I would say les paul for a solid body but you already have that
Yes get out more. Play with anyone and anywhere.
Also, I steal licks from fusion players to spice up my pop rock oriented playing
I just finished writing and recording all the solos for my pop rock band. Im looking to get some feedback. Check them out please!
Acoustic and vocals? you should do that at home
Look on craigslist. I have a japanese copy of a gibson custom and its awesome. costs me $450
If you use the mixolydian scale over the progression then yes. try E5-D5-A5 and then just play E mixolydian. Thats one of the most basic mixolydian progressions
There is no "correct" way to play. Some ways are better than others though. I say get books and dvds. Theyre are better than stuff on the internet because you wont have to spend your time having to browse for everything. I recommend 'Creative Guitar' 1 & 2. They are written by Guthrie Govan, who in my opinion is probably the best guitarist
go to the music store and play until your comfortable. keep going until you can shred in front of anyone at whim without any setbacks
An advanced player should know at least 5 shapes for each chord.
About the band thing. You should join. Plenty of famous guitarists would fake their way into bands until they improved
look up 'how to set your guitars intonation'. try using a real amp or a better guitar too
It might be the intonation. sometimes when strings arent in tune, the frequencies will fight each other and sound awful
Im left handed but play righty. Ive always wondered if I would be a better player if i played lefty. It is way easier shopping for guitars though. Especially sharing or borrowing guitars
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i use my right middle finger and tap down instead of tapping up idk it feels natural to me

I do this too
pachebels canon
Some parts were good, some parts were bad. From the good parts though I think you have the potential to be a good singer, especially if this is your first time. so keep it up
Actually professional guitars have spent hours learning licks and scales that they can use when improvising. most of the improvising they will do is when they are playing slow melodic lines. those super fast shred licks they use in between are licks they have already spent hours practicing and may use the same ones quite often. of course there are exceptions when an amazing guitarist having a great night will play some really fast lines that just come out of nowhere. that takes years of practice though
I always warm up before i play. I dont do it because im worried about injuring myself i just do it because my fingers are cold and slow and i cant play as well until im warmed up.

Also, you should try concentrating on doing drills. Its hard for me to concentrate when im practicing too; i usually get distracted and then get lost playing random stuff which isnt too effective. so i would say about the practicing aspect, if you are really trying to improve then try and concentrate during practice and do meaningful drills. Then, you can noodle around
If you cant afford a permanent teacher you wont get out of what you would get for a few lessons. It takes time for the teacher to realize your goals and weaknesses/strengths. The most my old guitar teacher did for my playing was in giving me confidence. He didnt really teach me that much about guitar
Ernie ball has strings with heavy bottoms. would those work?
Its a modulation to the sixth degree. So lets say you went from C major to A minor. You would want to use an E chord which is the V of A harmonic minor which would make it sound as though you are in the relative minor.
I just recently finish writing a solo for the alternative pop rock band Im in right now. Im looking to get some feedback on it so check it out please! Its on my profile, called 'Never Alone solo'. I just used to tracks for writing so I wasnt going for for a fully polished recording. C4C too, thanks!
You need to make sure you arent dragging your pick across the strings. You want a nice quick strum or you wont get a tight clean sound
work on the touch and vibrato that he has
also, a strat would help
There are no perfect chord progressions but some work better than others. Learn about the circle of fifths
Get some books or dvds. You can find plenty of exercises that will help your playing.
I think playing for an hour a day being fully focused is enough time for practice. (unless you want to be a virtuoso guitarist)

First, I would say make some goals. For example, you might want to be better at sweep picking, ear training, tremolo picking, etc.
Then, you put exercises in that one hour that will help you accomplish those goals.
I usually play for more than an hour a day but much of that is just messing around.
Playing an hour a day with a structured and effective practice schedule and then just doing whatever you want with your guitar for the rest of the day should yield to some good progress in your playing
yeah keep doing the hammer on and pull offs from 12 to 15 and then at the same time hit the 17th with either your pick or finger and then slide up fast
yes you can rest your hand on the bridge. it is needed for palm muting. having your hand floating above the strings seems silly to me, unless your strumming
I have never played one but one thing to keep in mind is that pros have their equipment modded so that could be the case too
I have the same problem with my les paul and it doesnt bother me
Astair by matt costa i think is similar
Im not sure what kind of frets you have but jumbos will make it a lot easier to bend. I have a les paul with pretty low frets and it makes it pretty hard to bend. I still use 10s though
I used to be in your same shoes. I would say, learn piano if you havent already. Its pretty hard to apply that kind of stuff without a keyboard. For example, the singer in my band writes the vocal harmonies on piano. I was pretty good at four part harmony in my class as well but i cant really say it has helped me with guitar playing.
Not really because although your head knows the fretboard you fingers need to as well
you could do either. when i play funk ill use my fretting hand but when i play other styles ill use my picking hand and then sometimes ill use both. for this bend i would lay my first finger across the muted strings and then bend with my second and third fingers while muting with my picking hand
The easiest way for me is to find voicings of the chords that allow me to play the melody. Then I let my instincts/creativity kick in.
I rarely use my pinky for vibrato, especially on the high e. I dont see many pros that do either. If you want to then try having other fingers behind it. Also, try different techniques; maybe have your thumb anchored or not anchored on the neck.
Its worth being able to do though so practice it, especially when your ending licks in that situation you want your last note to sound good.