EDIT:I think you have to buy custom low F# string. I've also heard people use a .76 (or something around that) bass string for the low F#
That's gonna turn out awesome. Fo Sho.
Futurama. Oh that's right, it's BACK!
Out of the two, PLEASE get the Viper. You would regret the B.C. Rich so much.
That is a great buy for $60 actually
Can I have a link for this album?
Drop C#. Tune the whole guitar down 1/2 step, and drop the low string down one step further. System of a down used that tuning alot on Hypnotize/Mesmerise.
Seymour Duncan Dave Mustaine Livewires sound perfect for me. They have the power and clarity of an active pickup, with the natural organic tone of a passive pickup. Also, the clean sounds are amazing with the neck pickup.
If you get a pickup change, it can definately do Metal, and I personally love te necks on those guitars. The only disadvantage would be only having 21 frets, but if you can make due with that, then I totally recommend it.

EDIT: Get this instead. It has 22 frets, already has a humbucker in the bridge, and it's alot cheaper. If you're going for the beat up look or feel, get this instead.
Depends on the tuning really. 9-46 for standard and down 1/2 step (along with the dropped forms of these tunings), 10-52 for d/drop c and c#/drop b, and 11-50 for c standard/ drop Bb.
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I'd have to agree. Jeff Beck leaves everybody else dead in the water as far as I'm concerned, at least in terms of originality. He's the guitarists guitarist.

But Buckethead really makes me question what is physically possible to do on the guitar. I mean, he does some insane stuff on the guitar

I agree. Buckethead is Jesus Christ, and in 2012, he will reveal his face and the rapture will begin. And to all the evildoers that don't go to heaven, he will play guitar so fast that their heads will blow up. Well, that's my guess.
Whenever I see a Jeff Beck performance, he rwminds me how much better he is than most of the young guitatists nowadays, and he doesn't even use a pick. Also, I think it's awesome how he got technically better over time and evolving as a guitarist, rather than staying stuck in the same place like a lot of other classic rock guitarist.
HNGD it looks great man.
I don't know the exact model, but it's an EMG loaded Horizon 7, and if I remember right, it's an LTD
I recommend the Ultra-II, as it is geared more towards performance. In that sense, it has a thinner neck than the custom, and it is satin finished, it has the rib cage contour, and that piezo pickup can end up being really useful. Also, the quilt top on the Ultra is amazing, and the custom only comes in black and white. Well, that's just my opinion. Try playing both, and see what you like.
Sweet! Good job man.
It's a great swap. In fact, you're ripping him off big time.
I can't stand the people that ask you to play a song, and then about 5 seconds into it, ask "what song is that?". I swear people have the attention span of a f*cking squirrel.
Dr. Domento is the shit.
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A lot of the solos off of "Shogun" by Trivium
Haha, f*ckers.
I want to take Paul Riario's job as gear reviewer for Guitar World.
I'm 16, and I have 3 out of 5 people for a band (2 guitarists and a singer). It is so hard to find a GOOD metal drummer. Also, it's amazing how many more people play guitar than any other instrument, especially bass.
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Live and Learn on Sonic Adventure 2. Awesome. Also, Open Your Heart and It Doesn't Matter from the first one. Jun Senoue is a beast.

EDIT: Forgot the music to the first level of Double Dragon. It even has that little solo, so badass.

Yes! Glad that someone else realizes the awesome music of those games.
I recommend Dimarzio Tone Zone in the bridge, and Air Norton in the neck. What is your budget?
Banned for being a pompous ass.
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Banned for being a killjoy

Banned for being a bucket.
Well with Fender, they raised the prices like a year ago, and probably saw a loss in sales because of that. Since then, they have put their prices back down. Well, most of them (Looking at you, Jim Root Tele)...
It's all picking. Let us know how it goes.
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Heroin will obviously destroy Amurka and let all of dem commies take our jerbs.

It's the beginning of the end
Yngwie Malmsteen. Not only is he a legendary and very influential guitar player, but he can Unleash The Fury on a donut like nobody's buisness.
IF you get EMG's, I suggest the 81/60 combo.I suggest Seymour Duncan Blackouts. They are more versatile and "natural" sounding than EMG's, and they're cheaper.
It's a pretty mid-level, i'm not sure about the cost, but i'd say anywhere between $6-800 new. It dosen't have any "Special" reputation that I know of. If the floyd stinks, you could always replace it with an OFR.
I happen to like the pre relic'd guitars. Not for the look, but the feel of them. The road worn 50's strat feels alot better than a pristine one to me. And ive played the Malmsteen pre aged strat a few imes before, and it is the best guitar I've EVER played by FAR. It practically plays itself.