so... i'm goin to look for some banjo tunings
thank you guys!
So, I broke my high E string and it's late, so I can't buy a new one
do you guys know some special tunings for 5 strings?
I want to experiment a little
uh, no lo sabia
voy a tener q dejar de postear en español
Quote by Metlhead443
Do you want a f*cking cookie?

yes he does
syn uses the neck pickup a lot
but I dont really know his amp settings
get a ****ing shotgun
they will learn...
rick astley rocks leave him alone!
SoWrongItsMatt because if there's a Matt in the world, he will be wrong.
Mattron2000, bringing the new millenium, again....

to KaFuCh, and Shadowenspirit: you guys are cool
Finnepinne! Be prepared you fucking bastards!

EDIT: -.-

Stentroll! sweeden's false free sex provider!
"you're soo cute"
a friend of mine

catch them all!
is a raging homosexual, and likes pantera, cool guy
you look like a nice guy who likes metallica, and lives in australia, maybe likes surf?

I am the guy in the middle
yeah, I hope he becomes musician...
I wish I could sig all this thread ...

I really laughed reading all this
Lemon is right, You CAN'T evoke the same emotion with one song to every person,
it depends on who is listening.

PS: Lemon, while i was reading your comments i was imagining carlton saying it
second nationality, Italian!
anything by the beatles, obviously
Quote by Zugunruhe
man, i thought this was gonna be someone dropping a stratocaster in a blender. i would pay to see that.

So do I

Edit: You know I'm not speaking literally right? I would spen my money in more useful things, like... bubblegum
I broke one enormuos mirror by kicking it
and I broke a window by punching it
in my house...
and I dind't got cut

also, I punched a door in my school and I left a mark of my fist in it
RIP elvis...

...I'm joking! I know he's alive!
put your used socks in his mouth
I really don't care about intelligence or height or muscles
except if you're talking about this girls

do not want
13 UG Album Composition - cash49

12 La flor de mi vida - ZeGuitarist

11 LAME SONG - toton1989

10 UNTITLED - Bushinarin

9 My Herat - boreamor

8 Western Colonization - Ardie12

7 My own song No. 7 - JohnFruThomas

6 Road to no tomorrow - Tapping_Ninja

5 Native Son - Pretty PinkPony

4 The Night - 2 15/19

3 01000101 - Pretty PinkPony

2 Grafitted the sky - TimBFMV

1 Escape - kr46

0 Wind chimes(listen up) - LaGrange
something by ill niño like "this is war"
Quote by woMANintheBOX19
Personality is more important than looks..

when you meet someone, you look his/her body

If you're looking for a long relationship personality it's the most important
I think we like boobs so much cause we dont have them
I mean, we all have nose, any guy(that I know of) gets horny by looking a nose

plus, testosterone (I don't know if I spelt it right) colaborates here

sorry for my english!

PS: I like boobs
that guy looks just like my friend Mike, weird...
I just tell the girl that I don't like her.

Or start avoiding her...
hai guise. i'm not english

I believe you eat fried bread or something like that for breakfast?
I wanna know traditional things from england...
Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: Moderate
Schizoid: Low
Schizotypal: Moderate
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: High
Narcissistic: Moderate
Avoidant: Low
Dependent: Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate
oh **** men leave the goats alone!