title says it all. I've came back in UG and it seems as if all mp3 were removed lately.
Is there a way to get my recordings back? That stuff was quite valuable for me.
You want large compresed file (zip, rar) with large amount of tabs?
ok then. I have 20000 tabs. wanna?
Sorry that I cant show you link.
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I only finded Power tab
Newest guitar pro version is 5.2
With new relistic engine it looks much better
Equalizer , New drum , guitar and bass packs.
But size is ~800 MB.
xD still I am using Midi.

I like guitar Pro becouse its prety simple to use.
I will help to find tabs you need.

My recommended tabs sites :

more sites here :

If still you didnt find please comment and place song name.
Dar ir lietuviai cia lankosi
in menu bar/Files/Export/
There you can chose

Gp4 if you have gp5
and more formats
Am I right
In guitar pro menubar/files/export/escII and copy text.
Here you go!
reply mesage plz.
(This post is for everyone who did't find tabs for these bands)
I am fan of these bands.
Also I am good taber (Pro).

If you did't find tab.
I will find or create tab.

Conditions !!!
Add you song with Email (In comment)
or you can send me private mesage.
If you didnt write email I will not response !!!
I will write answer in this post comments.