“Cheaper” isn’t usually the direction you necessarily want to head in when you’re set on improving your tone. But it CAN happen.

What styles are you planning on playing? What’s your current budget?
Yeah...I think you’ve got a lovely guitar there, definitely worth a little TLC. Should turn into a helluva fine axe.
Back in the kitchen for the first time in weeks. Keeping it simple: a bunch of thin pork chops, seasoned with garlic pepper, baked on a bed of sliced onions on a liberally buttered sheet pan. Side dish will be California mix,
As for your demo tape...

If all you showed was flash & dash, that’s not going to get you much traction. You’d want to show off a wide variety of skills beyond shredding. Stylistic flexibility is a good thing to demonstrate- both in technique and in tones- if you’re looking to do anything resembling studio session work. My guitar teacher has significant chops in jazz, blues, C&W, classic rock, classical, funk, pop and so forth, and gets gigs all over Texas in those styles. One of my similarly-skilled in-laws LP is doing the same kind of thing in Louisiana.
The Pedal Show is another good one I forgot!
Between the butter and various cheeses, I’m pretty sure your inner vegan was pretty well punked.

Sounds like a good mix, too!

Yeah! You can’t just tease with pix and not give up some deets!
Quote by Baby Joel
by the standard that the sainte-chapelle set

I’d say it was ND’s aesthetic equal, but not better.

And if not for the engineering breakthroughs of Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle wouldn’t be what it is...a smaller version of its predecessor.
Quote by Baby Joel
not even the best big church in paris either

By what standard? When made, it was a masterpiece, not only aesthetically, but also from an engineering standpoint.
Like dspellman, I started with Px4s and 5s, as well as a Tascam GT-R1. I’ve seen lots of praise for the Boss and Line 6 units, too. Personally, I find these kinds of devices to be invaluable practice tools, and use them to this day.

FWIW, there are also all kinds of MFX pedals and an increasing number of amps that have headphone jacks.

So do a little research, and I’m certain you can find a solution that will work for you,
That’s sweet!

I have a relaunched Electra from 2013 or so. Judging by the headstock, that’s one of the ones from the 70’s, I’m pretty sure, but can’t pin it down more than that. I think all of those were made in Japan- even if you don’t have the factory nails down, it should be well-made. (FWIW, Peter Frampton used one for a while.)

The original pickups were pretty decent, but that bridge pickup situation looks like a modification happened. But I’m no guru, so...

If it were mine, I’d definitely think hard about giving it some TLC to get it fully playable. You might want to do a pickup upgrade, and with the money you don't spend buying a new Epi, perhaps you can start saving for a better amp.
While I don’t have full powers in this forum, I at least banned the bot...
I guess what I am trying to verify is, however, the very specific suggestion that older wood was used for manufacturing guitars in the 'golden era' compared to now.

Probably on average, given the vast expansion of the guitar market and the growth in production to match it. But if you look at individual (arbitrary) classification of entry level vs midrange vs premium guitars, I would suspect that makers of premium guitars tend to use comparable woods (in all aspects) to their predecessors.
The secret is that tonewoods- or their ages or finishes- don’t much matter for electric guitars. What makes the real difference is the wiring, pickups, etc.

Performers ran into the same kind of thing when trying to recapture the sound of retro vocals via microphones. The materials, wiring, construction and so forth were different enough then that there is a perceptible difference in the audio signal.
For a second Lent in a row, the family has not been in the best of health. Dad was largely untouched this time, but I have been down with a sequence of ailments in overlapping succession: knee, diverticulitis, allergies, diverticulitis relapse, some kind of viral infection. Mom was just recovering from a pair of minor falls when Lent started, but took a fairly serious onevright at the beginning- actually had a minor fracture of a vertebra in her lower back. (Bright side: Mom & I have lost about 10lbs each.)

As a result, there’s been a LOT of takeout, and most of the food prep in the house the past few weeks has been super simple. But simple can still be tasty, of course.

I mentioned in the cheese thread that I made some grilled egg & cheese sandwiches on one Friday. Mine was the experimental one, including truffle Parrano cheese. This turned out to be a really good touch: the flavor of the truffle married perfectly with the lightly seasoned egg (black pepper and garlic salt), and the texture was somewhat gooey/stretchy without being a gooey mess. Definitely a choice worth repeating.

I’ve been eating thinly sliced Campari tomatoes seasoned with tarragon vinegar and sea salt pretty often as a light “salad”.

Some days, I want some kind of super-light meal that could nonetheless keep me satiated for a while. So for quite some time, I’ve mixed a Greek yogurt with pecans or trail mix, sometimes with a drizzle of honey, all in a standard coffee mug. It really tamps down hunger. Today, I tried a new variation: pecans, blueberries, honey and Greek yogurt. Quite good. One of our relatives is also a doctor, and brought mom a whole bunch of healthy snacks, including a small tub of fresh blueberries...a berry mom only eats as muffins. So I basically had a free pass to use them.
I’m having a relapse of Dengue Fever
The only Phantom guitar company I know of makes replicas or old Vox and similar vintage guitars, like the Teardrop.
Black, green, Jasmine, hibiscus, Earl Grey, black currant, and apricot are all pretty regularly consumed by me, black and jasmine probably being the most common.
My preferred mix: 1/3 coffee, 1/3 sugar, 1/3 milk or cream(er).

I exaggerate, but not by much. I actually usually use 2-3 sugar packets and a container of creamer, but coffee is- for me- essentially a liquid dessert.

I also like Cafe Oscar: black coffee with amaretto and coffee liqueur.

Tea, OTOH, is almost always just the tea, maybe with lemon, hot or iced. There are a couple places- mostly fast food spots- where I’ll go with an Arnold Palmer, or sub the lemonade with something like tropical fruit punch or Hi-C. Occasionally, i’ll Have an Icepick- unsweetened iced tea spiked with vodka.
Pretty much!

It was one of the few things in the vending machines with actual nutritional value, though. The cold machines were typical potato or corn chips, plus candy or cookies. The only other thing out of the hot machine I’d even remotely consider was the can of Vienna sausages...which looked too much like Snausages, IMHO.

There may have been a sandwich machine, but you know how much like flavor roulette those things can be...and if you don’t, you’re lucky.

Lunch was the one thing at that school that was inarguably substandard, unless you brought your own.*

In truth, though, a real Frito Pie can be quite good, depending on the quality of the chili and availability of cheese.

* Point of fact, one kid who was there a couple years before me apparently got in trouble with the Headmaster for having his lunch catered every day. It wasn’t so much the delivery of the food that got under his skin so much as it was the silverware and candlesticks.

This ruined it for everyone for years, so you couldn’t even get delivery pizza or Chinese anymore.

I went back a couple years ago as part of an alumni outreach meeting, and was surprised to find they now had a bigger dining area, more vending options, and “Pizza Fridays”.

(Still no cafeteria, though.)
Quote by H4T3BR33D3R
They're still around.

I hate em

I’ve seen ‘em. Haven’t had one since the early/mid 1980s, though. Back then, my high school didn’t have a lunch program, just a few vendin machines, a sink, a microwave, plastic utensils & paper towels, and a place to sit & eat. Usually, I just took a sandwich or something, but on occasion, I’d take or buy a CoN. Usually, it wasan option of last resort.

...that was also where & when I got introduced to the “Frito Pie”. You’d buy a can of (Hormel?) chili from the hot food machine which you’d mix into a solo-sized bag of Fritos. It didn’t help that I’m allergic to corn, but the canned chili was greasy and spicy enough that pretty much anyone who ate a Frito Pie was just asking for GI trouble. (Tasty, though.)
Man, I remember those early Cup O Noodle packs with the dehydrated shrimp...

With the ramen, we’re not so much looking for quality so much as cheap & convenient. Mom gets them either 4/$1 or sometimes, 10/$1.
If there’s a real guilty pleasure for my Mom, it’s those cheap ramen packs. I personally only eat them when I’m either sick or broke. I learned from her that adding a few veggies, some canned chicken and an egg can keep you going for a while.

For me? I occasionally indulge in Frosted Strawberry or Frosted Blueberry Pop-tarts. I used to eat the Frosted brown sugar cinnamon ones, but I lost my taste for them. Sometimes, I even actually toast them.

Or if I’m traveling and the hotel has a breakfast buffet, I will eat Lucky Charms, Froot Loops or Apple Jacks if they are available. (Hospital cafeterias sometimes have those, too.) I have tried others, but only those really captured my taste buds. I eat cereals like Great Grains, Muslix and the like at home, but the occasional dessert-for-breakfast isn’t going to kill me...quickly.
So today while I’m making toast, an excited J. Merle decided to try to herd me with a little nip at my ankle. It’s a common herding tactic for Border Collies as well as Aussie Blue Heelers and Corgis.

I told her she had overstepped. She did NOT care.
They said some of the statuary had been removed last week, and- without getting specific- said many other things had been rescued today.
If you go to your image and use the pull down menu to choose “direct link” and post that, everybody will be able see pictures of your excellent axe!

At any rate, contact Lace.
Quote by Joshua Garcia
Probably something like “HRGRRRFRGRARRDFFTRAAAAA” jest before I have a stroke or heart attack cause I’m a fatty.

Somewhere around here, we have a charity fundraiser cookbook from the New Orleans Saints. Everyone had to participate.

Morton Anderson and the other kickers got together to present their recipe for Mac & cheese, and the picture clearly showed them holding up a little blue box (not a TARDIS).
Mmmm...haven’t had that in decades, either. Most of the time when I eat Mac & cheese, I’m eating out. Occasionally, I make some at home, using pasta and a variety of cheeses. Sometimes breadcrumbs.

The worst, though, was in 2005, when we had 20+ family members evacuating from Katrina staying with us. At one point, we had 5 different kinds in our fridge, because everyone wanted particular kinds of pasta, and ther was no agreement or compromise.
Do you mean Kraft Mac & Cheese?
Quote by Ablast
Can I get bigger hands?

Which is a euphemism for...?
Yeeks! Haven’t had a corn dog in decades.

What’s KD?
I’ve had asparagus many ways,p, in many places. Liked it precisely once, while others around me were happy to have what I refused, so I doubt it’s the fault of the cooks. My tastebuds and asparagus simply don’t get along,

Hell- I even cook it for Mom & Dad on occasion. Usually steamed with a butter-based sauce of some kind. Never any left for me...which I am 100% OK with.
Nope. Don’t like the taste. Nor the after effects.
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I'd opt for any hand better than my garbage T. rex claw. Pinky... WHY WON'T YOU DO WHAT I TELL YOU?!

Pinky: “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me! Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me! Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me! Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me! MOTHERFUCKER!”

In all my life, I’ve only ever had asparagus once that I actually enjoyed. That was at a high-end Greek place.
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Damn, good profile for a bot. Nice job

(At least delete the link from your quote. )
I have a nice, used LPclone I scored for just over $400. I was in the process of using a hammer to tap something into the wall, and somehow lost my grip during the backswing. The head hit the edge of that guitar, leaving a nice divot.

That was stupid.
rroy78538 will get some leg tonight FOR SURE!