It's times like these I really wish I hadn't made shitloads of multis and got my 06 account parmabanned
I've been gone for quite a while. Come back because I wanna pick up the guitar again, and I see nothing's changed. **** am I glad to be back.
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I think you're confused on what a hate crime actually is. It's when the crime is motivated by one of these factors. Killing a black man won't necessarily be considered a hate crime unless it's shown that I did it because he is black. Same deal with if I attack a woman because she's a woman. But if I rape a woman, it's not a hate crime.


That was my defense in court...
I did. I also had a fairly big collection of crosses (not very expensive ones, ones that just meant things to me) but my girlfriend has them now (apparently, girls take great pride in wearing a dude's stuff).

I actually want to get a new one soon.
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It's not trying to keep someone from hating black people, it's to keep people from going back into society and randomly killing people they don't know and probably have never really met. My friend had the shit kicked out of him coming out of a gay bar a few months ago. Just because he's gay. You don't think that should have a bigger punishment than some guy who beats up somebody because he's drunk and the other guy got mouthy?

There's a reason manslaughter doesn't get the same punishments as first degree.

Well, yeah. Homicide's intentional, manslaughter's not. But whether you beat a guy up because of his sexuality, or because he's being mean, both are intentional. And IMO should be treated as the same crime. Should the first one be given a little extra penalization? Yes, but that goes for all random acts of violence, whether it's an act of hate or not.
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Because it helps in deciding chances for rehabilitation, yes.

I don't like that though, they shouldn't be trying to change a person's opinion. Like if I kill a black dude, I would expect to go to a class on how to stop killing people, not how to stop hating black people.

Note: That was an example. I'm not racist, I hate everybody equally.
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Holy ****. *dies of nostalgia*
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I hate playing truth or dare at a party and not getting to do anything dirty with the hot chicks there

Seriously, this.
When my parents would go in their room and lock the door for a couple hours I thought they were wrapping our Christmas presents...
I love everyone and everything, and I consider everyone my family.

That's right, I just killed your thread.
Yes, but only if he was ok with it.

Edit: I actually dated her for a bit and she's pretty hot, but I got friendzoned like a week later because I was "too much like a brother" to her

But then my friend told me she's bi so I felt a tiny bit better.
Happy birthday! I got you a police force, here's the badge

Now it looks like they've moved back.

Edit: Or maybe not...
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Can you watch that?

Yes, yes I can.

Edit: ^ Thanks, that's what I was looking for.
Anyone have a place online where I can watch this all happen? I live in America...
Huh, in America when we hear the word "stampede" we usually don't go towards it...

Some random bird I threw together out of boredom. I'm pretty sure I've seen a bird exactly like it in a movie but I have no idea where.
Hey guys, is there anyway in blender to make it so that when you're in front view (numpad 1) and you select a vertices that it doesn't select the one behind it? I'm trying to place a hole in one side of a sphere but this keeps ****ing me up.
^ I'm loving the first set, it gives off a 50's cartoon feel which I love. And the last pic feels like something out of GTA.
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Have you ever watched his show? I am by no means a fan, but I watch it from time to time and I think you are exaggerating quite a bit. Most of what I've seen is just drawing conclusions that aren't there and trying to 'prove' that the White House has connections to Marxists. That and plugging books and crying because he 'loves America.' (He's probably crying because he's laughing so hard that he trolled everyone.)

Well yeah, I was exaggerating I'll admit that. But he does tend to blow everything out of proportion and tends to to complain about everything. I mean, the economy could go back up, the oil spill could be fixed, everyone that's unemployed could magically get jobs again and he'd still find something to scream and whine about. So yeah, I exaggerated. But I'd still punch him in the face (many many times).
Who: Glenn Beck.

Why: He's a moronic douche that makes his living off of convincing people that Bush is Hitler, Clinton is Stalin, Obama is Marx, and Che Guevara was the antichrist.
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Dear penthouse...

TBH, I've heard of Penthouse but have no idea what it actually is, I just threw in a smiley face I thought would fit the post.
I guess he stepped out of line with that one.
When you're going to be outside for 4 hours it is best to wear sunblock.

Or else well... *peels layer of skin off back and holds it up*

Edit: Holy shit, the pit has some major relationship issues.
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started a new head about an hour ago. Then accidentally banged the laptop I'm working on, and the bloody thing shut down. Nothing was saved.
So I booted back up and started a new one:
My work process:

The back of the head was a sphere cut down and shaped to fit the reference images.

The rest of the face outline is drawn around using the "create polygon" tool, the outline is then extruded out once and the shaping of the eyes and the mouth can begin.

All comments and criticisms are highly appreciated.

Why did you do it like a puzzle? Wouldn't it be much easier to start with the eyes or the mouth and extrude it out from there? I mean, what you're doing seems like it'll work, it just seems rather tedious to me. Like what they did in this tutorial, but obviously modified a bit for a character with a nose and ears.
Didn't watch it anyway.
Just downloaded the blender and watching the tutorial on their site. Hopefully in a day or so I will have some shitty Pixar/Dreamworks ripoffs to post and get your guys' thoughts on them. You guys are really awesome though, keep up the good work.
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However though, one lyric in that song is "Hope my boyfriend dont mind it" lol

Attack Attack! covered that song....and didnt change that lyric. Needless to say, I was confused.

Was gonna mention that. Yeah, I mean if you know it's a cover then it's fine but if you've never heard the original then you're gonna be confused as ****. Although the voice must fit the song, I once heard a girl covering 'Teenage Wasteland' and it sounded like shit, so some songs just really can't be covered by the opposite sex.
No, I stopped when I absentmindedly put mine on during my school's trip to Washington D.C. and didn't realize we were going to the capitol building that day. Their security guards were not too happy about it...
It's so you can take a piss without having to lift up the toilet seat. I know all of us can aim for the water with a ring shaped seat, but that just makes it easier.
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Oh dear god.

How can something so hot have a penis?

Yeah bitch! (No it wasn't in black and white. I'm not that old...)
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The shit? There'd be TONS more wars.

Once a month, in fact.

Was just about to come in and post this.

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I tend to find myself in sticky situations when I go to the mall or the gym with a boyfriend...

Please tell me I'm not the only one who caught that.

I'm beginning to lose faith in you, fellow pitmonkeys.
Spray them with mace while yelling "NO MEANS NO!!!". I know it's from Family Guy but it'd actually be relevant in that situation.
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My curiosity is getting the better of me but I really don't think I should...

Don't. It's full of viruses, gay men, bigots, and child pornography; and it's huge influence on the pit is the reason I would never allow my child on UG.

I seriously wish that was a joke...
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You are trying to link something from 4chan. Exciting.

I read this news story and was annoyed that the FBI handled it. We are not the 51st state.

So you wouldn't tell your neighbor if there was a man in their house about to shoot them in the head?

So I see...
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naw man. You all know the egyptians ruled. They had ****in mass enslavement n shiet.

Up until all their slaves were like "**** this shit" and walked to Israel.
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Voted. Jones soda is the meatballs to my spaghetti

I think they may have that flavor...