The amp is imaculate, never gigged, complete with foot pedal and vinal cover.

I am based in Croydon/Surrey - pickup only as I would not trust a valve amp in the post.

Grab a bargain - Send me a pm if interested
Quote by Tom 1.0
Thats because you dont have a nice guitar to put through it JOKE!!!!

The Rockers clean channel was incredible if you put a fat arsed guitar through it or just put an EQ in the line.

I agree with you on the Hi Gain comparison, but I still think with a boost the Rocker was definately usuable ( but i prefer a lower gain sound for Metal )

But hey, each to their own... Friends?

Thats what I love about the TH and why I DO see it as a total upgrade on the Rocker;

Beautiful clean channel - no need for an EQ pedal or 'fat arsed guitar' LOL I cant say I have ever heard anyone say they like the rocker's cleans before?!

No need for distortion pedals - all the gain you could wish for is onboard. At ALL volume levels.

'Maybe' the classic rock low gain isn't as nice as the rocker cranked... but Man does the TH do cleans and modern rock sooo much better. Personally I use the clean channel cranked for Classic rock crunch and man is it nice. For home use I switch it to 7watts. Another superb upgrade - being able to switch from 30 watts to 15 or 7 watts

So - If you are a classic rock covers band and you dont mind having to use eq and distortion pedals then maybe try the rocker first.

If you are in a modern band and like beautiful cleans get a TH.

Oh and personally I couldnt do with out an Effects loop now I have sampled the TH! Modulation and Reverb sound cack through the rockers main input (compared to amps with effects loops) Delay is ok but thats about it.
I really love my TH30 Combo, I actually prefer the clean channel to my Fender Blues Deluxe, so much more open and in your face.

As for the dirty channel, its so so versatile you can dial in so many sounds what with the 4 stage gain and shape control.

If you go past the 2nd gain stage (ultra, ultra high gain) then it starts to get fizzy, if you dont play metal then you wont be going past 12 o clock on the gauge period.

You DO need a good 20 mins alone with this amp to find the sound you want as well as a room where you can crank it else you wont get a good idea of sound you can get. Too many people try it out with the gain on 12 o clock - maximum and never really dial in a great tone. I play highish gain modern rock and i have the gain at around 10 - 11 o clock and i get a great crunch thats harmonically rich and articulate.

I retired my £250 Exotics BB + pedal after being able to dial in almost the exact same tone with the dirty channel. My lead tone is actually better.
I would definitely recommend using a compression pedal when testing out the amp too, especially when trying out the high gain stages.

Some people moan that they are made in China, the fact is ALL Orange amp parts are made in China. The only difference is that the TH30 is assembled in China where as all previous Orange's are sent as parts and assembled in the UK. Personally I would rather save £200 by having it assembled in China. Mine is perfect, no rattles, nothing remotely loose and its built like brick sh1t house.
I got mine new for £545 Bargain.

Have a listen to the review vid here so you can get an idea;
Quote by SquierLolz
good my new s320 is an old 2007 model lol

Same - My JS1200 is also a 2007 and is still perfect in every way. No lacquer cracks or anything.
Yeh I do love the slash sig neck - its in between a late 50's and 60's profile.
Its quite a bit chunkier than a 60's
A tad combersome past the 14th fret mind.

Same goes for the fender neck, love the flat area at the back - great for positioning and anchoring of the thumb for bends and bar chords. Not as comfy as the slash sig but more usable. Also the matt maple finish, i never slip no matter how sweaty.
Only thing I dont like on the fender is the extra space between strings - wider fret board than the slash sig.

I love both equally. Strange as most people are either one or the other as they are such oposites.

The main reason I want the official measurements, is so I know what other guitar necks are going to feel like with out playing them first. (Like when the Wolfgang gets released (!)
I have tried to get the neck specs (radius, width, the lot) of both the Slash sig epiphone LP (2008 model) and USA Lone Star Strat (1997).

Both couldnt be more different from each other and I never seem to know what I prefer.

I cant seem to find the specs anywhere??
am i best off putting the crybaby closest to the amp on the chain... or the guitar?
cool after that advice i will get searching on guides and may give it a go myself - thanks guys
Quote by georgakis187 still wont notice the difference, unless your cranking really hard on a tube amp. my maxon od808 is not true bypass and i ve played a ibanez ts9 with, and you really cant tell the difference when its off.

just a waste of money that good go to alot more useful things

Good advice from experience - thats what I was hoping for !

is it true that if i connect it up along with my 2 boss dist pedals and leave it switched off, that I will be loosing some of my tone?

I know someone who does the true bypass mod for £30 and I guess I am asking if I need to have this done and if its worth it?

oh i get it - typo *smartarse*
I have just ordered my crybaby

is it true that if i connect it up along with mt 2 boss dist pedals and leave it switched off, that I will be loosing some of my tone?

I know someone who does the true bypass mod for £30 and I guess I am asking if I need to have this done and if its worth it?
so its not worth shelling out more for the 535q?

Do you know what... before the slah epiphone sig came out, I customised my old epiphone LP standard by swapping the pickups for Alnico II's, I had custom wiring installed so I can cut the buckers in half to have single coil sounds when needed and even had it refretted.

I was happy with it until I went to my local shop and played a Slash epiphone signature.

Wow what a difference. Much much thicker sound with 4 or 5 times the sustain.
They sound like totally different guitars.

The old standard epiphone has a more snappy lighter sound and the slash sig has a deep ooozing thick and lower tone.

Same pickups in both guitars.

Then there is the neck profile, long tennon, the finish etc etc.
Great thanks for your replies I may go ahead and get one

any one in particular? is it worth paying out for the Slash sig?
I had a Moorley and didnt like it one bit.

My heroes and the kind of lead stuff I play is Satch and Slash. I pretty much play their solos and variations every time I pick up the guitar.

I know Satch uses a Vox and Slash uses a Crybaby...

Can anyone suggest one to go for? or another wah that can give me simular sounds?
None of my local shops have either in stock so I cant try b4 I buy.

I saw that the new Digitec got a great review in a mag, but can I trust a commercial mag review...

*Thanks in advance*