thanks guys...also yeah im getting locking tuners too...i forgot to mention versatile is it?
hey most likely getting a PRS SE Custom 24 and i need some reviews and opinions....i still need to get around to finding a store that has it (guitar center doesnt and theyre ordering) but anything like that would be nice

Heres the guitar
yeah i realized that....keep forgetting to press edit instead of repost...and ill look at the tuners...but the pickups have to fit an hss...
anybody got info on the tuners?
ohh...forgot...ones gotta be the size of a humbucker

to fit in a hss...
i need other suggestions too though so that i can have more options and things to look at
thanks a lot..helped
and i dont need a super high end guitar...just something with humbucker and single coils that can stay in tune
yes, but an american strat is 1000...i dont have that kind of money 700 is about my limit

also, im not the biggest fan of the pickups or the colors at order to replace those itd cost even more.
im going to be replacing the single coils too btw... i need something that plays really good clean as well. it doesnt have to be very good at high distortions
ive already played the guitar and used my friends' ive already made up my mind about the tuners i just need info on em...
also, i forgot, I have been playing guitar about 3 years, and im ok. Im not that good but im not bad at all. iron maiden was just an example of the heaviness they need to reach...
hey i need some help on two things.

I plan on getting an HSS MIM strat but in order to make it stay in tune better and sound better I will be replacing the tuners and pickups

i need help understanding Grover locking tuners

and i need help picking out some pretty high end pickups. they gotta be pretty versatile....acoustic (clean) to like iron maiden relatively well.
thanks to the irish stang guy i may do that
and ive played many different types of trems...locking and non
If I'm "he" then i never said that.
You can get a non hardtail without a floyd that stays in tune, but it usually costs more than $700.

I know but i meant for under 700

and the other guy said locking trem...floyd rose is a locking trem. i know ittl change on any trem but it wont as drastic as a locking
ive played talking about typical trems not locking. A locking trem typically causes the other one to go as low as the other went high (well, close)
we know...he said that a floyd rose stays in tune and that any opther tremolo wont
Im not gonna be using the whammy bar constantly only a little and ill barely switch tunings it just needs to be able to go down a step or into drop c maybe once or twice a month. The reason i dont like floyds is because the hassle and the bending. When you bend a string and pick the string below it, the bottom one goes outa tune.
yeah, i was considering the strat but i havent been able to find one that has the pickups (like a fat strat) and still stays in tune and ive played some but they all seem to be bad with alternate tunings (that ive tried)
Also, sorry about the length

Ive been playing guitar for about 2 to 3 years and the entire time I've been playing a Peavey Raptor Plus ...Now, this guitar, it was really good for a beginner but it definitely is not meant to be played as much as i do for as long as I have. i have the plain black one so it's also not the best looking of guitars. ive played it so much that on the neck behind the 5th fret ive worn the finish off and the wood is an almost greenish tint

obviously its time for an upgrade.

Within the next 4 months, because I need a new guitar so bad, I have been promised to guitars. One for my birthday and one for christmas. I am not sure which one i will get on which day.

the first guitar that I've already made up my mind for is the Epiphone SG Prophecy EX. But, the downside to this guitar is that it cant play anything lighter than something similar to black sabbath or relatively hard rock.

the second guitar im getting is currently unknown and i need advice on which guitar i should get.

Here are some preferred specs for it.

i need something relatively needs to be able to play anything from light acoustic (of course no electric adds up to an acoustic for that but only relatively good)
to something about as hard as iron maiden.

it needs to have at least three pickups on it with at least one single coil and one humbucker. They do not need to be very high quality because they will be replaced. they are just so that the guitar has the right holes cut out.

it must have a tremolo bridge THAT IS NOT A FLOYD ROSE OR ANYTHING SIMILAR. I need something taht will stay in tune if i use the whammy bar...

It needs to stay in tune pretty well. one of my pet peeves is having to tune a guitar constantly

It needs to be able to withstand a little bit of alternate tuning

It must not be an obnoxious shape (ML, V, etc..)

it preferably should have 24 frets and a quilted paint job BUT IS NOT ESSENTIAL.

And must be under 700 dollars

Now, if you know of a guitar that matches most of these specs but not one or two that recommendation would be good too.

Also, one last thing, please do not criticize my other decision. All I want is advice on the one specified...please no other discussions