while we are sharing.. ;] I can remember in school - during the lesson (must have been boring!!) me and a freind used to show our dicks under the table to two girls opposite us and they in turn would show their stuff. Was kinda exciting to do something that seemed "naughty". It was a catholic school, guys! lolz

a few years later.. I remember not knowing how to wank at about the age of 13 and like all boys that age, I used to get hard-ons but I just wasn't so sure what the hell to do so I'd rub my balls alot and my head not EVEN KNOWING THAT AN ORGASM WAS ROUND THE FRICKIN CORNER!! what a waste of jacking off lol

I've made up for it since ;]
its masturbation if both of the clones do it.. coz you know exactly where to touch "yourself" I'd have a go lol
Quote by Ikonoklast
My aspirations right now are to have a wank and go to bed. That good enough?

..incase my last post seemed random
just had a wank.. need to go into town and get some strings but I think my purpose in life might be BEING myself and just staying true to that
in a park on a lucky tree.. in a plane over the sea.. in the woods once daytime has to top it ;]