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I don't think I understand. You begin by saying that r is a point vertically above s (which I assume is on the ground). How can r be a point and an angle?

I meant like the angle between p, r and q. It's written like |<prq|
(< being the sign meaning angle.) Sorry for not being clearer.
I've one trigonometry question that has been driving me mad all day if anyone could help.

The question is:
p,q and r are three points on vertical ground. [sr] is a vertical pole of height h metres. The angle of elevation of s from p is 60 degrees and the angle of elevation of s from q is 30 degrees. |pq| = c metres.

Given that 3c squared = 13h squared, find the angle r

If anyone could help me with this it'd be much appreciated. Thanks.
I practice about half an hour to an hour during the school year and anything from three to six hours during days I don't have school. I find only the one hour during school is not enough generally and I feel starved of my guitar, wanting to play more and more.

Yet oddly enough some days that I have off and I've been playing for a long time non-stop, I find that I get worn out and may put it aside for a day and do something else. It seems to depend an awful lot on mood for me.
It's not bad. Fun to try but the music not syncing with the buttons you're pressing is a bit frustrating.
Just on the TY topic I did it and it was the most beneficial thing I've ever done. I had a social life for the first time ever and formed a band. I'd go as far as to say it was the best year of my life so far! I had great craic but you have to get involved in order to enjoy it.
Listening to a lot of Tool and Porcupine Tree. Basically prog. Some Pink Floyd too.
Well there is such a thing as warming up.....

EDIT: What Kensai just said
I have decided to deal with by going out tonight. No point whinging about it. Just gonna have a good time and enjoy being single at the moment.
I played Highway to Hell at a school talent show. It was pretty horrible. Our band still hadn't found a singer and I filled in (quite terribly). And my guitar was also too low so my solo couldn't be heard at all.
Just if anyone is able to help me... I downloaded Handbrake onto my computer to try and get vidoes onto my ipod, etc. But now anytime I take a disc out of the disc drive a sign that I cannot exit off appears saying "There is no disc in the drive. Please insert a disc into drive F:."

Just if anyone can help me from preventing this from happening and help me get rid of this warning it would be fantastic. Thanks.
I downloaded handbrake to try it and now I can't get rid of it. Everytime I take a disc out a thing I can't exit off comes up saying "There is no disc in the drive. Please insert a disc into drive F:." How do I get rid of this?
I'll be at home not really caring. It's not as I could do anything when I'm stuck living miles away from anyone I like...
I've been trying to develop it too but it's been proving more difficult than expected. But I'm sure it'll all click one day...
Yeah sometimes and i try and do a lot of voluntary work as well when I can.
try and get some peace and quiet for a change.
I can't bear my own indecision and I can't take any more shit from you. I just need some quiet time so go away for now. I really really hate the fact how fast I'm growing up and it's leaving me frightened. I just want things to work right.
Play guitar, boxing and go to and play gigs around the local area.
Okay well it's been a lot longer than 21 days since I posted but I said I would learn the sweep picking riff in Ressurection BLVD by Devildriver and I ended up improving my whole sweep picking technique and was able to sweep fluently throughout the last gig I played.
pepperoni and cheese generally.
I for one can't bear the sound of the sitar. I don't know why even, but it just wrecks my head. Wouldn't be a fan of the recorder either.
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Master of Puppets fail

it was pretty decent, but I almost died of laughter when the kid started singing

When the singer started I fell around laughing.
If it's an acoustic guitar I play Under the Bridge and if it's an electric guitar I'd generally play something like Master of Puppets.
Yeah I'm up for trying this. I'm going to try it with the sweep picking riff from Devidriver's Resurrection Blvd at 60 bpm. I started this method last night and I've already noticed an improvement.
"Can I straighten your hair?"

I get that a lot.....
The eternal life option sounds best. The other option just seems stupid really.
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This made the whole thread worthwhile in my opinion! (as well as many of the puns)
Do one of their instrumentals! Eruption of course being their more famous.
Lego, reading and playing games. (Pokemon ftw! )
This is awesome!
Machine Head
2 Iron Maiden
When you get to the top of a hill, realise it's not as high as you thought and proclaim "I am disappoint!"


The tables cleaned, the floor swept, no creatures in the vicinity, the people serving the food should wear gloves and something to keep their hair out of the food.

Yes I would definitely not re-visit a restaurant if I saw a huge issue with cleanliness. But I haven't had any major issues yet.

Yes because paying customers do not deserve to have to eat in a filthy area.
Casual generally but strangely if I'm watching something I quickly change to classical.
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Non-Prophets - The Cure


Bruce Springsteen - The River
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I'll be serious here.
Just tell them there's a lot of work that you need to do that can only be done on computer. If they still say no, then they obviously don't care about your life and are heartless bastards, tell them that btw, it'll work :P

The thing is I have told them all this but to no avail. I know it seems insane but they're stuck in a different time zone... They think everything I need is in my schoolbooks, etc.
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Tell them you need it for work and general use.

Thats the thing. I have on several occasions but it hasn't helped at all.

Edit: And I will need the internet.
So in a few days I'm heading back to school as I know a lot of you are. But my parents have told me that when I go back my laptop will be taken from me. As I need it to help me finish a lot of my work and for some general use I would appreciate any suggestions on how I could convince them to let me keep it through the year.

So Pit. Any suggestions?