I'm struggling to get my music heard by people that might like it. So please could you listen and help me get it around if you don't like it.

Thanks so much, you don't know how much it means to me
Thanks for the help everyone. Next week we're gonna take it back, see what they say.
Does anyone know if the whole Legacy range has faults like this, because if i take it back, i'm likely to get one similar if not the same.
I just wanted a guitar and amp to write my kind of 'pop'y music on. Kind of like Mayday Parade kind of thing.

But seeing as i only got the amp yesterday, i might take it back and see what they say. I wanted to know if all Legacy amps are this bad or just the one i got.
Hi guys.

Yesterday me and my Dad went out a brought me a Legacy pack from Reverb. We got it home and I played we a huge smile on my face about an hour and a half.

Then my amp started to make a low drone noise. We turned it off, thinking it might be an overheating problem since it was the first time we played it. But this morning i tried again and got the same noise.

I now can't hear my guitar in it and we've definatly identifyed it as the amp as the cable works fine with my bass guitar.

The amp is a Legacy LE10D amp. Does anyone know what the problem is or how we can fix it? Or has anyone had this amp with the same problem?

I've been surfing the net for a cheap but reasonably good electic guitar and found a good deal that included a Harley Benton MS-11BK electric guitar. I haven't found any reviews on it. Does anyone know if its a good guitar or if I should keep looking?

Does anyone know where I can get good value second hand/used electric guitars in Basingstoke?

I've come up with a basic chord structure but i'm struggerling to come up with a melody. Anyone got any tips?
My best lyrics to date. Any comments would be great thanks.

I’m counting to ten in my head trying to keep my mind working,
I know it has a habit of pulling apart everything,
Tiny little fears that only come out when I’m trying to sing,
My eyes are flooding so much now it’s starting to sting.

I try to look into the future,
All I can see is darkness,
I can only look back,
And all my roses are turning black.

My brains ticking over so quick its starting to feel like I’m drowning,
I can’t stand the thought that its hope I’m abandoning,
This has been going on so long, baby, I’m aching,
And the fire inside is about to start burning.


And if I cry right here, right now,
I know I won’t be able to stop myself,
Please don’t tell me coz I know,
Every single chance I get I just blow,
I don’t expect to trust me,
Coz I still don’t know if I trust myself,
I’ve lost something I can’t find,
The rains in my eyes, I’m starting to go blind.

Its only when I start to slow down it feels like its crushing me,
No one can hear me screaming, I know I’ll never be free,
Like a shadow looming over me, no matter how hard I plea,
Please tell me why you can’t see, why no one ever sees!



I can’t break free from the independence,
And right now it’s killing me,
I feel like I need to be alone,
But I want you there with me,
Am I making any sense to you?
I can’t break free from the independence,
And right now it’s killing me,
I feel like I need to be alone,
But I want you there with me,

(C) x2


(C) Copyright Alix Thomas 2009
one vision: i want minor key, so a sad mood, but maybe something i could repeat and then change slightly later into major in the chorus.
Can anyone help? I need a really effective chord sequence.

I want something that can be played slow and finishes perfectly. And can it be in roman numeral form because i'm not dead set on a key yet.

Thanks in advance.
In my band, we have a member that writes lyrics. But only one of us is taking a music course. They know how to write music but can't seem to get a song started. We have a key all planned out but have hit a brick wall. Can anyone give us tips?

And in case it helps, we are a band consisting of, a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist and a keyboard player. None of us have too much experience and haven't been playing long.

Please help!
gm jack has good advise. With amps, i tried loads in different shops before i found the cheapest one that sounded the best. Just don't fall into the trap of buying the first cheap amp you find. Check it sounds right first.
Me and my friends recently started a band, but we all have been playing for 6 months or less. Does anyone know any easy songs we could cover? We'll pretty much take any style. We can already play The Faders- No sleep tonight and The fray-How to save a life, so any songs like them would be a huge help. Thank you!