sixteen year old band of mine! Grunge,punk,classic rock
Stadium to gig.
My 16 year old three piece.
We play grunge, rock and blues!
Main influences are Led zep, cream and nirvana!
We have a really rough demo to listen to as well!
Thanks guys!
Sorry for the slow response. yeah i did mean i would like alot of headroom :P Im having a second look into ampreg's heads and cabs.
@Ian hawkins my favouite bassists are: Paul Mc, Krist Nov, Nate mandel, JPJ (ofc and John entwil.

Thanks for the feedback so far guys.
After looking at all the comments I see that I should go for a Head+Cab over an combo so I will look into some of these.
Anymore advice would be great.
@Road aha I wish
I'm really no sure about Heads and Cabs :/
Hmmmm, would you strongly recommend heads and cabs?
It would be alot more hassle with practicing and stuff and I'm not sure how they work and stuff.
And RE: getting hold of.. how do you mean? I would probably get over the net.
Hey guys,
I'm looking to up my amp into the next stage or so.
I currently have an Ashdown Electric Blue:

I play grunge,rock, heavy rock and blues.
I have a 2010 Rickenbacker 4003
I play small/medium sized gigs where my current amp doesnt cut it.
What amps would you recornmend?
I have a budget of around 600 or so pounds...
It would be quite nice to have a really powerful amp so its really loud at low levels if you get my drift.
I have tried a few ampegs and am not impressed and fancy sticking with Ashdown because I really like their build etc.

I have been considering these:

What do you guys think? What do you suggest?
How do I do this? Remove strings, unscrew Pickguard? I'm abit hesitant to go fishing around in electronics D:
I have an 2010 Rickenbacker 4003.
Its been lovely and such but recently whenever I plugged I plug my jack into it my Treble sound always comes and goes (the treble pickup is cutting in and out). It is effected by the angle of the lead (if i hold it, it works).
I have brought new good quality leads but that doesn't seem to help.
The bass tone/sound works prefectly, no issues there.
What is the problem? And how do I fix it?

P.s I am a recording tomorrow and have a decent gig on Thursday so any help quickly would be greatly received.
Awesome can anyone link one online?
Guys In honesty I inherited the money. HOWEVER, I have just finished off paying for it myself. I worked all summer at Argos and earnt two grand . So i have payed for it myself :L
I shall get some rotosounds asap, Also I'm going to get a distortion/effects pedal when I get my next pay day. can someone surgest a good one?
Hmm can someone link me the bass strings? I can only find roto's for "swing" basses :/
Lemon song = Stfu
Awesome thanks for the advice - I understand that the DR's are not the best strings but they always grab attention - which I dont care about anymore. The rick itself can do it :L
We bassists are lonely and forgotten animals. 7 out of 10 people know who Led Zep are, 1 out of 20 know who the mighty John Paul Jones is. :/ </3
I know:
There me playing it - Qualitys bad,
Stringwise they play very well but there getting old now and I need some new ones what would you suggest?


Thats the share with public
I work so ****ing much :L Hmm i put that album as "everyone" I'll check it in a second.
I play hard rock, blues and sometimes punk I always tend to use a very bassy tone but it seems a waste of a rick.

Try this link
Hey guys I brought a brand new midnight blue Rickenbacker 4003 a few months ago, I love it so much! The action, tone etc but I have a few questions:

Firstly, I'm thinking of getting a better amp because im not sure if it is doing it justice I have a ashdown 160 watt combo do i need an upgrade?

Secondly, I'm abit of a noob when it comes to tone could someone give me tips about getting a tones (i know about treble and bass but have no clue and compression, subharmonics, EQ, mids)

Thirdly, What strings will be best for it? I currently have:

Lastly, can anyone give me details about the price of it over time? How much will it go down/up and are they rare.

Heres a picture of it:
Theres two others in the album,

Thanks in advance
led zeppelin- Grafite Baloon
the beatles - the cockroaches
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i have one of these babys. ashdown is also a very well know and specialised brand (they only make bass amps) you can get pretty much an tone you want. i paid 240 GBP for mine (brand new) a year ago and its still awesome, perfect for small to medium gigs.
thats slighly below ur 500 dollars so u have some money for pedals. and did i mention its a combo!

p.s i couldnt find a new one on the website
i would recommend neither and go for something like a:

iv got one of these it was soo good that i went up a stage and brought a tokai one (a few hundred more pounds).
there really nice to play, have a real bassy sound, rugged and look gorgeous.
however they are very big, im 6 ft 5 and play fine with it so someone smaller may struggle :P
i would recommend a tokai thunderbird. i've got one and its great for indie/alternative and has a very nice tone. its around 400 quid but im sure u could get it cheaper.

(not the epiphone thunderbird because its rubbish)