I gave it to some one ;[

Wish I didn't.
You're a junkie waiting to happen. Good luck.

3,325 posts ... in the ... Paramore thread.
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I love playing that intro riff on guitar haha. So much fun.


I dare you to try learning guitar.
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Ah snap, I might do a pixies one just for fun on top of the jawbreaker, is there a new deadline or is just ehhhh, until theres enough entries?

You should do a Good Charlotte song.
I was failing miserably.
Wow really? My last four posts in the Pop Punk and Emo forum were removed.

I had one in the Blink 182 thread where I quoted a user who said he loves playing the intro riff to the song 'Time' and my post was 'I dare you to try learning guitar'

And a post in the Paramore Only Thread which was '3,325 posts ... in the Paramore thread ... '

Fuck you Pop Punk and Emo forum.
I live in Southern California in the US and I am having a show this coming Saturday. But after the show is our after party. But not just any party...


My question to you guys is..

What kind of hard alcohol mixes well with tea? And how should I go about this?
Our party is consisting of tea, hard alcohol and only listening to ska bands with England. Suggestions on bands would be appreciated too. Although I pretty much got that.
So you wanna build your tolerance huh?

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I've been pretty much drinking every weekend since June and I've never heard of anyone building up a tolerance for it. Food helps a lot from what I've tried.

Drinking after you've just had a steak rather than drinking on an empty stomach is so much better.

Eat before you go out. Also, don't drink too much of it straight. It might feel like it has no effect right away, but take start taking straight shots of some Jack and the only thing you'll remember is waking up in the morning. Drink mixed if you're just starting, stop when you start spinning.

Your user name isn't a Tourettes Guy reference is it?
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^ Good job, make sure that stuff gets backed up so they can't vanish and literally ruin everything.

I'm still so f*ckin' mad that those vocal takes got lost. They won't get re-done for a month, and in the meantime my life is continuing to fall apart.

No friends (bandmates don't EVER want to hang out), no hope. Or any prospects of actually getting a decent job at all.

Srsly, there is no way I am getting out of this prison.

Amen. To all of thee above.
Try a good album.

The Adicts -27
Call them or look it up stop with your nubbery.
Argyle Street started on their recording. Five hours later drums and bass tracks got done for four songs. Yahoo.

I'm currently pulling my hair out trying to find this one A Global Threat song that I don't know the name of and can't find it for the life of me.
I'll ask Tim myself.
This place would be a lot better if I was a mod. I'm thinking about starting my campagin.
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**** off had it not been my chem I may not have said a sarcastic comment...

That wasn't funny at all. And I'm not even hung over today.

xuptonogoodx's mom is awful at giving dome, you know nothing.
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No, that's not really true at all. The only self-proclaimed punk bands I know of that have been significantly influenced by MCR are the little "bands" that never actually played together or wrote songs. You know, just some 7th grade pals who said they played instruments and decided to make a Myspace music page.

Nickel Sluts

I had to.
I should be mod. The punk forum would be a better place.
New avatar ideas..

I have too much fun with this. How is everyones Valentines Day? As stressful as others?
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You Californians don't know how to properly spam.

Except for Kyle. He does it right.

Let me hump your leg fool.
This is still open. But then again we have a Strokes thread here still open.
Tim does shit except write the songs?
Downfall ripped off the Slime Kings sound.
Any song over 3 minutes isn't punk rock enough for me. New song automatically sucks.
I'm too hung over to think.
Jews Are To Blame For All the Wars - Mel Gibson
One of the greatest collection of songs put on a single disc.
Good Rats - Dropkick Murphys
What was I thinking..

Rats in the Hallway
Another Night
Outta My Mind
The Bottle
Holiday Sunrise
Unwritten Rules
Union Blood
Get Out of My Way
On my free time I go to and show off to all the ladies how I know the riff to Damnit.

Maxwell Murder
The 11th Hour
Roots Radicals
Time Bomb
Olympia WA.
Lock, Step & Gone
Junkie Man
Listed M.I.A.
Ruby Soho
Daly City Train
Journey to the End of the East Bay
She's Automatic
Old Friend
Disorder and Disarray
The Wars End
You Don't Care Nothin
As Wicked
Avenues & Alleyways
The Way I Feel
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Guess that mean's he's a n00b

I sure am ;]
Thread sucks.
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The majority of slang.

Sick, Skeen, Mandem, Cuzzi, Beast (adjective), Safe, Bruv, Wicked, Calling other people 'Man'.

Oh, and another thing that pisses me off, is when you buy something from a shop, and the cashier says 'Cheers mate'. Firstly, it's 'thank you', and secondly, it's not 'mate', it's 'sir' you enormous cretin.

Wow, I'm annoyed today.

Jason is going on a record for how many threads he can get closed.
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What about Nickel Sluts and Argyle $treet.

Argyle Streets demo isn't done. And I assumed he wanted good bands.