Well thanks for nothing UG community.

I figured it out and tabbed it myself. It was a pretty small request, I hoped someone would have been willing to help, but I guess not.

If anyone needs a copy let me know.
I dunno what the BPM is, but I can find out if u havent already.

I know If I slowed the track down and watched the video piece by piece its learnable for me, but would still take me a couple of months even if I didnt have my current work/university schedule.

I find making tabs for these type of solos very grueling, but half the time to tab it would be learning it by ear and sight. I think ur better off that way for this case. I know someone covered it on youtube. They might be able to help you if u asked?
Hey is anyone out there able to help tab me this Acoustic session of the outsider that a fan recorded.

I'm really ONLY interested in tabbing the guitar part at the chorus ie 0:34 etc. I believe whoever is playing the second guitar, most definitely Billy, is playing very differently! I've been trying to tab it myself, the solo and chords arent a problem, its just that part at the chorus!

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to be honest, get a new amp first. a different guitar wont sound much better through an MG. (your going to get this a lot). and what the other guy said, unless u know how to fix electronics, dont buy anything faulty. but when u do get a new guitar, a les paul or a strat would suit u nicely.

ic, ok I will look into those two. but as far as going into more rock, and possibly shredding, is a strat good? cuz I heard some1 recommend me getting an Ibanez for that.

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If it was that easy to fix he would have fixed it himself before trying to sell it.

lol, true. He told me at school that he wanted to get a tele, so he was selling his old one...
I play a wide range right now, rock, jazz, punk, not so much metal. But recently I'm trying to learn to shred , as well as trying to learn classical.

So I would say I play mostly rock, and jazz.

I was recently contacted by a friend who would like to sell me his les paul but I am not too knowledgable on guitars because I have only been playing guitar for 1 & a half, currently have a beginner Ibanez GRG170 and a practice Marshall MG15DFX 15-Watt amp. And I am starting to notice how bad my guitar is compare to others so I was thinking maybe I should buy it?

Here is his msg:

"""""""""i have a limited edition epiphone Les paul for sale

it has a transparent black finish on top of flamed maple (i can send pics upon request), rosewood fingerboard, mahogony body

i have done many upgrades to this guitar
-it has seymour duncan pickups (jazz neck and Jb bridge)
-i installed a coil splitter
-it has a roller bridge, which increases string life and sustain
-it also has dunlop button strap locks (the kind where you can quickly plug your strap in and out, EXTREMELY convienient)
-this guitar will COME WITH a hardshell case and also a luxurious levys black suede leather strap (very comfy on the shoulders)

there are a few electronic issues with this guitar which is why im only selling it for $500, there is a scratchy pot and also one of the volume pots, can not be muted, basically if you turn the volume of the bridge pickup all the way down you will still hear it. These are quick and easy fixes, all you have to do is replace the pots, everything else is pretty much mint"""""""""""

Sorry for the long read, but if you can help me out, and give me any advice I would much appreciate it