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Can you play metal on that thing?

Lots of distortion for shedding.
It fuckin rips, I honestly don't think I could be happier with it.
Love seeing that little new posts icon.

Glad you're okay, Ed! It's nice seeing more familiar faces show up.

I actually just bought my first big boy amp, haha. 65 watts. Got it on a deal because the footswitch was fucked up and I was able to fix it myself. Currently borrowing a 2x12 cab until I buy one myself.

I'm pumped to take it on tour this spring.
Been trying to figure this one out for a while now but it's proven to be a bitch. Tuning is almost definitely DAEAC#E.
Pretty much everything I play anymore is punk/emo adjacent. I've been trying to push myself more with technique lately though, I wanna lean my band into more mathy territory.
Thanks, man! That means a lot.

It certainly isn't the kind of music I thought I'd ever be playing 10 years ago, haha.
I'm in the process of upgrading my old SG special and I'm running into the issue of strings breaking at the saddles. With my current band I'm changing tuning up and down between almost every song and the tune-o saddles cut like razor blades. To me, the two obvious solutions seem like a roller bridge, or smooth/rounded off saddles (if that even exists).

As far as roller bridges go, any recommendations? I've heard they can cause buzzing/rattling issues but I don't have any firsthand experience with them.
Just the normal ones, I'll have to keep the parson street set in mind for a future guitar.
Spicy SG content incoming. I finally rewired and swapped the pickups on my old guitar and goddamn I should have done this sooner. I got those golden age pups from Stewmac that dannyalcatraz recommended last year, super happy with them.

Series/parallel switches for each pickup and a 5way switch for bridge/both series out of phase/both parallel/both series/neck.

I've had a set of grover pegs lying around for like 8 years now and I'm gonna put those on next.
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I miss SG Man Forever.


I still keep up with danube, she actually hooked my band up with some diy venues in Ohio.
I wonder which of us is gonna come back from the dead next.
Honestly I've found the issue LESS common with clones, the bodies are usually thicker than an actual SG.
Since Squier posted something I don't feel so guilty about spamming this now.

My band put out our first full length a few months ago if anyone wants to check it out. We had a pretty fat release show for it and it's even got my dumb face on the cover.
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So who gets to make the next thread?
The fact that most of us still at the very least check in once in a while is really cool honestly.
Thanks, dudes!

We've got a full length in the mastering process right now, it's pretty damn exciting.

You guys been up to any new music projects?
H4T3BR33D3R Appreciate it, man!

We're emo/indie/punk something or another, a couple of local music sites called us power pop so we've kinda latched onto that.
dannyalcatraz My dude. Checking all of those out now, really appreciate it. Those Alumitones have always seemed pretty interesting.

Sidenote and shameless self promotion, if you guys wanna check out my band, y'know, we have a free EP.
dannyalcatraz Oh hell no I'm a cheap bitch, let's bump the budget to $200 for both though. It's been so long since I've bought new pickups I kinda forgot what they go for.

I'm looking for something low/vintage output, thinking more jangle than punch. I actually had to wire in a high pass filter to compensate for the overwhelming OOPMH in these stock pups. I plan to have series/parallel switches for each pickup too so they'll have to have four-conductor wires. I'd say about $150 max budget wise.
Oh shiiit I actually have something relevant to post. My old SG Special saw it's first show last night. It desperately needs new pickups but it worked pretty well.
Happy Chrimbus/New Year, my guys. All these goddang SGs are motivating me to upgrade mine.
My mom gave me some debt relief because I owed her money I borrowed for car repairs, which is always nice, and my girlfriend gave me a bunch of clothes, so good haul I'd say.

I'm using the extra money I made at work (UPS warehouse) this month to finish all my upgrades and diy projects I've been putting off all year.
Throwing all of this in my Tele.

Forreal tho I still get phrases from your first one stuck in my head sometimes, it's always good shit.
There's honestly always been something unsettling to me about dual-cutaway LP style guitars, uncanny valley for SGs.
All better. :^)
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Damn, what were you planning on doing?

Nothing too out there, I'm just lazy and have a few other projects I haven't finished yet either.

I wanted to give each pickup a series/parallel switch, swap the master selector switch with a 5-way rotary to add series and series/out of phase options, a volume and tone bypass switch to send all pickups straight to the output jack(I remember Austin spoke highly of this), and a normal killswitch to do stuttery shit with.

I'm considering working some kind of passive HPF in there, but I'm still exploring options there.
I've got no room to talk, I started a wiring diagram for mine months ago and never finished it.
I could work out a deal with the guys that make those inlay stickers.
Yo, my band just put out it's first EP. Emo schlock heavily inspired by Dads, Glocca Morra, Dogs on Acid, etc, stepping into shoegaze/dream pop territory on the last track.

I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts.
Played through a Fender DeVille a few days ago and I think I might be in love with it. Still looking around, but it felt right.

In other news it's looking like I'll have a new band/project started later this week, something where everyone is actually in the same mindset musically. Emo isn't exactly a popular genre here.
Totally agreed on the HRD, such a fuckin' disappointment when I played one for the first time. I've seen there's a Blues Deluxe, though it looks like a repackaged HRD.

Two channels is definitely a must for me. That clean to dirty/soft to loud dynamic is a big part of what I'm playing right now, and to my ears, the only OD/Dist pedals that sound nice enough to use as a primary dirt sound are Wampler's stuff, which would be another $200.

If push comes to shove I may just save and shell for a nicer amp and keep the Eggy as a backup. Seems the better idea actually now that I see it typed out.
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You know you watch too many youtubers when your autocorrect replaces Murk with Markiplier.

What kind of music do you play, what is your budget, what kind of places are you playing, what do you need out of an amp? I mean a classic 30 is a nice amp, but so is a 5150. They're quite different amps so we need a few more deets if you want the best bang for your buck.

That was intentional.

But I'm looking for something around $500 used, I could probably push to $600.
The requirements are: 30w 1x12 combo, fuzz friendly clean channel, general medium gain classic rock type dirt channel, channel select footswitch and an effects loop. Built in reverb and a bright switch for the clean channel are a plus, but not necessary.
Didn't one of you dudes have a Peavey Classic 30? Midnight Markiplier I think?

I've been having some persistent technical issues with my Egnater (tl;dr dead tubes swapped in shop, something else broke, they left it that way, chewing some asses out tomorrow) and I'm in need of a backup amp, something more or less equal to the Eggy.
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Love it.
I honestly spend most of my guitar time just finding new ways to buttfuck my signal.

I'd absolutely recommend the Pickle, solid 9/10.
It's a true bypass/feedback loop, I've got all my fuzzes running through it, so it gets pretty fucking crazy.
I wanna swap the feedback toggle out for a stomp switch, or maybe a momentary, I've got a lot of ideas rolling around.

The Pickle Vibe is dope, but the intensity control is an internal trimpot, and it's never felt like a "set and let" control to me. The real estate saved is hard to beat though.
I'm gonna upgrade the hell out of this thing, working out a wiring diagram right now.

And this is my clusterfuck board