they're alright.
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Slipknot > Metallica

both suck.

webb, the song you posted in the "what are you listening to" thread is very good.
never heard of it before, just checked it out though, and it's

nile - eat of the dead
Slipknot Chris Fehn: 'I Think We're Going To Overtake Metallica'

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I do watch Lost. It's quality entertainment, unless the ending doesn't resolve everything, in which case I will be so pissed off.

According to, I must listen to about 1000 songs a week (I've factored in what I listen to on my iPod).

which season are you on?
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Did you just say you were lost to bring up the show?

And no, I found the plot a little silly tbh.

no, i didn't actually.
it just popped into my mind.

how is the plot silly? i thought it was quite complex and well though out.
i'm lost.

speaking of lost, does anyone watch the show?
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they were fantastic, not because of their musical skills but because of the song writing.

i love nirvana because they proved you dont have to be a shredder or be a virtuoso to write great songs. sure they are overrated but thats just because there are people claiming them to be so great when all theyve heard is heart shaped box and smells like teen spirit.

What song got you guys into nirvana?

i think quite standard, but teen spirit and come as you are.
isn't this getting a bit off-topic?
i'm checking out redstream.
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I'll see which I prefer tonight ^ Blood was a very good film. Daniel Day Lewis is one of my favourite actors... ever.

Ah whats up? I'm off from college but I feel relatively ok today.

sore throat, headache, i might be getting fever.
evening wig.
i'm a little ill, and yourself?
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Jesus, guys, my drummer is getting drum lessons tomorrow.

From David Gray.

David. Fucking. Gray.

and why does he have the honour?
this is a brilliant piece of prose.
which parts aren't you satisfied with yet?
i think all in all it's quite good.
yes, cephalic carnage are there.
i first misread this for misery signals, i was like wtf.
they're an ok band.
suffocation did it for me today.
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that's what i do...

ima gonna go you tube cannibal corpse now. try and see if i like it.

you like slipknot.
branded "rip off".
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He read a poem?

I only catched a little of the speech. I wasn't very impressed by the things he heard him say. Especially the part where he said he'd them who use terror. I was hoping he'd stress more diplomatic means.

That flipper baby tenniser is cool but also kinda freaky. I have nothing against the handicapped, but deformations and amputations gross me out.

no, i was referring to the woman.

yes, although he did speak well.
but the poem..agh, my god.
this stuff is very nice.
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Oh Lawd. He Inaugurated! He Da New Prez'den! He Da New Prez'den!

the speech wasn't that good.
the poem following it was very bad though.

nile are the kings of the day.
we're nearly there.
the obama speech was ok.
well it's pretty damn cheap.
what's the greatest TMV song ever made?
coming from a may 08er.
oh suhnap, you didn't see that one coming.
and plus, i wasn't intending to get owned.
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Yeah, I dabble in it for my A-level course.

Why d'you ask?

i assume you had to read books for it; which philosophers did you follow?

I like listening to dark ambient whilst consuming mass quantities of alcohol which subsequently evokes intellectual conversation. So, yes. I do enjoy philosophy.

it all lies within what kind of alcohol you consume, and then the quantity. but yes, you are a true philosopher.
just another of those threads.
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You're fucking crazy.

It's better than the original imo.

Gotta love when Peter invokes Slayers name at 0:54

i don't like it that much.
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You really made a thread about this? =/