....for some reason when i hear about the korea nuclear threats, i picture kim jong un standing on two other koreans heads trying to reach the launch button, with all three toppling over while kim jong un rolls on the floor yelling "wut f*ck wut f*ck" like hes throwing a tantrum.

seriously though they dont have the ability to strike us from far away yet unless there hiding something which i doubt, so there not really a threat. once they try taking the base camps in south korea thats when we will probably enter war.
Quote by Nelsean
Tape your asshole shut and fart really hard.

holy chit i dont know why this made me laugh so hard.

on topic: know your poisonous plants from edible ones. also a good knife will get you started. without one youll get stuck ALOT. (cuts plants, helps crafting stuff, food prep, hunting, etc). and it helps to understand structure, so you can make a hut or some kind of weather protection without it you know.... falling apart and becoming a waste of time.
i wouldnt do it. again anyway. i tried to pierce my ear using a needle and guitar string. ended up with a minor infection. luckily it wasnt as bad as it could have been and healed nice enough to allow me to get it professionally done.

dont be like me TS. follow the KISS method. Keep It Simple Stupid.
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Prove it. Show me a proof of Courtney Love's vagina.

sadly he cant. its being used as a fridge currently. gotta keep them legs closed.
main band site:

facebook fanpage:

cds coming out in july called "Ghosts of Langhorne"
if you like the work share it around and let others hear it.
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Make one up, like TS did.

very funny.

...i missed the pits harshness.
just get new ones. the longer they sit the more they dry out, even when in a pack, hence the expiration date. i used some that were a few months old and half of them broke before i even put it in. so its safer to get a few new rubbers. walmart sells em 15 bucks for 36.
Quote by losing battle
I had a bottle of rum and coke and I was walking into a metalica concert and the cop said I can't bring the drink past the baracade and I said I was thirsty, he said "you need to drink more".

Also long time no see k-train how's it going?

going good. got my life in order. feels good being back in the pit.
Quote by genghisgandhi
Remember when you made a big fuss about how you were leaving forever?

oh shit ya'll remember that..... i had alot of issue back then. was an alchoholic, suicidal, alot of issues. sorry bout my stupidity back then
post the most epic but strange things to ever happen to you.

right now my girlfriends on skype with me and narrating a porno shes watching while criticizing how the title has nothing to do with the porno and how its not moving fast enough among other things

also i was driving down the road a week or two ago and heard "this is gonna hurt" by sixx am, blasted it, and was being my typical self. till the song switched to beyonce's "single lady" and i was alone in my truck, windows down, and lookin like a fool. two old people kept staring at me while they waited to turn. so instead of turning the radio off i started staring at them and singing it and the old woman looked like she was horrified

post your epic moments. doesnt matter what they are.
Quote by Spoony_Bard
Rec is a great horror movie, and it's all in Spanish, I believe. If you don't want subtitles, you could watch the American version called Quarantine, which in my opinion was more or less a shot-for-shot remake.

I have a feeling everyone is going to argue with me on this though.

just to add to your post, the first quarantine was shot for shot. the 2nd one was in an airport and continued the question "whats causing the problem" while rec 2 was in the apartment building and explained what the problem was.

i agree it was a great horror movie.

another few good ones to post are grave encounters, sinister, and insidious. sinister being the weaker of the three in terms of horror moments. (its a great combination of horror and mystery/crime solving though)
Quote by JimmyBanks6
Dude you are making massive claims, and we ask for a source, and you have none, you are doing this to yourself.


and when i said i dont have one other then what ive learned, i get called a jackass, blowhard, liar, and get ****ing laughed at and called stupid.

so **** you guys. this is my last post on UG.
you know what? **** this shit....i knew there was a reason i left UG before. shouldnt of come back.... theres still a vast majority of assholes on here that think there better then everyone.

i love how a bunch of people who apparently live outside the US think they know more about the economic system then a actual resident that follows the economic system and knows about how it runs outside what people read in books and media.
Quote by JimmyBanks6
So you have no source?

That is called speculation, and holds no weight in an argument.

and grammar and english are the same difference, really?

while he seems like a nice guy, i dont recall ever being noticeable friends with this guy, he just wants you to prove your opinion as fact, as you seem to claim it is, as i would like you to as well.

its not speculation if you know its fact. i dont have a direct cut and dry source. who cares? its not like im some freak who keeps random bits of info stored in a file cabinet or something damn dude. thats for you to look up if your that interested in what ive figured out.

and i didnt literally mean you were friends the guy came into this and backed you up like this was his business. thats all i was saying.

Quote by zippidyduda
So what you're saying is you don't actually know anything about this matter.


Also, don't have such low self-esteem. It isn't attractive or healthy.

i know alot about the matter. read the top of this post and youll realize that.
Quote by JimmyBanks6
That was spelling, not grammar, I just thought it ironic that you were trying to talk smart about being in econ, which I have also taken, but couldn't correctly spell college.

Give me a source how about?

same difference to me, its all the same thing when grouped together.

i dont have a direct source. i have knowledge i learned from teachers, professors, common knowledge and experience i learned through running a reptile breeding business and a landscaping business, and seeing two sides of every coin instead of going by what you hear first, which is apparently what your doing, because american economy plays out different then other places due to tax shields and all that. (which is what gates does, he uses a tax shield)

Quote by zippidyduda
You made a pretty ballsy claim, and the only proof you offered was "cuz I'm a boss and I'm really smart and you aren't".

I don't have an opinion on the matter, I don't care. I don't have a dog in this fight. I'm just a fan that stopped by to give my two cents.

i never said i was a boss and im smart.

if you really must know im nothing more then a idiot who learned a thing or two, and uses what he knows when it applies. imma live alone die alone and nobody's gonna give two shits when im gone. so dont call me a boss and dont call me smart cause im sure as hell neither. i just know some stuff that can be useful in conversations like this.

and if you dont have a opinion or dont care dont jump into this to back up your "friend" cause thats what it seems like your doing.
Quote by JimmyBanks6
You leant how to study economics making a collage?

and here you go:

also, maybe you should read about the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation before opening your mouth again.

yeah, mock my grammar because you feel like you know more then me.

maybe you should read both sides of a issue before you open YOUR mouth kiddo. ive read the whole "bill gates is good" and blah blah blah all that junk the media spews out. ive also read the side that says otherwise and guess what? the bad outweighs the good.

get your facts straight before picking a argument with me.
Quote by JimmyBanks6
giving away half his fortune will help make him earn 30 billion?

you live in a deluded world

in the long run it will help him economically speaking. its not a deluded world its stuff i learned studying economics in collage
Quote by JimmyBanks6
Bill Gates?

no, bill gates gives to charities and whatnot because it goes back into his pocket after awhile via tax refund. it helps him pay less taxes thus increasing what he would normally make. its not being a good person its being a genius in the economics world.

Quote by CrunchyRoll
Higher tax for richest, cut defense spending.... why is this so hard to get done?

cause this world needs a few more rednecks.

/puts up flame-shied

not saying gun carrying right wing racist nutjobs by that i mean your average working man who can live off a few dollars and not bitch about what he/she has, other then saying "its nice if i could afford that". much better then greedy fat ass's whos only decisions in life are "do i spent money here or here?" and "should i raise my paycheck higher, or above higher"
i think that man deserves a beer and a handshake. hes the only rich guy whos shown he not greedy by trying to solve problems which would affect his pocket.

hes right on the money too with what he said.

EDIT: just realized he told congress to stop helping the rich. congress is the main issue, a bunch of fat ass rich folk who vote themselves pay raises and our oblivious to any problems in the country other then "are we rich enough"

there not gonna do much about it because of that but still im glad someone had the balls to say it that wasnt poor.
yea i recognize him.
Quote by coco-loco

My bag got stolen earlier today. It had my school laptop with songs on it that I'd written (also a USB) and I don't even have backup work for it, my glasses and a school calculator which are incredibly expensive and other shit which is important to me or valuable. Sorry. I just need to vent. The police have been notified...

I think that's a legit fml.

that sucks horribly. you should put a dog tracker in your bag, they sell them at petco for like 10 bucks and you register it online. where ever the tag is they'll locate it through satellite.

ive had someone steal from me before too. not much valuable stuff but i know the feeling. last time someone did though was middle of the night in my garage. chased the little SOB with a machete. havent had a problem since.
i have around 70-80 i guess. mostly country music. i dont download music i just buy the cds. this way if something happens to my computer/downloads/whatever i have hard copies i can just burn to my computer.

been wanting to get some albert king, bb king, bonnie raitt, and janis joplin lately for my collection. my last addition was from my grandfather who just died, he drove for alot of bands and i got the toys in the attic aerosmith cd from his stuff after he passed. it was signed and all.
not nam man! we was just kids! i dont wanna go back. i saw some stuff man. charlie took bubbas legs!.

i personally think it should explore..... thinking logically intel would cause it to become like TL's blob/apocalypse bringer. strength would make it become larger... growing a limb is self explanatory. i would say explore or grow a limb, then explore or grow a limb (whatever hasnt been done) then continue with intel cause theoretically exploring and limb growth would expand its ability, and then with intel it would simply become more advanced in what it knows.

so basically: explore/grow limb, whichever wasnt used, then intel.
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banned because i gots a new toy to keep my mind off things.

Quote by SlayingDragons
The only thing anonymous can do is ddos. Seriously. They're going to try and ddos facebook, which has a couple million visitors every day. Because of the very nature of a ddos attack, it's not going to work.

They're nothing but a bunch of self-righteous 14-year-old skiddies that think they're some kind of vigilante group because they can ddos a small server.

And I bet that some punk is gonna get pissed off at this, and try and attack me or something too. But that'd be a bit hypocritical of them, now wouldn't it? "Oh, we don't want the man oppressing our freedom of speech, but we'll gladly oppress everyone that doesn't agree with us."

Anonymous is a joke, much like cain and able. (The software.)

not getting pissed off. but anonymous has some valid points they just use bad tactics. if they could change there "lets crash/hack/sound like a evil supergroup" tactics to something more useful and agreeable with they'd be better.

they kinda talk like catholic bible thumpers. "believe us or else"
im not with her cause im not suitable to be a boyfriend. shes not with me cause shes a conceited bitch. why am i thinking of her? because i simply hold on to the hope that shes really a good person and im just seeing the bad side of things based on how ive never had a good girlfriend (as in one that didnt cheat, play games with my mind, or generally use me for money, material objects, or anything else they wanted)

whys she so special? because if a girl can get me to walk a straight line, shes not common. then again shes the reason im drinking again as well.

why im not with her right now? she lied and played me, making excuses for why she cant see me (even when we were in the same town), and telling me shes not ready for a relationship yet she had two boyfriends while i waited for her to be ready.

circumstances? only the fact that im one of the hopeless and shes special. i wish i was special too, but unfortunately theres just no shelter from the rain when your a lone wolf. all you can do is hide everything but strength.

can i bring myself to tell her that i like her? yes i have. several times.
will i fight to have her? no. because as i said theres no shelter for the wolf. so do i fight and see the truth? or do i keep hope. the "shelter" from the storm? i say keep hope, because hope keeps people alive.
banned any first person shooter knows im the teabag king!
banned a anteater....jingle jingle jingle
banned. your a yoshi. you dont have thumbs
banned for d'awwwww
banned because theres a dog dropping toys on my lap. and its getting frustrating.
banned because hello
banned.....time fo me to ride muthafukas....... peace
banned..... i don need a rason... im a ****ing king.......
banned for fappig.......
baned cuse fuk yall im goin back to my booze