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Ive already got grover tuners as its a custom, is it worth customising?

Definitely, I'd go for steinberg locking and trimming tuners.
Try not giving us just a thumbnail
I tried to think of something but it turns out that I like nothing, bugger you all, I'm going back to newgrounds.
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We have a normal sized testicle, a minuscule shaft and a fucking huge right testicle. Looks like a normal penis to me, right guys?


Yeah but where is the second and third testicle?
ignore me
dirty minded bastardo
Giant shark versus mega octopus is a prime example of things that are good for being bad.
youtube does not work in school

Set it too max, see what you get, all you need too know.
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In bad translator: 'I cum blood from my erection' became 'Office of the two blood samples'

Do a barrell roll becomes death. lol. I'm gonna make a thread for this website.
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Hilarious. I love seinfield. Did anyone else get a million "Happy Festivous" texts on christmas instead of "Merry Christmas"?

I think Halo was a pretty cool guy, eh kills aliens and doesn't afraid (points to me!!!)
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Well it doesn't mean im not playing it loud , but for when my gf is studying or something like that it gets annoying

I'd say go for a small headphone amp like one of the vox's
I'd go for the graph tech's, tuning stability and tone is far improved, worth the money.
It's just generally a bad idea, sell it! sell it! sell it!
the officially unofficial thread to post lazer pics and videos, and for the uninitiated:
thanks, is it simiklar to the marshall superfuzz or is the name just coincidental?
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You might be able to find a used Fuzz Factory for that much, or maybe get a clone from Made By Mike for that much. Although they aren't really very musical, and are very fiddily.

Ideas I currently have are stuff like:
The cheaper Devi Ever stuff
ZVEX Masotron
Earthquaker Devices Dirt Transmitter

I'm having a mind blank right now. I'll come back when I am up to the task

thanks and, indeed, **** the BNP.
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E-Pro isn't particularly fuzzy. Sounds like a cranked Vox or Marshall, or perhaps you could get it with a big muff.

By nothing too expensive, what's your budget?
And do you want something really crazy?

crazy is good and lets say less than £100 at the moment.
I'm thinking of getting a second, fuzz (Ialready have a big muff) can anyone think of any versatile pedals, i really want something that can get the sound from e-pro by beck, nothing to expensive please.
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No I usually just watch the movie

Yeah i can't see why you would want to play along.
yeah im 6ft and weigh 12st
If only i could lose some weight, I also am in need of chest excercises as ihave mild poland's syndrome (basicaly, one moob bigger than the other as one of them has no muscle)
ask malmsteem
This going to be a hard time for you, but everyone here will support you and I now now how lucky I am not to have lost any of my relatives in such a way, TS if there is anything you need just say, I'm willing to stay up all night ifyou needsomeone to talk to
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It was like that! but then with a 3-popped-collar coat!

And I thought I looked stupid!!!!!
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43202 to be specific. Not sure what you people expect to find on my profile

I'm guessing swedish mega pron
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For crying out loud read the OP...

6 popped collars??!?? I wish I was that cool.

have you not seen the picture????????? , also stop changing your avatar.
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... As I said, I live there.

You do the maths.

Dude, change your location then.
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ohh I've seen this before