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man, where are all the old schoolers?? sargasm, prince, bwiZe, bucky???
i wanna reminisce about the old AFI riddle days
god damn

I think 7 might be your answer
Saw 'em yesterday, well worth the night stalking around cafés and station because we couldn't make the last train home. Too bad everything was dead on sunday.
I might be late, but you're not alone! They are incredibly awesome.
New album coming out on 3rd of August, SO excited.
You know what I have a problem with. Saying that Sing the Sorrow is obviously their weakest effort. From a musical standpoint it is arguably their best. The compositions on STS are far better than anything pre-Art of Drowning. I love, love, love Black Sails and it's a great album, however it pales in comparison to Sing the Sorrow in the songwriting department. Anything pre-BSITS was fun, but can hardly be called an accomplishment in music.
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Davey Havok in a recent interview with "hearing the old songs don't make me cringe, playing the old songs make me cringe" I think he may be dead to me...

You're taking away the context.
He said he doesn't like playing them anymore, because they've played them a thousand times over. Very understandable. He also said he was very proud of their older stuff.
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Sorry, but Now the World is an unbelievably good song.

This sentence should never start with sorry. One does not apologize for Now the World!
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Remember when AFI had that clandestine crazy mind ****ing 336/337 stuff going on where we were all like OMG what is AFI trying to tell us with their music??!?!

those were good days

I still have seizures when I see 336 or 337 anywhere. It's like OMG, THE SIGNNNS!
Some people always seem to get upset in the presence of well written pop songs.
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Yeah Richmond show was bullshit, I had peoples cellphones in my face the whole time, and kids singing who only knew the post STS lyrics. What really upset me though was after the show, waiting to talk to them at the buses. Jade was out and talking to people and doing pictures and stuff almost immediately, but after he left there was a lull where annoying chicks just kept asking security gaurds if they could have Daveys trash (no lie) and people were saying stuff like "I bet theyre up there just smoking pot or banging some lucky groupies or something. But when they get down here I'm gonna get the rest to sign my arm so I can get it tattood later tonight." Adam and Hunter came out and hung out, were actually having whole conversations with people and being really nice, then they left and after 3 hours of waiting some fat security guard says, "Alright I'm gonna bring davey down, hes gonna put stuff in the bus and then youre gonna make a line for him to autograph. NOBODY SCREAMS! He will not do any pictures, first person to ask ruins it for everyone else, I will put him back on the bus. I dont wanna see any stupid bullshit! Anybody tries to hug him or touch him at all, we're leaving. DO NOT try and continue to talk to him when he needs to sign someone elses things, you'll get yours signed and be done." After he got put on the bus I just left. When did Davey turn into such a primadonna?

sorry for the long story, but Gallows was great as usual, but Im really dissapointed in Richmond for the lack of enthusiasm and/or moshing.

Can you blame him? With ridiculous fans like those you were talking about stalking him like some kinda of demi-God. **** I would make sure to stay the hell away from them too. It's damn nice of him to even come out with the way things are. I always respect artists with crazy fans like those if they still try to show themselves and if they don't, it's their life.

Also about DU. It's really hit or miss for me.
Prelude is pretty cool
Kill Caustic is fun
I actually like Miss Murder more than I ever thought I would
Summer Shudder doesn't do much for me
The Interview same, except as mentioned by others the duet at the end
I like Love Like Winter
I love the bridge of Affliction, otherwise I think it's kinda bland and forced, I like the segue thingy.
I don't like The Missing Frame
Kiss and Control seems like a rejected STS song to me. I probably would've like it a hell lot more if it had STS-Davey vocals, especially STS screams.
The Killing Lights is fun, but not great
I ****ing love 37mm, it's probably the best song on the album.
Endlessly, She Said tries too hard to be epic, I like it, but don't love it. Also that endguitar thingy Jade recorded is sorely missed on the song.
I remember when everyone was bitching about Davey and his obsession with that song. It was at the height of DU-hate. I thought it would be a bad cover or something and then I heard it. God, I love that song.
A true fan would at least accept that sometimes people and music change. This is just someone who is sad that the world has moved forward without them giving it permission to do so. Sad are the people who are stuck in the past.

I love it. Too Shy to Scream is godliness. The intro of VSS reminds me of 1979 (the Smashing Pumpkins Song) and Beautiful Thieves has the most epic chorus. Definitely a step up from DU, I'm not sure it's quite as good as STS, but I'm not sure if that's even reachable for them anymore.
Actually 4 songs sort of leaked. I got linked a myspace where the three songs I mentioned are streamable. Also Darling, I Want to Destroy you is on youtube.
I love Torch Song and End Transmission, but my god Beautiful Thieves has the most epic chorus ever.
How do you guys like Fainting Spells?
Available here:
Totally legit.
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wow really? what old stuff? any black sails other than god called?
and im guessing they still opened with the prelude 12/21?

No GCIST, Love is a Many Splendored Thing (they seem to be playing that a lot lately) and A Single Second. Looking back it's not that much old stuff, but it still stood out to me. They also joked about Ziggy Stardust being their own old stuff. They just finished love is a many splendored thing and Davey said "that was some old ****, but this is even older, it's from the same album, but we wrote it before the other." Also no prelude, I thought they were going to do Strength trough Wounding for a second, because Adam was doing the drumline for it, but then it exploded into Girl's not Grey.
I can tell you that Medicate sounds awesome live. They played a lot of old stuff and it was a very cool set. They sounded great, gives me a lot of hope for Crash Love. It was really cool when people starting screaming Slayer. Jade played the opening riff of Reign in Blood (I think) and Davey said the lyrics very fast. "There is your slayer!"
I'm hoping they play that tomorrow when I see them live for the second time.
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That's because I hate punk.

*points to sig*

I honestly don't care to know much about punk, so it's a null and void topic. Lawrence Arms and Streetlight Manifesto are the only truly great punk bands that I've heard.

You know that none of those two are actually punk bands. Lawrence Arms are pop/punk and Streetlight Manifesto is ska. Though kudos on the NPH avatar.
So I wonder when the last track will be revealed, seems to take a while for them to start on that one.

For those that don't know yet, they're revealing the tracklisting through some twitter marketing trick:
It's kind of groovy (for Thrice) straightforward (for Thrice) rock, it's awesome.
I like it, but we shall see were this goes. Davey seems to love the hell of this album, though I remember him saying the same things of DU.
Knowing what this is about makes my feel so old.
Actually all of them are like that.
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No but I expect punk bands to sound like...punk bands. And the majority of AFI fans want them to gain some of that punk edge back, like on their prior albums. Take a chill pill their chief.

I'd like them to get some of their energeticness back, but punk is something I don't want them to be.
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Not romantic, but I'd like it if I was a girl.

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That's a really odd song for them to cover

But then again they also did Head like a Hole. Strange.

They just cover what they like and who doesn't like Head Like a Hole? I must admit that when I heard the cover of the song, it was only after that I started listening to NiN. So I have them to thank for that.
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Then maybe I'm thinking of a different song... I thought that was it...

No, it probably is that song, he has a high pitched voice mostly, it's just funny because in the verses he sings very low, which kinda sounds unnatural for him.
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The only song Ive heard by AFI is "Miss Murder" and I really dont like the guys singing on that song. Does he always sing in that (imo) high-pitched annoying voice, or is there punk-ier stuff by them?

He sings that song in his unnatural low voice for almost 70% of it. But on every song 'till the album Black Sails in the Sunset, he sings with a very hardcore punk-like voice.
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lol, only what would that be in terms of this problem?

Nobody knows wikipedia entries for the release date are just fans finding things in computers at record stores, which have all turned out to be wrong up till now. There has not been any official word on a release and it could take a while. Jade said soon, back in February... Needless to say people are getting angry and dissapointed, because the EP was first said to be released back in December. It is now July and we still have no news.
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Yeah but not as funny.

Back on topic, when's the ep released?

There is no EP.
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Oh, please not that goddamn Owl, I hate Kaepora Gaebora so much!
"Did you understand that?" Oh, let's just repeat that all again!
So a rehearsal of 100,000,000 was just posted on And it's AWESOME beyond words!
No release date, but Ether (the song) is floating around on the net.
The EP is full of unreleased songs from STS and DU sessions. This one is a DU B-side.
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I know dreamy too and he's bloody dreamy.

And what about his distinct dreaminess!
Jade just posted a video of him and Davey writing music on his blog. It contains no actual music, so don't get your hopes up.