anything by The Smiths to learn cool haunting sounding chords

anything by Paul Gilbert/Mr Big just for them chords you wouldn't use every day

Oasis for the chords you'd use everyday
^ ir's just the way i play it mate

i like to put my own twist on covers
Here I am testing out my recording gear to the Bon Jovi classic Livin On A Prayer but I only play the solo, tell me what you think of it, leave comments and ratings, and also tell me what you think here, down things like tone and what not. Thanks

The track is on my profile
^Their is a Soleares of him playing I believe, just look on his youtube channel, i believe he composed it himself too!

It's not me

It's my guitar teacher, but I thought I'd share it with the world, because he's pretty phenominal. His names Mark Boden and he has played rock guitar for nearly 20 years and is a virtuoso easily and now devoted his time to Flamenco guitar which he has done for the past 3 years.

So what do you think of this?
We (Hell Forgot Her) have just finished writing our debut EP and they are all in Guitar Pro format so that we can easily change things and hear them alot better, this is another track from the EP called When In Rome Do What Romans Do and is a melodic rock song.

We play songs in the style of the 80's Hair Metal bands but with a female singer.

We will return all Crit given if a link is supplied to crit a specific song.

We would appreciate as detailed Constructive Criticism as you possibly can



Hell Forgot Her
I quite like the feel of this song so far *im at the verse* The drums arent really as good as they could be however like already said, but i'm not going to dwell on that. They get better in the chorus though with the double bass and I really like the works of the guitar as they sound very melodic, and very harmonic minor like. I think the piano interlude is really quite cool and i'm really fond of well composed piano's I think the solo is pretty cool and sounds very Avenged Sevenfold like with the arpeggios. Verse 2 and chorus same crit as before. I quite like the key change chorus I think it has a nice feel to it, and I really like that you have gone back to your intro for the outro but with a rall. I think that that works exceptionally well and love the chord strum at the end.

Overall a really great song
Strobe Lights and Light Brites

I quite like the way the chords are, they produce that very heavy tone, and I love the feel of the song, melodic hardcore i'd call it. I really, really like the little piano break before the guitars come back in, now this isn't really my thing but I understand what you were doing, and I think it's a really cool song, I think it almost speaks for itself even without vocals because theres just so much going on, it's so busy and I think the ending as absolutely immaculate, it is just superb

Gaze In Amazement

The intro seemed pretty forceful and quite harsh, so for any other genre it wont have worked, however bearing in mind what you were going for it sounds really cool, again with the piano break, i love it, just the whole arpeggio form is perfect yet again. I think you've done a really good job with the drums, and the bass drum is very adoment throughout. I like this melodic run on bar 113 with the guitars onwards and I think its really good, and I think that you have harmonised them perfectly.

The only thing I'd say about both of the songs is that the piano isn't used as much as it probarbly could be to make them completely awesome. Other than that though, they are great.
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that's like asking if there's a word for someone who supports standing on one foot and swinging a beaver around their head.

Thanks for your crit i will crit both of your songs later
Here is the kind of stuff our band plays and we have been recording it this week so its nearly finished in regards to an actual production, but tell me what you think about it based on the following Midi, GP5 or GP4 that you listen to

I would be ridiculously grateful for thorough criticism


I've always wondered this, cause I think the guy is a genius and quite a poet in the way he writes his very clever songs.

For those of you who don't know him he was the singer of The Smiths and has been a solo artist since there break-up

So, do you hate morrissey?

What is your opinion?
Is it not sweep picked with hammer ons and pull-offs
I think Eric Roche did a cool version
^ No I understand that

and he did them when he was like 5 too

but Everyone in my class is doing Twinkle Twinkle so I want to be different
I am doing my Intergrated Assignment for my GCSE music and am currently on an A

I am doing variations on a theme and get to choose what i want to base the theme on, i want to do something fairly challenging but not ridiculous like paganini's 5th and not as easy as twinkle twinkle.

Can anyone reccommend me anything? classical would be nice
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Auto-tune is an installer isn't it?

Once its installed it should just show up in the inserts dropdown menu... well thats how logic works.

yeah but i didn't know where to install it :/
how do i install Autotune into it to use, i thought you'd just copy it into the VST's but you dont
^ Sorry man
i dont find the stretch too taxing, just practice it
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Theres a name for this, i cant remember it though, at a guess i think its "red light fever" or something.

I was reading abour it, apparently its quite common amongst musicians (specifically vocalist), as soon as the red light goes on to show that they're being recorded, they panic and get hit by the nerves.

I think its just a matter of practising, perhaps hes just got to learn to say '**** it', take deep breaths and relax, and just focus on his playing, not the fact that hes being recorded.

Red Light Fever is the excact name for it

just tell him to relax, take some breaths and rock
You can plug straight into the guitar port, thats what i do on mine and i get some pretty solid vocals out of it.

Mark Tremonti does it

just increase string gauge on the E
Practice scales up

then you'll have a better scale knowledge whilst improving your alt picking
Buy a wah pedal
Ibanez RG series wont break the bank
Major Scale, and learn to solo in it properly

Don't be someone who solo's everything in the reletive minor pent to the key

its attrocious :|
nah, sounds pretty reasonable

you want your guitar in good nick
Thats a freaking awesome practice routine

im gonna have to start doing it too
I got it for christmas cause I'm starting college to learn how to do it and they use Cubase, I really dont have a clue, my expertise are limited on Audacity
Whats pink and covered in cobwebs

- Madeline McCanns bike
Is it possible to record the RSE from guitar pro just so i can make a drum track?

I dont want to do midi as it obviously doesnt sound realistic enough

wheras the GP RSE is bearable, thanks
I have Cubase, Gearbox and Autotune atm but thats all I have in regards to recording software. What can I use to mix the songs and also to edit the bass, mids, treb and all the reverb stuff.

Basically what freeware is there that is creditable that will help me when producing songs on my computer?


I have a Marshall 4x12 Cab

what are popular 80's sounding Power Amps/Heads

^£600 not dollars

£600 is about $1000
^ I didnt mean I want a full rack

I just want something that will sound Hair Metal like

and I heard the ADA Mp1 does produce some of them sounds, and i've found them on ebay for real cheap.
Hey guys, I need your help.

I am looking for a Hair Metal guitar sound and have some money to play with, and want to really fine tune my tone, I have an Ibanez RG370DX and a Marshall VS65 atm, I'm happy with my guitar but am looking into the world of Studio effects and the like

I have about £600 to play about with and would really like a cab set up

I was wondering what you guys would reccommend for the Hair Metal tone?

My source of buying will be predominanantely ebay

I have been looking at the ADA MP1 but dont know much about it, what is it like?