It could be possible. humans are inventing alot of shit nowadays. but we just dont know about it. Also, shit that happens in space could cause it too. like mega-nova's, comets, gamma rays ect. Even the global warming, increase in earthquakes and hurricanes, and whatever else the earth hurts us with, could back it up.

try watching discovery channel, or shows that shed light on stuff the goverment dont want you to see. sounds stupid, but it feeds your brain some good info.
Whoa man, drug thread.

whats up??
swim smoked most of that line of coke his friend gave swim. he mixed it in with the weed he smoked. smoked all of it during the past 3-4 hours.

maan, im not sure if im feel high. i feel lazy and chill, it was a fun night. the bowls that were packed, lasted way longer too for some reason.

im really chill and lazy man. i think i might go to bed.
slow day dt. peace, im gonna smoke what i just picked up.

btw, to monkeyman. do YOU think your eyes changed or look any different? also, nevermind what the other people say. btw they're people, what do you expect?
today was trippy dt! like seriously maan.

I kept on having these deja views. (i always thought they were retarded, but i had 4 today)

anyways, i was running around with a buddies looking for weed for about 2 hours. then when we found some, the guy just got a new batch, and hooked us up and gave us way more than we asked for. then my other friend was there, and he gave me a line of coke. just all random too. haha

not sure what im gonna do with the coke. it'll be my first time too. but maan, it was ****ing awesome about the weed. im so happy.
some small town of 1500 people is where im at. btw, inside Canada, Mb.

yup, just posted for the **** of it. lol
cereal tastes so good!

its also the simplest combination!

1+1=2! 2 equals more than 1!
Quote by (sic)duckmaggot
go to hell thrill house. seriously i cannot even comprehend how much of a douche you are talkin like this. honestly, do you hear what you are saying???

i kinda agree sorta. what if the dude who was doing this, wasnt able to get laid. yenno?, something beyond his control.

but yeah, choking yourself is bad.

that toad picture is awesome! it made me laugh for a minute, its trippy.
Quote by whalepudding
Since when could you not scratch your crotch in public? At worst people will see and think "why, there's a man with an itchy crotch". As far as I know there's no stereotype where people will think "Look at him there, scratching his balls. He must be a disgusting anti-semite."

man, chill. i dont actually have that problem.

I was just saying that, to explain what i would compare it to.

thanks tho?
the only games i know of, to cut the supply of ooxygen wuz. giving sleeper hold to someone and have person look into the light, and punching their chest hard.

i didnt play them much, just like twice. its pretty funny to see someone punched in the chest, and seeing em freak becuz they cant breathe then they black out, and wake up wondering wtf???.
haha, i just decided to look inside my pipe. (it may be a crackpipe, but i use it for weed) I just seen black, grabbed my scraping utensil, then done one swipe, and came out with a huge resin ball.

i just finished smoking it, and got like 6 rips
the things name is toopy! TOOPY!

still nobody knows...?
theres this show called toopy and binoo or some shit. they're like a mouse and some sorta cat. they go on adventures and the show is colorful. I was watching for a bit then kept watching hoping for an answer, but there was none.

maan...this toopy fellow is either a chick or a gay. Everything about the person is questionable; the voice, design, personality ect.

when i first seen the thing, i was confused. i asked the kids, but they didn't know (or even cared).

Not like it matters or anything, but what is he/she??? it bothers me like an itch in the crotch, that you cant scratch because your in public.
hey dt. long time no post.

i was wondering if weed helps with colds. i have a cold, but when i get high i seem to cough less. maybe i just forget to cough, idk man. My stuffy nose goes away too.

also, im clean. cept for weed.

i missed 4/20.
Can anybody suggest me some chill/happy/ear-candy/trippy-ish bands or songs?

something like Lights or Cynic or whatever is around, i have trouble finding these types of music

My reservation makes me laugh. swims trading 20 teaspoons of yeast for 10 e pills. thats right Yeast!

swims can sell them @ $20 a peice here. Jackpot???

I cut down on the pot. may not take any e too. im also gonna go shroom hunting soon, just waiting till the rain.
@ the first comment. I wasnt trying to show off, I was just playing. or trying to

thanks for the feedback though. i'll try improving my playing. (btw, i dont know what the hell phrasing is)
Would shrooms be good to pick at this time of year? I picked shrooms last summer and am still alive.

my memory is fuzzy, can anybody post pics of shrooms in my region? (while your at it, post which to watch for) thanks.
swims has 2 pot seeds he'd like to grow outdoors, since he's got nothing to take back home. he's been researching how, and it now seems like rocket science.

swims has questions.
When germinating seeds, do you just wrap the seed in wet tissue? or do you make a sandwich with the 2 wet tissues?

swims is just going to find a place where theres soil and sunlight, and then plant there. Go back and water it when needed. Will this work?
I'll just go sometime and pick it up. For the love of weed i guess.

they know i smoke pot. they would be mad if the money they were giving me went to pot. its funny becuz basically all of it does.

@ keeponrotting.

what you should take is, water, "quick" food, raincoat, and some acid. just go on a magical walk through the forest.
Just got $20 Im getting picked up in 2 hours. Im thinking of heading over to my dealers house, and coming back. It would be obvious going out with $20 bucks for 5 minutes and coming back empty.

what shall i do?
moving out DT. I have to clear my room full of baggies and shit now.

i got no weed to take home too

haha, your just baking a bunch of happy faces??

your a monster, your eating happy things. you should eat sad things so theres nothing left but happy.
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Yea, hes that one guy, that does that stuff.

btw, im that guy who was trolling your thread
Quote by Vornik

sage is this weird plant. it grows like a foot tall and is bush like. it has these flattish leaves and it feels like foam or some shit.

google it if i didnt explain it good enough
Quote by SlinkyBlue
It sucks. It really does. I fully expect myself to regret taking it when it kicks in. I have about 10 minutes left.

That's how bored I am.

what would make u regret taking it?

also wtf?

"hey im slinkeh-bloo, im bored as fcuk.......oooh some benadryl " haha jk man
I just smoked the .7 i had left. i got a bowl for soon tho.

i think im gonna have a bowl of cereal. haha

man.. you smoked sage?

thats funny, sage is trippy man . i wouldnt smoke it though
Quote by KeepOnRotting
This thread is far more interesting if there's an argument or debate going on. It's basically pointless otherwise these days.

I guess so eh? I actually laugh or smile while reading arguements in this forum. its like watching people argue, and somebody gets slammed.

but in the drug thread, they kiss and make up. ****ing hippies

chill out cody, spark a joint or something.

Like half that stuff made me laugh and there were parts that were true. so yeah, whatever.

also, i read that post in my moms voice yelling at me for some reason. haha

people are argueing more often. it brings a tear to my eye

Quote by DashBlaster
But wouldn't it be hilarious if they did?

then i'd ban my kids from watching kids movies. I'd make them watch softcore porn, then they'd learn how to love.
Quote by Rancid Ivy
Bad Company 2 is ****ing awesome


The game is awesome as fudge and carmel.

(was lurking and wanted to say that)

I got a situation. Im going back to my small town tommorow. I got $30 (3G's), and my friends want to chill and get baked for the last time.
joints are $10 back in hometown so i wont get the same ammount as in the city.

I was thinking of smoking a G with my friends and saving 2, for the summer. Sound Good?
This is stupid. Who cares? its not going to make children of tommorow treat women badly.

Toy Story is awesome, people like that always ruin shit.
K2 is legal because it makes people think there stupid after their high is gone. it makes the stoned people not like being high. its a conspiracy!


No tips to the guy who's about to smoke weed. Just smoke and enjoy.

if you want to be cool and not trip out.

Just chill, and not be make it seem overdramatic. i know people(n00bs) who talk bout their first high. they make it sound like their on acid or something, and i just lose some respect for the person in a way.

its all good if you laugh a bunch and cant stop.

DON'T, and i mean DON'T, don't be a retard. Like talking loud, talking in jibberish, being un-responsive and shiet. its not fun when you have to take care of a first timer who's tripping ballz.
i may as well join the topic.

i just know, how to drive. but i dont got experience. Im a sorta like a n00b, but i've drove high before. the first i drove high, i kinda just forgot i was driving and just noticed how everything was passing by all trippy. After like 5 minutes of driving, i got used of it and can drive fine in a way.

people shouldnt high though and try avoiding it.

to the salvia dude. Your going to know the meaning of mind****. it wont be as bad if your over 18 and your mind is set. im kinda young but it made me question reality a bit. It was a good experience though, it was awesome.
You dont need a torch, wtf? Beutane is fine. The hotter the flame is, the better, though. You can use anything, just make sure theres a chamber where smoke gathers up, then you can shotgun it and take it all.
I reeked up the house today. im super baked and these smiley faces describe me.

so, we smoked a blunt in my room. then packed a pipe bowl, and was in the process of packing another. then my parents come in. 3 of my friends were chilling too btw. I spray a bunch of febreeze, but the weed was too strong. I then went out my room, and talked to my parents.

mom: it smells like weed in here.
me: oh...
mom: did u smoke up in here??
me: yeah..............uhh..i'll spray febreeze if u dont like the smell.

My mom didnt like it. My dad didnt mind i was getting high. and i didnt get into trouble. I dont know the words to use to describe what happened. lol (sorry for wall of text.)
I also hate being around a big bunch of people that i have never met. It just makes me mad for some reason.
i think im just going to smoke pot, and rent movies and what not.

I see where slinkyblue is coming from
Going to be home alone for 2 days. Being left with 70 bucks.

Im in the city for like one more week, im tempted to be naughty. in about a week, im going to my reservation where its remote. $10 bucks a joint over there man

i want to have fun while i got the house. suggestions?
I laughed at the title.

I got grossed out for the first 2 paragraphs.

2 more into it, i was holding my nuts, out of reading something awful.

and for the rest, im just happy my penis is alright.
Apperantly its Canada Day. I got a major resin ball awaiting me, i wasnt gonna smoke it but i was told its "Kanata's" birthday!

Ok syn. Try asking your friends if they can find, if not, tell him your situation, and ask your friends if they have any friends who can get. know what i mean?

if not, go on facebook and ask people.
Try calling your dealer again.
Be careful about who you ask too. Search for, bright clothes, chink eyes, red eyes, chill looking, smiley people.

I dont know what else to think of.