I don't want to date a drunk, too dangerous
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So I was thinking about this today, I know that guys pee in the shower but I wondering if girls do the same, do they sit down or do they lift their leg and do it doggy style?

Enlighten me pit.

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In the shower, girls do it doggy style

more people have easier access, Obviously the meth business is still a thriving one, but would making it legal really help, I'm all for legalization of most other drugs, and I understand what portugal did, when they decriminalized all drugs and narcotics and whatnot (at least that's what i got from it), but meth is a totally different animal, and it's hard to say that it'll work the same way here
In my spanish class Junior Year of high school, we were learning the very Afeitarse - which means to shave. My spanish teacher asked one of my classmates which leg he shaves, just to be weird I guess. The for some reason, I decided to blurt out "I shave the middle leg!" Then all my classmates looked at me and started bursting out in laughter and my teacher just did a big ol' facepalm and I realized what I had said. I meant it as a sort of "I'm so weird, I have 3 legs LOLLLL!!!!" Not, "HAI GUYS, I HAVE A GIANT HAIRY COCK THAT I HAVE TO PERIODICALLY SHAVE"
If it were legal, then Breaking Bad wouldn't be nearly as cool

But in all honesty, I don't see why it should be, I see myself as somewhat libertarian when it comes to certain issues, such as drug use, and mostly I see it as "well if they're doing it to themself and it isn't effecting anyone else, then what's the issue?" But drugs like Meth and PCP are pretty fucking terrifying, and legal access to them just kinda scares me...
I can't imagine a lot of people admitting to being a Dbag
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Stereotypically speaking, we're all weedy motherfuckers who play an instrument because it's the best way to get laid, because we're shit at cagefighting and cooking bacon. Prove me wrong.

dude, dont talk shit about my bacon. thats fucking bullshit
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Bill Gates Wins Haha! .....

Umm.... Bill Gates stepped down as CEO forever ago, now he's chairman. Steve Balmer (DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS) is the CEO of microsoft
let's put our penises all around his girlfriend
my girlfriend isn't the a preacher's daughter or anything but she is super religious (evolution isn't real and peace is a christian founded ideal kind of religious) But i just told her that i'm not religious, but i still go to church with her sometimes. Just tell her the truth and go to church with her every now and then, you won't burn at the entrance and she'll feel good and get super happy about it too. Hell, even offer to take her to church, that gets you good points and she'll be in a good mood all day. If you really like her, seeing her smile at you is a damn good reward for sitting in a pew for an hour.

EDIT: I'm agnostic, and also we've been together for a year and a three months
most of the one's mentioned so far, right off the top of my head i've seen P.S. I Love you, Twilight, The Proposal, Mean Girls, Easy A, The Notebook, Blue Valentine, Legally Blonde, Miss Congeniality, (500) Days Of Summer (though i wouldnt consider that a chick flick), How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, Titanic, and 50 First Dates, She's The Man.

I did like Mean Girls, Easy A, Blue Valentine, P.S. I Love You (my girlfriend says i like more than i remember liking it, but whatever), Titanic, 50 first dates, and She's the man.

so I guess i do kinda like chick flicks
^Fall of Troy?
I'm just gonna say that not all texans are like this, I'm from texas and I'd say that I'm super supportive of gays. I had a gay roommate, and we're pretty much best friends forever
i understood the thread title...

i dont even ugys
I'd tear the cock up
I loooooved the soundtrack for Fallout 3, Even though it was pretty small and limited, I just love how it set a really cool tone for the environment and like what kind of world you were in.

Still though Grand Theft Auto 4 should be commended for having such a huge soundtrack. It had about a million radio stations with a bunch of songs on each one, plus talk radio and all sorts of stuff, I didn't really care for GTA 4, but having a soundtrack that huge is impressive
4. I'm currently with my 4th one, we've been together since January last year... so i'd say it's going pretty well
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Dinosaurs are pretty keen.

Back in the 50's, Dinosaurs used to go get Malts, then head to the sock hop

fun fact...
I've only seen about 2 episodes and I didn't really care for it. I like musicals, but I hate how glee turns every song into a disney poppish garbage heap.. and I like pop!

Even if it's a bad song, they manage to turn the bad song into an even worse song. I haven't paid much attention to the story though, or the characters for that matter, I think I found myself chuckling at one part, but I can't remember what it was..

I really don't like the fans though, the fact that they're so rabbid about the damn show is annoying but then they call themselves... GLEEKS

fuck them. seriously. fuck them.
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Psst, I have a secret: He was being facetious.

Lol, I thought so, but it really caught me off guard.

Also i love your username, Donald Glover from community/derrickcomedy?
Also its Dong Lover
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Always. We know what is ethical under guidance of our Lord and Savior, and we cannot tolerate sinners. It is immoral and unjust and corrupts the very fabric of our society. We must impose our ethical beliefs on other not out of simple wants, but because if we don't then our civilisation will collapse into a violent Godless anarchy. Come on, let's face it, it's either us or them, and I simply won't sit around while those commie atheists try to destroy religion.

I don't really cry much, for me its normally like 3 tears and I'm just completely unable to cry anymore. I only really cry under huge amounts of stress or anxiety. But the last cry for me was either when I realized I couldn't afford to go to my university anymore, thought my mom would lose her job, thought I was close to losing my job, and thought my girlfriend was gonna dump me.

When my great aunt died though I ****ing lost it. But that was years and years ago.
I think so... I went through a fierce musical drought where it was hard for me to find time to practice and i hadn't discovered any new music for a while at the time. During then I mostly listened to podcast... although each podcast started with a different theme song every week.. so... huh.. i guess not..
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Nah don't worry about it, it will come back with practise.

Also when I feel like crap when playing my guitar. I always watch this for reassurance

lol, right when i saw the title, i immediately paused my music and started chuckling, even before it started
Good god, I remember this game. Sucked away too much time from me in 8th grade... I'm so happy I'm not playing any more
Real.... I'd Have to say Ewan Macgregor.. who among us could say that we wouldn't have sex with him if all he said was "Hellooooo"

thrown out of a comic book store once when i was like 12 or something...I'm pretty sure it's safe to go back now, seeing as I'm 19...I still haven't though because I'm too embarrassed
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Pfft, I'm are the smartest one one this site.

dude, come on.. people learn english all the time, it aren't that hard.
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A lot of people don't get my tastes in music. If they do, they are usually only right about my lighter side (Minus the Bear, Elliott Smith, The Strokes, etc) and never guess about the heavier stuff I dig (BTBAM, Protest the Hero, Tool, Kylesa, etc.)

love all of those

but, people tend to think i'm super into drugs just because im really weird and just...goofy i guess, i havent smoked weed in about a year now and i dont drink or smoke cigarettes at all (well i've gotten drunk like 4 times, but still)
I like Mika, Lady Gaga, and i honestly don't mind Justin Bieber that much

a little embarrassing, although i am more public about liking Gaga than the other two
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All of them.

even meeeeee?
Indie ambient/trance

Plaid Paraguay
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Gordon Freeman

Alyx Vance.
Good god... if you get spandex just do yourself a favor and go as greenman like I did.
Ohh man... I just want to know how old you are..
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The same happened to me. However, I bitched when I did and I think that was enough. The dumbest thing you can do is remind yourself of her every day.

Yeah, I gotcha. Like I'm over it, it happened like 2 years ago, now I have a girlfriend of almost a year (will be in just like 2 weeks), it just kinda sucked when it happened, but now its just all in the past and I really don't care anymore. When stuff like that happens... well what are you gonna do

But I can't say what my worst sensation is... my dad and grandparents died when I was like 2 so I can't remember them at all, but yeah, when I think about them, even though i never knew them.. it really sucks. Probably when my uncle died though, he acted like somewhat of a father to me and he was always my favorite family member. The fact that I didn't go to his funeral still makes me feel shameful
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Watching some other guy date the girl i'm in love with :\

Yeah, that is pretty much the worst, especially when you lose your virginity to her and she just sorta runs off with some other guy and doesn't feel bad at all...... that kinda sucked.. :/