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Keep your socialist hands off my medicare!
Use it anyway.
In my experience, German women think everything is sexist.
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this guy claims that he went to hell and came back? im sorry but even the bible doesnt teach that thats possible. according to the bible, the only person that has done that before is jesus. so in essence, this dude is claiming to be jesus. the bible says that those who claim to be jesus are false prophets and false porphets will burn in the hottest place in hell when they die.

apparently this guy didnt think this one through.

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Walk Hard was great.

Dude, Walk Hard wasn't even a fake documentary, it was a fake Biopic. If you're going to spam, do it right.
Well his logic is that if the taste makes it into the water, it may make it into the smoke. Not that it nessacarily will, but it's not unreasonable.
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i don't like cigarettes

and im not expecting the tea to get my high lol, that's what the weed is for

Yeah, I got that. But I was worried about otherwise from the title. Some dumb people are on the internet.
Tobacco makes good cut, though. It's made to burn well and smoothly for smoking, while tea is made to soak in water. That's all I'm saying.

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who cuts their herb? i've never heard of this in my life... ever hear of a gravity bong?

wat? people cut weed for joints all the time. I don't personally prefer it, but if you're running low or you want it to burn more evenly it can work.
I doubt it burns at a good temperature for smoking, or has pleasant smoke for that matter; few things do. Like how too much paper makes a joint burn too hot and be totally gross. No chance at picking up cigarettes? Thank god you're not just trying to get high off of it.
1. Have you heard of Mushroom records?

2. Have you heard of AC/DC?
Of course.

3. Have you heard of Kylie Minogue?

4. Other than AC/DC and Kylie Minogue, what other australian artists come to mind?
Nobody, at least not whom I know to be Australian.

5. What do you think of Australian music? Is it good?
I like AC/DC, but even considering them I don't really have any idea of Australian music in any distinct sense, good or otherwise.

6. (for you old timers ) What did you think of Australian music before you knew of AC/DC?
I'm not too old, but before I knew AC/DC my opinion was similarly unformed.

7. (this one's for everyone) What do you think of Australia in general?
It seems pretty alright; I've met some cool people from there. Hard to answer something that broad with a couple sentences.

Ian M, Boston
A new license was $40 in MA last I checked, and a new College ID is free at my College. I'm sure that doesn't help you much.

Sorry about the your wallet.
vodka + pretty much anything sweet? Try cranberry juice.
So stay out of Greenwich CT?

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I went to MIT, but I doubt you consider that an Ivy League school.

Seeing as it's not in the Ivy League or anything...
There's a very clear definition of Ivy League; It doesn't come down to what people personally consider.

edit: Bring me a NESCAC thread.
Start with the prequels. After 8 straight hours of movie watching, you're going to need a good movie to look forward to, to keep from getting bored with the whole thing. Are you going to be more motivated near the end to watch Empire or attack of the ****ing clones?
I said Pickles, but then i realized o should have said Charles...
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"And all of the ansewers to all of the questions he stuffed in his attic one day, cause he liked the quiet clean country living and twenty more years slipped away." Watch cspan to see he truth. Not CNN OR FOX

But I can't understand news unless it's explained by commentators with nice hair and flashy graphics.
You should go and visit all of them to see why you broke up like in High Fidelity.
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So skin cancer is caused by miniature invisible gnomes rather than UV?

but UV is neither visible nor less energetic than visible...
Just got my ticket for the Toten Hosen on the 11th
Are argyle cardigans metal?
Has anyone ever had pickled carrots? Oddly addictive.

but that did brighten my day. Post to stupid questions hall of fame on college humor?
see edit.
Gunter: Hallo, kahne Ich helfen du?
Leon: Ja.
Telo: Hallo. Ich heisse Tilo. Und du?
Gunter: Ich heisse Gunter.
Leon: Und Ich heisse Leon.
Gunter: Hallo.
Leon: Ich notvendig die schuhe.
Gunter: Ummmmmmm...... Ich habe ein der schuhe.....
Tilo: Wo ist der schuhe ander?
Gunter: Ich weiss nicht.
Tilo: Okkkkaaaaay....... Ich notwendig das T-shirt.
Leon: Ich zu.

what exactly is supposed to happen? I could put this in proper German for you but it still wouldn't make much sense.

Gunter: Hallo, kann ich Ihnen Helfen?
Leon: Ja.
Telo: Hallo. Ich heiße Tilo. Und Sie?
Gunter: Ich heiße Gunter.
Leon: Und Ich heiße Leon.
Gunter: Hallo.
Leon: Ich brauche Schuhe.
Gunter: Ummmmmmm...... Ich habe einen von den Schuhen.....
Tilo: Wo ist der andere Schuh?
Gunter: Ich weiß nicht.
Tilo: Okkkkaaaaay....... Ich brauche ein T-shirt.
Leon: Ich auch.

Window? send an email for help?
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Aliens come to earth

Plan Nine from Outer Space? Earth Girls are Easy? Independence Day?
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That sounds like the Three Amigos lol
Probably isn't though

not what i was driving at...

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Shoot 'em up?

Girl discovers she's a Princess of an imaginary world but has to complete tasks to be admitted.

Pan's Labyrinth

Guy rolls into a town that's ruled by two competing crime families. Plays them against each other, makes a lot of money, and saves some innocents while he's at it.
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Holy Cow.

There's a fish with a gimp fin and another one with short term memory loss and some drugged out turtles.

Finding Nemo.

Little town in the desert has a lot of gasoline, bandits terrorize them. Guy agrees to help the town get the gas out.
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Damn you, I was going to do the simpsons movie next.

Two guys get convicted of murder in Alabama, but one guy's cousin proves they didn't do it.

My Cousin Vinnie.

Manhattan has become a maximum-security prison, guy has to save the president.
Used to do that, woke up with a chipped tooth after a night of drinking, never tried again. I use table edges and the carabiner on my keychain now when i don't have an opener.
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I've only seen the trailer, but it looks like an ordinary big budget action movie with a lot of CG which just happens to be called "Star Trek". They could just as well have called it "Explosionz".

In many ways, that's what it was. I'm no Trekkie, I watched it as a fun summer movie and I can't speak to its relation to the original series (although I'm sure legions of self-righteous dicks will want to be smug about it being no comparison as a Star Trek movie(hell, I did it for Star Wars(**** you george lucas))), but I had a damn good time watching it, and I usually don't like big-budget flashy CGI movies. It's not just some Michael Bay flick.
I also watched it in German, which probably kept me from getting pissed off at some of the corny lines because everything sounds funnier when it's dubbed.
I have difficulty understanding why you are trying to find something to "make your religion." Believe what you believe, don't pick a set of beliefs that sounds like it would be nice to conform to. Look closely and objectively at yourself and ask whether you're interested in belonging to this for itself or in being noticed for claiming to be part of an unusual and controversial "religion." Because if you're not going to follow it seriously, it's the later, as hard as that is to admit.
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You know that the smartest man in the world in terms of IQ works in Long Island NY as a bouncer right?

I'll bet the smartest person in Long Island is a bouncer...
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I recently saw this film and I don't know the title. Wondering if anyone can help.

The plot: A young jewish man escapes his home in Germany when Nazism escalates. He is separated from his family and winds up in Russia. When Germany invades Russia and asks for his ID, he claims to be aryan and was captured by Russia when he was little. He becomes a Nazi officer and faces increasing guilt while also trying to hide his secret from an aryan girl whom he falls in love with.

The movie is in German and looks like it's made in the 90's. Supposed to be based on a real person's life.

Der heißt entweder Hitlerjunge Salomon auf Deutsch, oder Europa, Europa auf Englisch.
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now what if the rotating object what a rotating beam of light, could the infinitely long rotating beam of light then surpass the speed of light, because it technically isnt matter and therefore has no mass?

The beam isn't actually moving in the direction it rotates, though. Each photon is simply moving away from the source, each in a slightly different direction than the one before it. But the beam isn't actually an object, simply a group of photons that you choose to observe together.
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Alright, now my ex that broke up with me within the month is dating a guy who I use to be in a band and good friends with. Should I kick his ass?

Ya bro. Even more than deciding who they want to date, chicks like dating the one who beats the other one up.
Only watch Silence of the Lambs. Problem solved.
Lol I thought this was about the tourney and was gonna be like, no, dumbass, they're playing UCLA.
Go to VCU. UNLV's not worth traveling across the country for. Go to Vegas some spring break; It'll be plenty.