the most important thing is that you ground the pots and the pickups in such a way that each component can only get to the ground wire (the one coming from the bridge) in one route. otherwise you can set up "ground loops" which i believe can produce hum.
if i am wrong, someone please correct me.
thanks alot, both of you!
i found a random 'driver knocking round the garage and forced open the cavity.
yellow wire is ground, so it can be done and save me some £££s

plus, custom orange paintjob, methinks!

thanks man, i already had a look at that but it didn't prove entirely useful
unless one of the guru's has specific insight into wire colouring in cheapo marshall footswitches, i'll just take a 'driver to it and find out.
d'you think it is likely one of them (yellow, maybe?) is to ground?
yeah i know, but don't have screwdriver on hand.
is one of them likely to be a ground that i can split and solder to each jack?
hey all.
have searched the internetz, but to no avail!

So, I have an Orange Rockerverb50combo and a marshall MG30DFX footswitch.
I want to control the reverb and channel switch on the former with the latter.
The three wires at the end of the footswitch cable are Red, Yellow and Blue.

I would like to know if anyone has any idea of their function so that I can put two big jacks on the end of this cable and then control the amp as stated above, with one jack in each appropriate socket.

I'm competent with a soldering iron and could just mix and match to find the right combo, but I wanted to know if it was possible before I buy some jacks.

hey man thanks for the photo of the inside.
but that second one is a thunderverb.. lol.
yeah, the transformers were pretty rusted, should i be worried about that?
might aswell have a look inside.
apart from draining the caps, is there anything else that i should know before i have look?

gargh i really want a carbon copy, they seem awesome!!!
but money saving means i should find one pedal capable of both.
thanks for the input.
anyone actually own one of these things?
evening all.
i am the proud owner of an orange rockerverb50combo. i am also into my ambient/post-rock music. have been looking for a good delay/looper pedal for a while now, and i thought the boss dd-20 was a good one. just a few things that the user manual did not address...

1. when in Sound On Sound mode, can delay (and if so, is it just standard delay?) be applied to the phrase you are recording/looping?
2. can a different delay be applied to any overdubs?
3. impedance-wise, it would be better to put this in my fx-loop. how do people who do not have an fx-loop deal with the low volumes it probably produces?

i am seriously confused here.

well, the transformers were all rusted but i havent opened it up fully yet. it was more a question of "have they gone through radical changes or can i expect my rv50c to be as good as one straight off the line today?"

thanks (i will post pics of spanky clean amp when soap+water has worked!)
hey guys
ermm so i got my orange rockerverb 50 combo on wednesday.
it is secondhand, but the previous guy got it ex-demo from a shop.
needless to say, it looks a bit worn in.
any advice on how to clean the orange tolex (specifically? or just like normal black?) other than minimal soap and warm water?
also, has the circuit changed since the amp started coming out? i looked inside and it just seemed a bit.... ancient?

(new orange convert)
buying a mule and black dog humbucker set for my gibson sg special.
need to know if the leg lengths in (standard) gibsons of the pickups is 1/2 or 1/4 inch!
please help!

I am trying to replace my stock SG Special pickups with new ones and have run into an issue with pole-spacing. The neck is 49mm and the bridge is 52ishmm, but I want to replace them both with standard spaced (49mm) humbuckers.
Is it possible to change the saddles on the TOM bridge to make all strings sit over their poles even if the bridge becomes 49mm?
or any other ideas?

by TOM dyou mean Tune-O-Matic?
cos i think my sg special came with one of those.
it looks like this

wiki link

but i have tried to adjust the saddle in order to make the strings sit over the poles, but it can't be done!
so, i am going to buy new pickups for my '02 sg special
specifically seymour duncan sh-1 ('59 model) for the neck and sh-4 for the bridge.
on measuring the pole spacing on both pickups to decide if i needed humbuckers or trembuckers, i realised that the current 490T stock bridge pickup has a weird pole spacing of about 52mm, not 49mm like the neck one or 53.6mm as a (standard?) trem/f-spaced pickup.
on further reading, other people are having this issue, and was wondering if anyone could clarify why it arose as of late 1980s?!?
also, should i get the humbucker(49mm) or trembucker (53.6mm) version of the sh-4?
will it cover the strings appropriately and generate an appropriate magnetic field for the breadth of my strings?

thanks man, it suddenly just started working perfectly!! i put it on 72mv for a bit of a laugh. ill see how that sounds tomorrow! wooh love modding stuff that isnt meant to be modded!
hey all,

i am the proud owner of a new hot rod deluxe. the sound is pretty good, but i think a little biasing could make it even better. i am following instructions here and am being very careful but i can't seem to get a reading on my digital multimeter (this one ) when i place the clips in the designated spots. i have trid detecting both DC and AC currents and nothing is registered....

any ideas??

thanks in advance

hey all,

i want to change the knobs on my gibson sg special a the original ones are pretty cracked. the pot shafts beneath them are split, and i was just wondering if i could put these on there:

possibly telecaster knobs?

they are tightened by an allen key so i dunno...
basically, the gibson knobs are boring and i want metal ones with heavy duty feel to them.
any advice would be appreciated!


ps. what pedal could i get a decent page distortion from? these are pretty ****e. was thinking along the lines of a tubescreamer or is that a little too extreme
i use a fender hot rod deluxe (very new, havent yet biased it as i fear for my life when dealing with the capicitors!) and i often use a marshall jackhammer or bluesbreaker pedal infront of it.
mmm thanks guys i appreciate the info.
i am going for the reliability and diversity of a page tone, but the actual notes and style of playing will be on a more progessive/jazzy line.
the guitarist from the band Oceansize sums it up pretty well; anything ranging from rounded mantric cleans to clear-cut distortion....
i guess everyone has their tastes and this combo seemed to me to fit the bill.
evening all.
i am going to change the pickups in my Gibson SG Speical 2002 becuase the current 490R and 490T are sounding a bit thin to my ears nowadays.
I have had my eyes on the Seymour Duncan SH-1 ('59 model) for the neck position and the SH-4 JB (edgier cut jazz model) for the bridge.
The tone I am going for is powerful and full Jimmy Page. Obviously I will never play like the man himself but I respect his crunchy tones that are so dynamic.
On the other hand, I love the bite I can get out of my current pickups and want to know whether

1. this will be retained in my new choices
2. my new choices are any good for that sort of sound. If anyone can recommend better, please do.

thanks for your attention, ultimateguitarists.


nb. i am also going to implement the jimmy page wiring mod for awesome sound permutations.
good evening all.

i have a bit of a puzzle, and it is out of sheer curiousity that i want to do this.

so, about 3 months ago i picked up this black (and very aged) squier bullet strat from denmark street for £70. plays like a junkie hooker on a stag do.
i am trying to find a date for this guitar but the internet is not being helpful.

s/n: NC 439079 "made in china" written underneath

and it has a thin headstock with the standard squier logo AND Bullet Series written on it...

can anyone help me get an accurate date for this old bird?

/nazi's never had a nation.

infact, they suffered probably the biggest fail of the 20th century...
or... crossbreed... forming... the legendary ZOMBIE BEARS!!
this thread has become rather dry methinks
knock knock... who's there? not maddie mccann
hope this is useful.
i went interailing with one of my best mate's (go with people who don't annoy you, trust me. we got on ok but i can imagine it driving you nuts if you didnt!!) for 3 weeks last summer. ill list where we went and a few words:
1.Brussels: awesome place. expensive but defo worth the money. nice nice beers and people.
2. Amsterdam: this place was alot more touristy than brussels, but again a once in a lifetime thing. you have to go. see the red light district blah blah. very interesting. would also recommend heading out to the western side of town - its alot quieter but that means cheaper and people are less prepared to treat you like a tourist (they actually provide service, not just want to take your money and have you fcuk off).
3. Berlin: again, a very european city indeed...

oh god this is going to take ages. pm me and ill send a longer version 2mw, but OVERALL

if you have alot of money (£800 for 3 weeks for me, thats accomodation, food, etc. everything except tickets) then go for it. if money is tight you may regret it...
because you smell.

was gunna mention tom morello earlier but realised it would end in burnage as his style (pencil banging and what not) doesn't actually constitute playing the guitar in the classical sense.

jack white is overrated i think. yeah i love his original raw tone but his style is predictable. bellamy over white, but even bellamy's sound is too big for his own good sometimes....

whatever, my 2 pence.
+1 for ray toro. good spot.

id also like to bring Kris Coombes-Roberts to the table.
Funeral for a Friends guitarist. pretty crap band but his style is definitely unique i think.
cheers for the super niche info guys, the internet wasnt giving much away on the subject.
just one more question if i may, instead of starting a new thread...

how do i go about changing the nut on this strat?

i guess i can just knock the old one out, but do i need to glue the new one in or is the pressure from the strings sufficient?


s'ok, i found what i was pretty much looking for...

Original Wiring Diagrams

hope that helps anyone following this thread.

now all i need is the electronics parts, which i guess i could buy in a bundle.
ps. GFS: from right?
cheers guys, appreciate the feedback!
yeah i take your point about alot of his sound being the amps and technique he used, i was really just curious about the actual wiring of his guitar and if he had done some mods on it (like jimmy page did).
so now i have one question -

where would i find schematics of 1962 fender strats? i still have no idea what value pots and caps my squier is currently running so am still a bit in the dark.....


hey all.

right, so i have decided to mod the hell out of my questionable black squier strat. not only did denmark street tell me they would "fix the electronics" prior to selling it me, which they didn't do at all (rawr!) i think the lady is old enough for a complete rehaul.

so, 40w soldering iron and solder are being ordered, pickups are being (carefully) monitored on ebay (i found a set from a 2005 fender american standard, not very daring i know, but irish tour bareknuckles will go in there when i have the monies). i also need to order guitar cable, a new 5way switch and appropriate caps [and pots.

anything else? if so let me know...]

so, now to the nitty-gritty...

i admire hendrix beyond measure. i want to recreate his tone as accurately as possible.
so... does anybody know how he wired his black strat? i mean, circuit-wise, the values of the pots and caps.... anything that could help me.

incase you can't tell i am VASTLY inexperienced in guitar modification and have decided to bite the bullet on this poor unsuspecting squier!!


oops. genuine apology then. (sorry)

the top of the forum said "Discuss everything about the bands and songs you love and hate" so i thought it would be ok to discuss why i don't like them (because they have not matured) and take up good tv time.

surely, if i were purely flaming i would have just started a new thread with something like
"Simple Plan suck major balls"

But instead I justified my opinion..... where's the line drawn?

i'm not a hater at all.
at least, on some level, even if i don't like a particular band, i can appreciate their musicianship and general vibe. i mean, it has to take some degree of effort to come up with a melody, no matter how simple it is, and move that through all the necessary stages to make it a song. along with that is dealing with record companies, shooting a video.... blah blah blah.

so, this begs the question... who the **** let some piss-poor french canadian pop punk band CONVINCE themselves that, having written a tune or two, it would be a smart career move to venture forth into the dog-eat-dog world of the commercial music industry, so that 10 years later (today), we can all be reminded (over what could well be the same weak chord progression in EVERY SONG) that Pierre Bouvier (such a pretentious name) is so much better and/or different than/from the rest of society.

Its like most bands mature through stages. We are in love with them at different points or throughout the entire process.
Simple Plan however have not changed a bit. Seriously, listen to their first and most recent singles. They seem to be stuck in the warped mind of a 14 year old pre-pubescent girl. Who knows, maybe this is their target audience and they are actually making a killing....

Nevertheless I don't think, with all the technical and musical advances over the last decade, that it is reasonable to continue producing such substandard music, so far from mediocre, that it leads people like me to overtly complain.

And in case you are wondering, I liked them ONCE, their first single, and that was mainly because Elisa Dushku was in the vid. And I am complaining because they crop up on MTV2 nowadays when I am trying to watch good music.....

Does anyone else agree? I feel like I am at my wit's end with this band.

yeah, i did mean in "series" sorry about that, i was super excited about what possibilities i had found!


yeah the P-rails are a very interesting little number, but im not too keen on the idea of a 'bucker, P90 and singlecoil in one. it might turn out to be a case of "do all things but none of them well" of which i have encountered a fair bit in the guitar world.

cough *Line 6*

also, patent pending doesn't inspire confidence. i think the idea they are getting at is a complete and absolute swap between the 3 pickup models...
from what i understood about Jimmy Page wiring is that it is not an absolute humbucker or single coil choice - by turning the knob you can move between the two. this is what really appealed to me as it makes tonal variation a lot more broad.

i might be horribly wrong though.....
woah opened up a can of worms there!

thank you so much for giving my train of thought some direction though. i did a bit of reading and decided that i was going to coil split each of the humbuckers (even if i change the stock ones) using push pull pots on the "tone" knobs.
hen read that i can use more push pull pots to both phase the pickups and put them in serial to get a massive tone, so i could do this on the "volume" knobs.

then i read that this wiring was pioneered by Jimmy Page and is pretty much his trademark.

great minds think alike :P

thanks again
first off, thanks for taking an interest!

so i have had this guitar about 5 years and it has served me very well with stock hardware and apart from changing the strings, action and lowering the humbuckers into the body, everything is still as it is when it came out of the box. i have had a look inside the back bit out of curiousity but no changes were made.

now, as i am a bit more gutsy with the thing in general, i would like to play around with it. the questions are:

what can i do to the electronics to change my sound? soldering is something i am going to have to learn to do eventually so any pots/caps changes people can recommend, or any p'ups that are known to work well with the body?

the SG comes with 490T bridge and 490R neck p'ups which are good but sometimes tend to be a bit muddy (could be a number of things contributing to that though, like my ****e amp).
i am looking to refurbish the guitar in one fell swoop so ideally a scratch-plate change, re-wiring EVERYTHING (eventually) to make sure it is in the best possible nick, and as i said, changing the electronic circuitry to better the tone is on the list also.

anything you could help me with would be much appreciated. the SG is not well covered on the 'net so i hope this is helpful for more people than just myself....

the tv is wishing us merry christmases