold it, i now have a korg pitchclip tuner and thats also great!

As for pickups i dont really know, but someone that is willing to help will probably also want to know your budget. If it's tight, try pickups, i bought a set of their blues tubes for a strat i was doing up ages ago and they sounded beautiful.
Axesrus humbucker link:
sounds aftermarket to me, though i'm by no means a fender strat 'expert', have you tried it out to see what config it is? (simply plug it in, turn amp on etc and go through each swtich position and tap the pickup pole with a coin, it should make a tinny thump sound through your amp if the pup is selected, and no noise through amp if not). I personally would have positions 1, 2, 3 & 4 if i had to choose 4 of the 5 options, but it might also be 1, 2, 4 & 5. try it out and get back to us.
Steve Hughes, Jack Whitehall, Kevin Bridges & Trevor Noah are all my favourites now.

Historically i also like Ricky Gervais, Russell Brand and Eddie Izzard.
i'll give you 12p (what i just found in my arse pocket) and a pack of fruit pastilles. that's my best offer.
what like pickup aggressive????

obv it's Gretsch
the best thing, imo, that you can do is either get him a decent used guitar or a cheap new one. when i started learning i had a 3/4 acoustic bought for me with nylon strings and i honestly hated it. don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad guitar, it just had terrible action and wasn't exactly what i was after, so i saved up and bought myself a HondoII Les Paul and a little Marshall MG15DFX amp. the amp was crap, the guitar i actually loved until i either broke it or sold it, i can't remember which... but anyway i'm going off topic so back on topic, pro's and cons of new vs old are:

new guitar:
+you can guarantee it works
+you can guarantee there's no knocks or scratches
+you'll probably get a few extras with one (plectrums, strap etc)
-cheap new guitars have this weird feeling, almost like a film or powder coats the fretboard
-worse quality than if you buy used for the same price

used guitar:
+cheaper usually or better quality for same price
+some have been very well looked after
+you may be able to haggle on prices
-some will have dings, knocks, dead frets etc
-at worst, it could well be counterfeit and therefore reselling it will be a nightmare

maybe finding out what bands or artists he likes may be worth a shot, eg if he likes ed sheeran, by all means get a 3/4 acoustic and it'll be perfect but if he likes someone like MUSE then an acoustic guitar to him will be as of much interest as a plant pot.

given you feel he's not going to stick with it, i'd say get a <$100 used guitar that seems to have been looked after and not Pete Townshend'd into the nearest hard floor and go from there... of course an electric will need an amp, but a voxplug can be got for cheap enough. and also an electric guitar doesn't annoy people when played badly because anyone more than 6 feet away can't really hear an electric if it's just being played without an amp.
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yup open strings and pull offs involving open strings.

pretty much this, not so much hammer ons but a fair few pull offs to open strings. at first it's hard to get used to but after getting it down it's easy as pie/pi
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Unless you're John Mayer, putting that sticker on just makes you a huge douche.

If you are John Mayer, you're a huge douche either way...

even as a massive JM fan, this logic is undeniable
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I don't really know much about Hohner guitars. The few that I have played in the past seemed like solid instruments. An acoustic in particular was quite nice.

Honestly, if you like how it plays, looks, and feels, don't be afraid to buy it if you can afford it. Spec wise it has just about anything you'd want from a typical guitar. It looks like a very nice guitar to me, perhaps mid-level. I don't know how I feel about the metal roller nut, but that's just me. The little I've read online - you'll want to check out the wiring and make sure everything is connected well.

I'd like to know more about that pink strat in the picture.

cheers, i'm not an amateur with wiring, my other trail of thought was to buy a used epi and swap out the p-ups so if the wiring is a little sketchy i'm alright with a soldering iron.

the pink Strat copy was a cheap POS to be honest, i think it was for sale for like £49.99 or £59.99 and it had a MASSIVE chip in the corner which showed blue paint beneath the pink stuff.
so i came across this today in my local cash converters ('pawn shop' to the Americans in the room) while on my lunch break from work.

Hohner 'The Blonde'

BIG PIC #1 (front)

BIG PIC #2 (Back)

BIG PIC #3 (sticker)

the sticker pic is REALLY blurry (my bad!) so i'll now type out what it says:
Hohner AG
D786 4 7 Trossingen
Please Retain Name and Address for Future Reference
(and the same in what appears to be German and French)

after thinking the sticker may have been a model number, turns out it's just an address in Germany.

does anyone know anything about this guitar??? i've googled it to death for the past hour but all i seem to get is either basic specs which i already know (22 frets, set neck, H-H, mahogany fingerboard, metal roller nut etc) or for-sale pages!!

all i know is it played ok, it had a flat neck like my ibby gio (?16" radius) was heavy, and made a nice sound through a mid-range 'ashton' 50w amp they had lying around which i was able to commandier for about 10 minutes.

I'm GASing for a LP at the moment but i really like the look of this to be honest...

cheers guys!
as an avid mayer fan myself, i'd actually agree with the previous comments. nope, don't do it.

I also bought a heartbreak vinyl decal (from ebay) but i put mine on my aluminium guitar case not on the guitar itself, made better sense, and also my guitar was 3-tier sunburst and so would stand out less than it would on a cream or white guitar.