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Hey guys, recently Ive been really unhappy with the way my egnater rebel 20 sounds. It sounds very thin and "papery", farty at times. The gain sounds like crap. Just to give you an idea, it makes my old ass crate v18 sound great. I replaced the 12ax7 tubes but it didnt help. Took it to a guitar shop and compared it with one in the store and it sounded alright.

I don't think its my guitar because it sounded fine in my Crate V18. I would plug it into the cab of my v18 combo to test but thats 4 hours away at home.

Could it be a problem with my matching cabinet? Is anyone having any problems with their egnaters like this?
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I have a PRS SE and a Classic Vibe Strat
dude... I had the exact amp and speaker haha...what are the odds...I hated the V18, it was a steal for the $149 I paid for it but I completely understand what you mean about volume. The Vox would be great for a dorm. I couldnt ever get my tubes hot on my v18 in my dorm last year. Ive played the ac4 and you can definitely get some good sounds out of it at bedroom volumes. Look at that or maybe a bugera v5. I prefer the vox personally over the bugera. The vox has way better gain on tap than my old v18 could ever dream of...
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budget? A pretty basic recommendation is something like a Fender Blues Jr. and throw in a tubescreamer or something.
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If I were you...I would buy a PRS SC 245, maybe an LP Traditional or Standard, and a kick ass amp
the raven sucks but doesn't go out of its way to make it appear it doesnt lol...a vypyr is slightly better, but still a bit overhyped on this site in my opinion. My first spider III died in less than a year and that was plenty long enough for me to realize how bad it was...Im not sure if the spider IV's are any better...
^ what he said, and pay attention to all the guitar's knobs as well. Don't just dime the guitar tone and volume knobs.
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Look at Agiles on My friend owns an agile al-2000. Cost him $199 and the finish is absolutely perfect. Weighs as much as a real Gibson and I would honestly take it over an epiphone. If you have a bit more to spend, look at the al-3000. Its got alnico magnets instead of ceramic pickups and upgraded hardware and binding. The only thing I would change on the al-2000 is the pickups, but even that could be an upgrade for later down the road.
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all of it is great. its probably better than I expected. It has very qotsa moments but for the most part sounds completely natural and different at the same time. cant wait to get a copy of it instead of youtube quality. This lives up to the hype in my book
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if you are just starting out, I would go for the vypyr over the spider. The vypyr has a ton of effects and sounds decent for the price. My first amp was a spider III, and like most people here will tell you, eventually you will realize the tone is awful, it also died after a year.

If you want to look for tube amps, look at the Vox Ac4TV and the Bugera V5. Im not sure what you play, but for blues and low gain rock, I would take either the vox or the bugera over the vypyr. And realize that wattage on a tube amp is not the same as wattage on a solid state amp. A 5 watt tube amp is plenty loud for a bedroom, probably louder than a 15 watt solid state

Up to you though, go play as many as you can
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Rondo doesn't make the guitars. They sell agiles, douglas, and sx.

My friend owns an agile al-2000. Cost him $199 and its infinitely better than any epiphone lp you could get. It weighs as much as a gibson, and the fit and finish is immaculate. The only thing, if anything, that should be done to it is upgrade the pickups. I may get myself an agile al-3000 at some point. The al-3000's have alnico pickups instead of ceramics and have a triple binding
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Vox ac4 is the best out of those.
Bugera V5 is nice also, much cheaper, but a bit darker and less chimey
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I saw a clear flying V copy at South Austin Music in Austin, TX. No idea on the brand but yeah just thought I would throw that out there.
well don't put your fingertips under the strings...thats just bad technique. It takes a while to realize that the pick is just an extension of your fingers. Try "choking" down on the pick I guess? Or you could just try finger picking until you get more comfortable with string positions.
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you could play the vox ac4tv.

its an all tube 4 watt amp. ive played them a couple of times at various stores and they sounded really really great, despite the low price. there are some pretty good demos on youtube if you wanna check it out.

this...the vox ac4 is awesome.

also look at the bugera v5 if you can find one. They run $149 and have more controls than a valve junior
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I noticed the other day that the PRS SE custom is going for $449 now on guitar center. I love my PRS and the price is finally back down to what I paid for it 2 years ago.

If you like single coils look at the MIM Strats (around $500, much cheaper used) or a Squier Classic Vibe ($349). With what you play though, you may want to avoid single coils. Humbuckers will get you closer to the tone you want.

Ibanez has an ART series which are raved about but I've never played one. Agile Al-2000's are les paul copies you order from The Agile is very well made for the price ($199) and the finish is amazing. Pickups are a bit weak but its a steal in my opinion. I like dean markley strings (.10 gauge).

(I know I own these so I sound biased but its whatever.)

Concerning tone, don't dime all of your knobs. I did that sometimes when I was starting. Learn to use your guitar controls and pickup switch along with the amp settings. Dont just dime your volume knob or tone knobs on the guitar either. It just takes tweaking. Keep reverb low, just a bit is good. Start with your bass, mid, and trebs at noon and tweak from there.

My line 6 spider III never really got me a tone I was happy with, but I've never played a spider II. People on here will likely tell you to look at new amps also. A good starter amp thats a definite step up from spiders is the peavey vypyr. I set my friend up with a peavey vypyr and an agile al-2000 for a starter setup and hes happy with it.
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get some EXPs or martin acoustic strings.

EDIT: nevermind haha thought you were asking about strings. This is a really vague thread. budget? music style?
arctic white with maple is way sexy. that gets my vote mainly because of the looks and also I feel like the humbucker on the HSS models needs to be swapped after market