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Any marijuana consumers in here know of some good albums to listen to after smoking a bowl? I'm getting kind of tired of listening to Dopethrone every time, I mean it's great but I want to try something new lol

I really enjoy Sleep. Holy Mountain is a great album. Stonehelm is another good band. If you want something instrumental, Belzebong is really good.

I'm looking for some good black metal with good recording quality. I have had a hard time getting into black metal with the rough recording style and I want to be able to get more into it.
I was looking into using (untreated) morning glory seeds and was going to try altering a previous method I had read.

I read that one user had simply ground them up and mixed them with yogurt or purified water and ate the yogurt/drank the water mixture. I was considering grinding up the seeds like the previous method, but instead putting the seed powder into pill capsules and taking the pill capsules. I was wondering if anyone has read about this working or has actually done it themselves. Does anyone know about this?
Blackened death metal from Spain. Anyone else listen to them?
What fuzz pedals should I look into for an Electric Wizard style tone, specifically Dopethrone? I play through a Peavey Ultra 212 at home and a VHT Special 6 in my dorm.

This band's entire discography is currently available for download from their website.
When grounding the bridge of a guitar with a Les Paul style bridge, does it have to be grounded to the tune o matic or can it be grounded to the tail piece?
Ketchup. Occasionally with bacon salt.
I've been going with the pickups from Guitarfetish lately (partially because I have very little income) and I've yet to be disappointed.
I have some pickguard stock coming in the mail soon (if the tracking is correct, today) and I plan on cutting a custom pickguard out of it. Just an Epiphone V pickguard. I plan on using the old one as a template.
I'm very interested in this. I may do one based on how this turns out.
Somewhat of a moral dilemma here. Girl I know is going on break from relationship and fully intends to go back after a week, she wants sex from me. I don't know what to do.
Could I use this ( ) for a killswitch, and if so, how would I wire it for 1 humbucker and 1 volume knob?
I'd go with a Peavey Ultra if you can find one. I found my 212 for $275.
Well I was stupid enough to buy a Spider... twice, and would like to avoid that again.

EDIT: Is an Ibanez TS-9 considered a boost pedal?
If possible I would like to avoid modeling amps. I prefer simplicity.
I second the bit about the Peavey Ultra. I got my 212 combo for $275.

Beside the Blackstar HT-5 (which I am currently searching for), what other amps are good for metal in a dorm?
I'm like the real life version of the socially awkward penguin.

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Well that gave me a confidence boost about my own abilities.

Amon Amarth
How is the Blackstar HT-1, as opposed to the HT-5?
Black Stone Cherry
Lamb of God
Keep of Kalessin
Ex Deo
The Ocean
This is looking really nice. I love the pickguard-less look.
Brb. Ovaltine time.

Gnocchi. The best goddamn food in existence.
As an atheist, I said meh. I don't care if they pray. Doesn't matter to me either way.
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The difference is with that kid and my friend is that. My friend actually plays guitar, I've seen him play and he's decent. Wait, that kid learned songs from watching the characters on guitar hero? O_o

Like I said, I'm pretty sure he's a compulsive liar.
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Hey, I'm friends with this kid at school. We get along great and stuff, but there are a few things that kind of me make me ignore him. We both love Metal music, which is one of the problems. He thinks that he's "brutal" and he literally calls everything seems cool "brutal". Its really annoying. When you tell him to stop he takes it to heart and starts to feel down. Really? What the fudge. Anyone got tips on how I can get him from being such a poser. He watches too much Metalocalypse....

There is a kid exactly like this in my year... and we're both seniors. Except I'm sure he's a compulsive liar as well. Constantly lying about playing guitar, saying shit like he learned songs from watching the characters on guitar hero.
I don't scream, but for death metal vocals I just drink water as I need it. If I am feeling somewhat dry, then I drink some water. It is as simple as that for me.
How I'm seen: Happy.

How I am: Not happy.

To most of my friends I seem either happy or near-emotionless. I've actually been feeling pretty shitty recently, but I'm not going to whine about it to my friends.
Nile plays in drop A, and Amon Amarth does some stuff in drop A.
I'm going to see BtBaM next friday, and they are playing with JfaC and The Ocean. Should I expect many hXc dancers?
I honestly just don't care about the whole thing, but it is slightly frustrating that it is nearly all anyone talks about.
Put Linux on it. The laptop I'm on has even worse specs and is now my favorite to use because of how fast it starts up.
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I can't help but giggle every time I hear Latus Rectum in math.

But perhaps rectum wasn't innocent to start out with.

I know rectus means straight when referring to some muscles/muscle groups like the abdominus rectus.
I prefer the look of the mockingbird.
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Can you get blackstar amps were you live? They do low watt all tube amps, they will sound great at low volume levels.

If I can find one for a good deal, that'd work, but I don't believe there is anyone that sells them that isn't over 90 minutes away.