Ahh okay
thanks for the advice
Hey Guys, please check out this cover i made yesterday.
Please tell me what you think.
Any advice or tips are welcome (;
Woaah nice dude!!
How did you do the drums?
Happy new year all
3 hours left muwhaha ;D
I'm being annoyed by people making these threads.
Just download adblock or something.
Heya pit !!
I'm going to the beach tomorrow
Any tips how I should approach girls there?cause that's the hardest part I think.
Try Drumsite. It works fine for me .. the drum sound is not bad.
I create all my songs with this
Quote by eazy-c
I had it.

How was it?? Should I worry about it?
It's taking over Holland
this thread is too hot for me.
cruella de vil
hey guys (:
theres a girl in my msn i want to camsex with xD
she has a cam and we talk alot on msn
anyone knows how i should approach this?
I like the first one
I wish I could do that lol
Losing my virginity
Not happy.. A good gf of mine started to say stupid things #^@$
oh and swine flu is almost here
Life sucks !!
what did you do with them?
Quote by JacobTheMe
Is it okay if im 15 and have never spoken to a girl before?

Im 18 and have never spoken to a girl
Cliff Burton
Kurt Cobain
Michael Jackson
Jimi Hendrix
First time is hard.
I did it 3 times now and I think it's easy
nice dude.. I love the sound of your guitar

Nice car man
13:43.. Cloudy day
Ok guys I have a problem..

One year ago I met a girl on the internet.. She lives 200 km away from me.
The last month I started to get really interested in her and I think I like her now..
Yes you can call me a poor guy.. I like a girl I've never seen before.
I think she's also interested in me.
But the question is what to do now? I am not experienced with relationships.
Should I try to meet her somewhere in real life or am I wasting my time?

Thanks in advance.
I use Winamp PaceMaker
hey guys,

I made a little Metallica Medley, check it out if you want:

Tell me what you think please

Thanks for watching
I've got the same problem sometimes.
Just restart your computer and it should be fixed.
Cold Shot In My Pants
I'm zalfa123 on Youtube.
You can add me if you want
Take alot of Photos
Ok i try to focus on it
thanks for the advice
Hey guys!
Check out my new cover:

Tell we what you think please.
Thanks for watching
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and alot of poeple ask me if I'm a female, and when I say I'm a male they always leave xD