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Oh my!  Mr. First Act here to soothe your woes,  I've insulted more logo sniffers than Fords made cars. Granted a few are high end US made custom shop models but the fact they even have a First Act Logo can make a logo whore piss their panties.  I also do some custom mods on the cheaper Asian made models as well.  Do not take these guitars lightly or blow them off as cheap Walmart guitars as they Will bite you in the ass.  So what is it you really want?  Here's a sexy little number that started life as a Korean made SFA Sheena.  Promise you'll never see another like her.

There are some nice high-end First Acts on Reverb right now.

FWIW, pro axe-slingers who have used FA guitars include Nick Zinner, Matt Pike, Rick Nielsen, and Brent Hinds.
Know that you will love them.

Actually, check out their site and listen to the samples of all their stuff. One of the only reasons I haven’t bitten the bullet on buying my own is the differences between the models. I’m having trouble deciding which way to go.
They only measure to the shoulder for those.
and i use a POD for quiet practice myself so the mrs doesn't kill me


I don’t have a POD, but I have several similar devices (Korg, Tascam), as well as a Digitech MFX unit that has a headphone jack.

Continuing down that line, several actual amps also have headphone jacks for the same reason. I know @1/3 of the Quilter amps do, and Mesa’s Triple Crowns also have one.
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I have about 1k slotted for a guitar but I could go higher if I wanted to. I am definitely considering doing a custom build

I have a few custom guitars myself. I know of American luthiers who start @$1200, but $2000 is much more realistic as a minimum budget. Kiesel (formerly Carvin) start around $900; Agiles even lower.
IMHO, anything bigger than a 2x12 cab is probably overkill even for PRO guitarists.
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I have never been all that realistic.

True. I found dspellman’s license:
Did someone say “envelope filter”?


The Ibbys are nice, but that Strandberg? Sexy! Thing is, I’m not usually a fan of Strandberg‘s aesthetics, but that one for me. I think if I ever went for one, that’s the one I’d go for.
FWIW, the stroganoff was a hit. First time I’ve made it in a while.

Traditionally, we used to make ours on the slightly spicy side, because creoles. But with Mom being robbed of her spice tolerance, I had to come up with something different, bell peppers were out, too, since she never could stomach those- not the spice level, they just don’t agree with her.

So this time around, I tried a large Anaheim pepper, de-seeded and as finely chopped as I could muster (in the time allotted). When sautéing the oneions, etc., the pepper went in as well. It bloomed nicely, with an almost floral scent. The result was not as hot as a jalapeño, of course, and a tad warmer than the bell pepper would have been. I probably could have used a second one, and might do so in the future.

The only thing is, bucking the traditional method of serving it over noodles cooked separately, I decided to mix them in for maximum coverage. Which worked a little too well, of course: the noodles were not only covered, they sucked up so much of the sauce that all that was left was a (nicely flavored) thick glaze. Overall, it was not unpleasant, but next time, I’ll use a bit more butter to keep it loose. Besides...BUTTER!
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Danny played his orange too

Only in the store. Only in the store.
I could have sworn you had something close to the DRRI already. But if you don’t, time to get out a coin, and...
I’d fill the bigger gap in your collection before doubling down on amps more like what you currently own.

Jokes & jibes aside, I could have gotten my Vox by now, or a Quilter or a Carvin. But the Mesas and Oranges gave me sonic options I didn’t have, and the Orange won out.
Nah- that room is still the guest/post-procedure recovery room. By the time I’ve got it reasonably tidy enough to get the Orange out, we need to put someone else in it.

Hell, if it weren’t for the varied parade of friends who needed it, my cousin would be living in it right now. He got into it with his mom and got kicked out- again- and is currently on the futon in my man-cave. Week 3.
Do you HAVE a Vox?

When I was shopping for my first amp, I loved both the Fender and Vox sounds. It was a literal coin-flip for me to decide between the Vox I was considering and the HRD I bought.
Careful, dspellman - if they ever find out you’re actually Gene Simmons, they’ll turn on you in an instant.
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X-127 you're gonna ban him for this comment right

gotta be consistent after all

Coming to a Moose Lodge near you!
I’d rather be associated with Johnny Weeaboo and The Retarded Gay Jew Niggas.
Crowbar Mustache was the only one I’d be caught dead at a show for, FWIW.
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The Hagstrom is worth a bit of money so I’d like to sell it. The tone is very rich and but not as expressive as a strat or Tele in my opinion. Even tough I like the sound, I don’t want to pick it up, so figure it is better put to use sold and put in more appreciative hands.

I can sorta understand that.

I’m leaning toward waiting until I might get better and deserve a MIA instrument but is $450 new with no tax really a killer deal on a MIM Tele?

First of all, don’t think in terms of “deserve”- the only meaningful standard is if you want one and can afford it, buy it,

Second, I wouldn’t advise modding an instrument to sound like another unless/until I were sure that’s exactly what I wanted. In most cases, you’re usually better off buying an instrument that delivers the performance features you want than altering one to emulate it. IOW, you want a tele, buy a tele.
Right now I have a Hagstrom D2f that I want to get rid of but... I'm having a hard time. My new guitar is a HSS MIM strat that for some reason I had to get (it was $400 with no tax / shipping / etc. new).

I love how the strat plays. The Hagstrom has a luxurious sound but I think I realized now I appreciate Fenders and need to let it go.

Uuummmm...could you explain the highlighted text a bit?
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A similar consideration applies to sexual intercourse with animals, which is by no means rare, especially among country people, and in which sexual attraction seems to override the barriers of species

I miss having an aquarium. Up until @7 years ago, someone in my family or I always had one, going back to my earliest memories of childhood. Most of them were freshwater tropical.

Got pretty good at keeping them, too. Our last one was 90 gallons, and I had a thriving population of fish AND live plants. I always wanted to get a 200 gallon one.
I had Maine Coons- a brother & sister- as a kid. Loved my kitties, but still prefer dogs. Hell, Maine Coons are damn near dogs, anyway. Ours were runts at 15 & 18 lbs. their daddy was 25 lbs; grandpa was 35lbs.

What does a cat that size look like? Our boy-cat was a yard long when he stretched out. Full sized ones...

The Supro is a good piece.

Another- as if you needed more suggestions - is the Chain Home by ThorpyFX.
Mom wanted to eat Mediterranean today, but we were both caught off-guard npby the size of the (very tasty) sandwiches we ordered. I wound up eating half of hers as well as mine.

(We were out running errands, and it almost hit 80f today, so no to-go bag.)

Then, when I got home, I made a pseudo-stroganoff.

...I am currently a net producer of greenhouse gasses,
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I'll beat you


with love?


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If he was alive he'd invent the air fryer

Mmmmm- I don’t think so. Strikes me as more of a baker than a fryer, I think.
I had a friend who had 2 Shelties. I went over one day while her folks were out of town, and she set their bowls up on the table on some placemats. The dogs sat in chairs and ate fairly politely from them- no paws in the table.

“Don’t tell my folks about this.”

Later that year, I was visiting her parents. Like before, the dogs’ food was set at the table, and the behaved themselves the same way as before.

“Don’t tell our daughter about this.”

And those dogs looked at me like a pair of dobermans at an intruder, as if to tell me not to ruin it for them.
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Whats hiding is the rainbow unicorn headstock bound in gold flake. You cant fool me danny

No, it’s pretty normal. Sounds great through my Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine and Catalinbread AntiCthon...
Hitler had some good ideas. VW Beetle. Animal rights.

If he came up with creamy carbonara...
SOME* of my electrics are flashy, not all. I mean, is THIS flashy?

* more than some people have total number of guitars, to be fair.

Yes. Haven’t you seen those pictures of him? Disheveled? Knife in hand? Shilling for Knorr with a hollow soullessness in his eyes?
Before they all go in for work, my watches:


The Movado

Festina (rose gold)

Invicta (rose gold)

Not pictured, my Timex Atlantis which has been totally non-functional for years- dead buttons, dead battery, etc. It would cost less to replace it.
“Look out- it’s making a break for it!”