no problem buddy
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what if his number got in the hands of 4chan...bad stuff

it's been posted already (jalopnik posted this more than a month ago)
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i never knew that someones wireless internet could be slowed down that way though

You thought your connection clones itself when more than one computer is connected so you don't have to split the transfer speed?

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it's cheaper than renting a ferrari of your own for the day

the wat is strong in this post
Physical currency is so 20th century

Roast Beef is the cat in the fedora
Dishonest knaves are defeated
I use violence to do so
Acting too swiftly to make a recording of the event.
I speak smoothly like the blood of a man murdered, like a syringe
Full of a powerful narcotic, for insertion in a drug addict
Recieve a fatal injury whilst acting foolishly
I deal harshly to low quality rhymes
That are overdone, as are zodiac signs on ones clothes
This I consider a minimum, in the manner of a lady
Taking a slight risk on a spoken verse
A powerful aura accomanies my being
Similar to the force of strikes from martial arts professionals
My rhyming style is compared to catastrophic weather phenomenom
Which I demonstrate beginning late at night, through to about midday
I don't write needlessly, as I use critical thought
I can deliver a powerful rhyme in less time in which you could blink
Because my ideas are expressed at a high rate of speed
Through clouds of high quality cannabis smoke
Only under one circumstance, if I have partaken in drugs
Will I increase the volume of my music, If my dearest friends should prefer it
If you give driving the attention it deserved, you can drive pretty smashed. But I wouldn't reccomend it.
because I don't like using discs

, yeah right. Try different mounting software or if you have the disc, *s******* rerip it.

EDIT: sniggering is bad and waycist.
Air Maxs are the ricers of the shoe world. Dunks are where it's at for Nike
Not as big as the debt bubble
searchbar silver
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Yea they work great on everything else. The headphones that come free with a planeride don't get the weird whitenoise highpicthed clip sound.

And the good headphones don't have active circuitry or anything, so i don't see why there would be audio interfenence.

Ideas? And thanks!

How do you have your volume controls set up?
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actually it only does it with my good head phones, not my crappy ones
Did that help at all?

I'm assuming your 'good' headphones work fine normally? Try them with your TV, mp3 player, whatever.
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Howdy, so I've been trying to watch a video on youtube for about a half hour now... it's only 3:56 seconds long and it's not even half way there yet... I don't know why it's taking so long, my computer has never been this slow before. So, what do you guys do when you get pissed off at your computer? Smash it with a hammer? Light it on fire? Smash it with a hammer and then light it on fire?

Make a piece of shit blog and post it in the Pit? Ask a sensible question in the ONLY COMPUTER THREAD? Stop posting?
If you have more than one headphone jack, try the other one. If you have more than one set of headphones, try those as well.
most songs are inspired by life experiences. taking drugs is a life experience. a = b = c.
I feel bad for this dude, I am also surprised at how bad the Pentagon IT network is if this stuff is true.
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No I'm in your head.

But I'm in your face.
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Because MP3 quality sucks. WMA is really good audio quality, and MP3 is a compressed version. Dumb ass.

gb2school. you can't 'improve' anything just by changing the file type.
@jett diamond: Still got the WinXP disc?

@Bentheemo: Yes. Sapphire's website says
450Watt or greater power supply with 30Amps on 12 volt with 2x4 power connector recommanded.
And your Dell outputs 250W. Do some research, mang.
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Just run your computer on Linux. Everything is free.

While you aren't actually right, I'll put my +1 behind this. Ubuntu Linux has pretty much everything you need bundled or quickly available through a package manager. There's other distros, but Ubuntu/Debian has a pretty large userbase trolling the forums and is designed to make it easy to switch from Windows.
Surely you would just download the music file or w/e and drop it straight into GarbageBand?
BugMeNot allows you to access a shared account if you want to use a service but can't be bothered to make your own account/get spammed.
ChatZilla, a nice barebones IRC client
Fasterfox for GOING FASTER
Flashblock is pretty much a godsend
TabRenamizer for the paranoid
I dislike most of it (including 90% of the crap you people defending 'street art' are talking about)
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Ok so I think my computer is running a bit slower then it should be, especially in some games. If I go in Task Manager and go on performance sometimes it goes crazy, it's at low percentages like 0-8 for a while then all of a sudden shoots up to 80/90/100. It is very unpredictable and i'm wondering why this is and could it be slowing my computer down?

That's fairly normal for a low performance CPU, and I don't think it will be the cause of the problem.
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If there seemed to be a connection between porn, Emma Watson and Chris Rock, and you were sitting in front of a computer, how might you go about investigating it?
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Yeah, when most of my favourite bands will have called it quits.

There will still be music when you are 18. And if the bands you like now are still around, you will probably hate them by then.

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Can somebody explain to me why some shows are 18+ in the first place? Obviously there are 21+ shows because of alcohol, but why 18+?

Don't want meddling kids stepping on your style? I think it's a legal liability issue, but IDK, as 18 is the drinking age in NZ. There's a few R15 events around (mostly for kiddie dance parties), which probably has something to do with avoiding moral outrage. I think moral outrage could be factored in.
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It wasn't an entirely serious comment, it was just used to illustrate their rubbishness

Clearly you haven't heard of the Chevrolet Volt, which is shaping up to look like a highly practical production petrol/electric car?
Bro, get over yourself. You'll be 18 one day
never, and where's the poll
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I just want to see Emma Watson porn. Who cares what it's called?

inb4 chris rock

My other desktop
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Yeah, so?

My car cost $10,000, and had the same top speed stock.

With $40,000 of upgrades, it goes ~30mp/h faster, accelerates the same (also, it weights ~2000 pounds more), handles infinitely better, and looks better.

I call shenanigans, if you aren't even willing to say what it is
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decent looking car

laughs behind hand
It would be nice if tickets were cheaper, but I don't think tickets are overpriced.
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omfg that's amazing. are you a pro???

Did I mention the Singstar microphones which conveniently plug DIRECTLY INTO THE PC???