What the phlock are Jeggings

Quick edit: JEANS! Ohhhhh,... That makes NO sense
"I want to feel the Sun, untill I am blind"
You can hire the BEST DJ,
They won't boogie anyway
They all reckon dancing is gay
Homophobic hairy fvckers!

Tim Minchin - Bears don't dig on dancing.
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dude your sig is AWESOME

Why thank you =o
I only make ackward spelling mistakes..
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Minnesota. Basically, if you are under 18 the police can give you a ticket for being outside after 12 AM.

My god that's amazing Exactly as in V for Vendetta, ah man, you know what you have to do! Blow up London!
What the hell is a curfew ticket,... where do you live :/
13 or something in that region
Langevoort.... don't even ask
Stop getting drunk, that's horrible :/, I mean, drinking is fine, but be responsible enough to find your own limit. I hate drunk chicks, ****ing disgusting
Put this infront of the door.
I had a religious dream once, with yes, Himself involved aswell. I woke up rather startled as I am really .. well.. not anti-religious, but I don't really applaude it.

The first thing I said when I woke up was: "That made no sense whatsoever" People who see this seriously should really seek help. Dreams is a dream. If God would exist because he was in my dream, a secret lotterywinning rainbow should also exist.


Sorry for the size, but it is needed for the quote...

(from this commercial:
Never even seen the guy or heard of him
I had a flu, like just 3 days ago, and I haven't been eating anything until this morning really. So about 3 days without food. I feel really really weak now though... :/ Already took vitamin supplements just in case xD
I believe the soldiers aren't heroes. The real heroes in the bigger pictures are the people that obtain peace in the first place. Soldiers are just the ultimate failsafe for selfdefense. We should have the need for soldiers if it weren't for constant peace.

I agree they do an awfull difficult job and they are protecting their countries, but they are only doing it because the normal safety procedures and peace negotiations failed.

You're a true hero if you can obtain peace and keep it that way.

I'd like to have intercourse with her genitals if you know what I mean...

8/10 Reminds me of

Edit: To ACDCguyman

Naww crap

5/10 for Totodile... Squirtle is much better
#1 Music is never perfect.

Music is basicly trying to get the perfect sound, but you persue it endlessly as there is no perfect music. The negativity and trying to get it right is the drive in my music.
Obama is too smart for the American population, they won't notice it.

out of 20

Hehe... quite funny for no apperant reason
I caught myself grinning reading this. I am proud to finally see some sense in our silly human behaviour

My faith for America's future is growing, now just some education and diets and I might live there myself.

Yeah.. I can die happy now
Ohne Dich - Rammstein?
How do I shot web?
First of all, this dude is like Don Vito

Second, don't show this to America, like 75% of Americans are fat like that. They're going to commit crimes! Really slowly and with alot of weezing.
You are having a baby, are you ready?


*clicks abort*
I totally feel like a dick while saying this

Natural Selection
Almost scared me with "Scientology class"
I will enjoy this
I do it like that almost every day
Everything in your brain is done with electrical impulses, no impulses nothing. So if you die, nothing happens.

Not just because you're human means something special will happen
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hmm my bad

well nonetheless building minarets will drastically change the appearance of the country

So did the Americanisation. They should ban these.
What is this I don't even

The Secret Cow Level Cows are upon us!

Pointy one is Kiki, the other is Bouba.

Kiki is more sharp if you look at the pronounciation, the Ki reminds me of sharp egdes, and Bouba is a really blobby, round tone, and I will give the blobby one the name Bouba.

I am seventeen years old. And single *wink* *tear*
I'm vegetarian so ... not really a difficult choise...

I'd rather die.