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Because they can make a hit out of With or without you and then make a hit out of WHere the streets have no name, despite the fact they sound exactly the same, as is with almost all their songs, they have no variation, Despite the fact all their songs sound the same, they are enjoyable to listen too, which makes a negative a plus

Yea Bullet The Blue Sky and Running To Stand Still sound EXACTLY the same don't they
U2 are a fantastic band and deserve their own appreciation thread besides the 'What's so great about them?' thread. We should discuss the new songs they're developing live.

If you dislike U2 then DO NOT post negative comments about them and ignore this thread
^ Well said, however their era is '80s '90s and '00s, not '70s '80s and '90s
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Reason u2 are so big? Simple
People are idiots
U2 are like Pringles-everybody knows ther shite but they sell by the truckload-
Theres no thinkin involved,easy soundbites for lyrics minimal guitar,nice and safe,Just pick up that tube n let the shite rolll down your throat n you always get the same thing,always round,plain and uniform. just like the edges solos. Yum!
and if that wasnt enough its good to know the lead singer spend his time worrying bout the poor and needy when hes lyin on his forty-foot yacht

Sorry that the world doesn't revolve around you, though world huh?
Quote by zeppelinstoner these days SUCKS..its not even music...what the hell is rap?whoever calls rap music obviously has no musical talent because rapping takes no musical effort...techno ill admit takes rythm and a few other musical elements but theres no instruments!its all computers.

the fact you are called 'zeppelinstoner' makes your stupid opinion redundant.

People like you are seriously out of touch with the world.
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I heard he never takes it off, and if he did you would see his naked brain.

does he keep it on when he takes a shower?
In the most depressing way imaginable, Nickelback. Worst. Band. Ever.

Other possible GOOD bands, Kings of Leon, Killers, Coldplay, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Radiohead maybe

Muse are pretty awesome. Black Holes and Orginins are my faves.
Does anyone know what effects Edge uses in 'Lemon' or 'Get On Your Boots'?
U2 are awesome very little not to like about them
because they write plodding riffs and Chad grunts like a constipated goat
AC/DC They are legedary, surely, but their songs all sound the same
2009 U2 No Lin On The Horizon

2000's Radiohead Kid A
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Watch it might get loud and u will see that they are a small talent pop act as viewd bu the edges admitting he cant play for sh*t without effects

Actually he CAN play without effects. Listen to his elegant solooing in Love Is Blindness or Unkown Caller.

The scene in It Might Get Loud where he takes the effects off his Elevation riff shows how he can use effects like an instrument and how he puts sound into the creative process rather than just tagging it on for effect.

If you want to see why U2 are so great, look beyond Bono's inflated ego and see that he is an extroadinary frontman and that The Edge is a master of sound and melody. I reccomend Achtung Baby the most and then The Joshua Tree and No Line On The Horion.
U2 are excellent, I'm hoping to see them at the Westpac Stadium in NZ if they come here. Fingers crossed.
Radiohead, Start with The Bends (1995) and then get OK Computer (1997) and then the rest except for Pablo Honey which isn't THAT good

Warning: Everything from OK Computer onwards takes a few listens to really get your head round!
Crossover Genres Are The Best! Vote Ska Punk!
Hi I'm Ben and I live in New Zealand despite my username being "In America" I've been playing guitar for quite a while. I'm a male and my 2 favourite bands are Radiohead and No Doubt and I have a really annoying friend who tries to convince me that Linkin Park are better just because everyone likes them. Linkin Park are just overrated crap. ND and RH make far better stuff because unlike LP they actually change their sound with each album and never "sell out" (Rock Steady and OK Computer are definitely their most experimental work).
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jonas brothers.
for a moment, i saw the apocalyptic end of music as we know it.
luckily i was informed that dream theater is recording a new album, so i was relieved.

I agree Jo Bros Suck!
As for music videos It's My Life by No Doubt once scared the sh!t out of me when I fist saw it (I was little then) but I watched it again on Youtube the other day and I laughed my ass off!
Climbing Up The Walls by Radiohead once got in my head @ night time bloody hell it's creepy according to Thom it's about the "cupboard monster" even though I definitely don't believe in that crap.