this is the end is funny as hell especially if you go blazed. cant speak on man of steel tho
Slice The Cake isn't deathcore?

Didn't think people in this forum would be this uptight about genre, especially when it coincides with said band.
Hmm.. There is a decent The Acacia Strain thread going in this forum I'm pretty sure. Thanks for the tip anyways.
Good deathcore. They just released a new album Being. Check it out, yo. The current and previous drummers are top notch.
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You dudes should peep my Dreaming Schematics cover I figured out by ear and let me know what you think. There's a few riffs that have some bad notes, but I think I've got it down fairly accurate.

dude, is that an Aegaeon shirt? nice cover btw.
good stuff brew. city of ghosts has a badass intro riff. very brutal death metally. of gallows is probably my favorite off the album. keep slicing dat cake, brahs.
went to camp bisco and did a gram of molly+sass at once for bassnectar. never been so happy.
gotta love those sweeps!!!!1!!1!
Probably the best band ive heard. They sound like BTBAM and 3OH3! mixed together.
New song is sick as ****.
Give Dissension a play through. And I agree with your statement about The Contortionist, so stoked.
What do you guys think about Aegaeon? Just found this band a few days ago, really digging their stuff. I'm mostly digging the drum work and the vocals arent half bad.
so stoked for more material from these guys.
Hey all,
I'm looking for a bridge pickup that will give me a good riffing sound similar to Periphery, Veil of Maya, and Between the Buried and Me. I've decided on the liquifire as my neck pup but I'm unsure of the bridge choice. My guitar is an Ibanez RG3EX1(basswood, fixed bridge). Would the crunchlab be a suitable choice? Do I need F-spaced pups? I remember reading on them a while ago, and I don't think I do.
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Well, I signed up to Twitter just so I could follow them and get us one person closer to finding out the surprise announcement.

*Crosses fingers for reunion*

I will never get past the fact that I never got to see these guys live. I've been listening for over 5 years, and watched them grow and I fell more and more in love with them. Don't think I miss any band as much as this one.
Ambient/experimental music, just a heads up.
Thread revive is long overdue for this band even though they're broken up.

Anyone check out Alexis' new project Composite City?

I am very anxious for his first release. Jocund Day had me moving in my seat.
Decided im going to take a shot at covering The Escapist Notion after I'm done learning Mowgli. It'll be awhile..
New song is sick as hell, loving every second of it
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I'm seeing Circle Takes the Square in November! Woo!



1317 GROVE ST.
8pm SHARP $5

That's in Greensboro right?
This band isn't half bad. Listened to The Escapist Notion when I was baked and it was rather enjoyable.
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Didn't any of you see this?

The full album's out in November, but an EP is being released in 6 days.

used to listen to CTTS all the time in high school. good shit.
haha that made me listen to Ramirez just for that part

Misery Signals cover of Us and Them by Pink Floyd

Quite tasty.
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You guys wanna hear something that sounds like Scale the Summit, but good?

Such a great band. How did you find it?
quite impressed with the teaser. i cant stop listening to it
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They're three or four songs into the writing process! It's on it's way, thankfully.

Good to hear!
Slightly off topic:
Does anyone know what the deal is with the new Glass Casket album?
im thinking early 2011
Black metal
i want to say hardcore punk.. but its really just certain bands i cant listen to
Good find. Thanks.
Im getting it as well. Nice avy btw cheesecake
Anyone got the Home live dvd? Is it any good?
i love how you guys have been arguing over video games and their popularity the past 7 or so pages. does time hold any value? its not that serious guys, let it go.
Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX was my shit back in the day.
Btbam, The Acacia Strain, The Red Chord, Animals as Leaders, Periphery, Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Justin Beiber w/ Ludacris
lol horrible..